Surnames N - O

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Surnames Beginning with N

Naser, Neely, Neer, Ness, Nevill, Nevius, Newcomb, Newton, Nichol, Nichols, Nickerson, Nicoll, Nida, Nigh, Noble, Noland, Noreen/Noren/Norenius/Norenia, Norris, North, Novinger, Nunn, Nye


See under Ansbach, Germany.

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"Neeley Family in America for 250 Years." By Ken G. Neeley. Pub. 1986. KN

"NEELY NARRATIVE." 137 pages of NEELY family history compiled by Grace Parke Renshaw, 1976. JNG

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"Neer Kindred," James Roger Gammon, priv. pub., Stockton, MO, 1968. 191pp. + 19pp. supplement (1970). Index. Skeleton outline, generally no sources but overall a fairly accurate outline of descendants of Conrad Neer ( 1710) of Neersville, Loudon Co., VA. Several of his children moved west to Clark CO., OH, first decade of 19th cent. Will do look-ups and photocopies, sase appreciated but not req. (VA, OH, MO) DCFD

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See under Hanson Co., SD.

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"Genealogy of the Nevill Family," Ivan B. Nevill, Sr. 1964. A bare bones listing of names, locations, and dates for later generations. Starts with a 3 page synopsis, from John Nevil (1612-1698) arrival in "Ark and Dove" at St. Mary's MD 1634, on thru VA until mid 1800's to AL, thence to TX. PSC

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"Joannes Nevius and his decendants 1900." A. Van Duren Honeyman 1900. Book lists decendents and spouses only. Stops at 1899. Some surnames are; nevius, atkinson, lanning, brooks, merrill shinner, smith, Van doren, van Voorhees, Schenck, Van Couwenhoveen. Includes Holland Amsterdam; Usa, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa, California. SG4, WRK

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"Newcomb Genealogy." Bethuel Merritt Newcomb, published 1923. Descendants of Andrew Newcomb 1600's to early 1900's and would be glad to help anyone who has Newcomb connections. email your connecting names and approx. dates. MV, TK

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See also under Worcester Co., MA.

"Newton genealogy, being a record of the descendants of Richard Newton of Sudbury and Marlborough, MA, 1638." Ermina Newton Leonard, Bernard Ammidown Leonard, 1915. Some descendants of Rev. Roger Newton of Milford, CT; Thomas Newton of Fairfield, CT; Matthew Newton of Stonington, CT; Newtons of Virginia; and Newtons near Boston are included. [This book is freely available to download from the Internet Archives.]

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"John and Anne Nichol, Belmont County, Ohio." By David Faris, Gateway Press, Inc, 1988. The Descendants of John Nichol, son of John and Martha (Love) Nichol, b. abt 1763, Londonderry, No. Ireland, d. 12 May 1829, Belmont Co., Ohio, married Anne (Woodburn) Nichol 9 Jul 1784, daugther of William and Margaret (Canada) Woodburn of Chruchtown Co., Londondery.  Anne was born abt 1763.  The family emigrated to Pennsylvania and settled at Big Spring, Cumberlnad Co., PA., 1789. RNH

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See under Franklin Co., VA.

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"The Nickerson Family Parts 1-4." The Nickerson Family Assoc., 1997. DC4

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"The descendants of John Nicoll of Islip, England who died AD 1467." Author: Edward Holland Nicoll; privately published in New York, 1894. Matthias Nicoll emigrated from England to New York in 1664 and this small book of 62 pages is mainly about the American descendants of John Nicoll of Islip. ** Please do not request lookups for individuals born after 1894.**MJS

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See under Von Nida.

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"The History and Geneaogy of the Family of Thomas Noble of Westfield, Massachusetts." Lucius M. Boltwood, 1878. T6

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"The Noland Family Tree." Sandra Ruff and Kelly Eichorn, privately published, 1998. History of the family of Peyton Noland and Sarah Moseley and their descendants. SW1

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See under Sweden.

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"Edward Norris, Shipmaster from Salem," William Charles White, privately publ. 1967 LOC 20449342. This is more a narrative story than a genealogy, but people are correctly identified. MJO

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"John North of Farmington Connecticut and His Descendants with a short account of other early North families," Dexter North, Higginson Book photocopy, orig publ 1921. MJO, MU

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See under the Shoop surname.

