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Note: Geographical Locations for Germany are organized at the level of current Free States or historical States. The German spelling of Free States is listed first, and the English translation (where applicable) is given in parentheses.


See also Migration, and these surnames: Barthel, Baum, Matz, Poffenberger/Pfaffenberger, Schwietzer, Streech, Vetter, Von Nida, Werner.

"Bibliography of Colonial Germans of North America: Especially the Pennsylvania Germans and their Descendants." Emil Meynen; Geneal. Pub., Baltimore, 1986. Reprint of a 1937 work. xx, 636 pp. Includes extensive sections on religious history, local history, and biography/genealogy. C. 100 pp of genealogies by surname. Please formulate queries as narrowly as possible. TS

"Eighteenth Century Register of Emigrants from Southwest Germany (to America and other countries)." ed. Prof. Werner Hacker, Closson Press. Apollo, PA, 1994. This book includes eighteenth century emigrants to America and other countries. It covers the geographical areas of today's Baden, Wuerttemberg, Rhine Palatinate and Saarland in Southwest Germany. It is important to note that not every emigrant from that region will be found in this book. DH16

"Finding Your German Ancestors, A Beginner's Guide." Kevan M. Hansen. A how-to for German genealogical research. M36

"German Immigrants lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, 1847-1854." Zimmerman & Wolfert, Clearfield, 2006. Partial listing of American source of German Passengers from Bremen to New York from 1847-1854 with Places of Origin. Lists only passengers with specific places of origin in Germany. D16

"German Immigrants - Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York 1855-1862 With Places of Origin." Gary J. Zimmerman and Marion Wolfert, Clearfield, 1986. A compiled listing of Immigrants who listed their place of origin on immigration records from Bremen to New York as Germany. Covers the years of 1855-1862. Provides names of immigrants, age, ship name, place of origin, and arrival date. Please provide me with first and last names with other spellings of name in your request. I will provide a transcription of the text. This information is then best used to find the actual ship arrival manifest. N2

"GERMANS TO AMERICA LISTS OF PASSENGERS ARRIVING at U.S. PORTS - January 1870 -- December 1870." Ira A. Glazier / P. William Filby List of Passengers in 1870. RP3

"A History of the Weismantel Family." Evelyn Boyce, August 1986. MW2

"HOFFMAN - MANNING - SIMMONS FAMILIES of NEW YORK." Joyce Williams Hoffman & C.William Hoffman; The Anundsen Pub. Co; This is a wonderful book on the HOFFMAN, MANNING, SIMMONS families and many associated families. It gives lots of detailed information including many short biographies! MU

"I learned to fly for Hitler." Author: Joe Volmar. Publisher: Dundee, Mich. : Kron Publications, 1999. This is an eye-witness account of World War II inside Nazi Germany as seen through the eyes of a 14 year old American-reared youth who returned to his Vaterland in 1941. The book describes the transformation of a naive Boy Scout to a goose-stepping Hitler Youth in just a few months. It reveals little-known facts that should be fascinating to any reader, especially those interested in the history of World War II and its political and cultural implications.
      You'll read about mere children made into soldiers overnight to fight for Hitler's maniacal quest for victory. The author soloed in a glider at age 15 and was pressed into anti-aircraft service while still in High School. As his glider training progressed, he was chosen to participate in a program preparing him to fly the infamous rocket-powered fighter, the Me-163. The massive Russian offensive in January 1945 abruptly ended his training and sent him fleeing across the Baltic Sea to avoid capture by the Russians. Wounded, beaten and demoralized, the author experienced VE Day and was immediately employed by U.S. Forces because of his bi-lingual talents. SC

"If I Can You Can Decipher Germanic Records." Edna M. Bentz. M36

"Pennsylvania German Pioneers." Strassburger, Picton Press, 1992. German immigrants to America from 1727-1808. Many passengers have facsimile of their signature which can be provided upon request. DH1

Germans in Russia

"From the Steppes to the Prairies." Msgr. George P. Aberle, Unknown, 1963. The resettlement of the Germans from Russia in North and South America and Canada. History of early North and South Dakota settlements. AJ3

"Hoffnungstahl Familien-und Sippenbuch Hoffnungstahl/Bessarabia." Albert Eisenbeiss, Deutsche Ortssippenbeucher, 1996 by Herausgeber und Verfasser. Lists family groups in the German Settlement of Hoffnungstahl, Bessarabia, Russia. SS2

Baden (historical)

See also under the Boser/Bös/Böss surname.

"Ortssippenbuch Schmieheim." Albert Kobele, 1979. Schmieheim area only, contains info in German on families such as Meier, Huck, Hiller, Fossler, Schmieheim families such as: Ackermann, Meythaler, Haberle, Schmidt, Sexauer, Stulz, Kaltenbach, Baumann, Kolle, Gotz, Keck, Kaiser, Gerhardt, Gleichert, Schillinger, Wohrle, Schrempp, Beck, Jackle, Wanner, Braun, Haag, Steurer, Stockle, Zinser, Hertenstein, Bauer, Vetter, Bleiler, Pleuler, Schafer, Schuler, Ruder, Ohler, Moser, Ernst, Zandt, Wilhelm, Schumacher, Lerch, Kochlin, Hiss, Grooss, Fischer, Blum, Leser, Heitz, Ganshirt, Zimmermann, Wickert, Muller, Moosman, Kneyer, Hofmann, Deitz, Baum, etc. SVS

Bayern (Bavaria)

"Ansbach to America." Marilyn Reim, The Anundsen Publishing Company, no date. The History of the Reim, Schuelein, Virgens, and Naser families, compiled by Marilyn Reim. Has Family Group Sheets of George Christoph Shuelein, John Stephan Schuelein, Johann Naser, Johann George Reim, and Christian Leopald Virgens, Letters, Marriage, Birth and Baptism certificates, also Homesteading and Landholding information. A few mistakes. Author recently Deceased, unable to get permission to scan pictures. AK1