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"The Nunns of XVIIIth Century Virginia with roster of 1300 Desendants of the Henry Co. Clan." O. Norris Smith, McDonald Printing Co., 1984. A comprehensive, but not complete record of 18th Century Nunn Family members who originated in Va. and their descendants. Not complete, but quite helpful to persons wanting to verify info in that century, and some families, after that. BW3

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"Benjamine Nye of Sandwich, Massachusetts, His Ancestors and Descendants." George Hyatt Nye, Frank E Best; Nye Family of America Assoc., 1907. EV

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Surnames Beginning with O

Oatman, Oats, O'Brien, Oldfather, Olds, Oliver, Olmsted, Ong, Opdyke, Openshaw, Ormerod, Osborn/Osborne, Ostrander, Overmyer, Owens


"Acorns To Oaks, a Genealogy of the Leverett and Oatman Families." by Julia Aline and LaVera H. Leverett, 1990. Oatman starts with Johnannes born in Hamburg Germany 1634. He died in NYC 1716. Progeny scattered in subsequent generations to CN, KY, IN, IL, and thence to Texas. Index. PSC

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See under Isle of Man.

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"Descendants of Henry Martin O'Brien and his wife Lydia Houghton." by Willis Miller 1956. CJV

"The O'Briens of Granville, Wisonsin." James O'Brien, 1981. Family history of the O'Briens. Also includes many Corrigan and Leahy's. TV

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"Genealogy of the Oldfather Family." Rufus A. Longman, R.A. Longman, Cincinnati, Ohio 1911. Families of Friedrich Altvater, Oldfather "is a literal and complete translation of the orginal 'Altvater'". [This book is freely available at the Internet Archives.] Return to O Index


"The Family of Baldwin and Diantha Olds," by C. Burnell Olds, 1963. Details the descendants of Baldwin and Diantha (Curtis) Olds. Baldwin Olds was born in Marlboro, VT in 1822. The progenitor of this family was Robert Olde of Sherborne, England, who died in Suffield, CT in 1727. (This book is not copyrighted). CW

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See under Adams Co., IL and Kearny Co., KS.

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"Genealogy of the Olmsted Family in America Embracing the Descendants of James and Richard Olmsted and Covering a Period of Nearly Three Centuries 1632-1912" compiled by Henry King Olmsted, revised and completed by Rev. Geo. K. Ward and published by A.T. de la Mare, New York, 1912. Also two supplements published in 1914 and 1920. RPK

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"The ONG Family of America." Albert R. Ong, A.M., M.D., Martins Ferry (Ohio), 1906. This book is now available as a free download from the Internet Archive website.

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"The op Dyck (Opdyke-Updike) Genealogy" by Charles Wilson Opdyke (1889). LV4

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Openshaw and Ormerod

See under Lancashire, England.

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"The Osborn/Osborne Family." Donal H. Campbell Action Printing, Inc., Jacksboro, TN 12/2000. This family book covers the descendants of William Osborne Ca 1644 beginning in Normandy, France. ID1

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"Ostrander Family Genealogy," Emmett Ostrander & Vinton Ostrander, 1998. I will soon own the 1998 edition of the Ostrander family genealogy. Please supply me with your Ostrander lineage with specific dates & places. In return, I will send you data on the line you are interested in. TK

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"Descendants of Henry G. Overmyer 1824-1982." Lillian Marie Overmyer & Shirley Frida Thompson, Petry Printing & Publishing Co. 1982. Overmyer - Obermayer family histories from Capt. John George to son Jacob, to son Hugh, to son Henry G. & then a detailed listing of family genealogy through 1982. LGO

"Overmyer History and Genealogy 1680 to 1905." Barnhart B. and John C. Overmyer, Chas. S. Beelman, Printer 1905, Fremont, Ohio. Lineage of Revolutionary War Captain John George Overmyer (Obermayer & variants) who came to America on the ship "Brothers" in 1751. Original book missed several of his eldest son's desendents & doesn't mention his son, Peter, enlistment in the Revolutionary War as well. Still a good source for family genealogy. LGO

"Overmyer History and Genealogy 1860-1905." Barnhart B. and John C. Overmyer, Fremont, Ohio, 1905. C.S. Beelman, Printer. Lineage, Birth and Family History of John George Obermayer, a German emigrant who came to American from Baden, Germany in 1851. MES

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"Owens Family of Virginia and Kentucky." David Hatfield Owens, author & publisher, 2nd ed, Nov 1991. This book is specifically not copyrighted by the author. It is primarily a listing of descendants of John Owens who died in 1712 in Richmond Co, VA. It is specifically about the Owens surname, so the husbands and children of Owens daughters may be listed, but their descendants are not included. D26

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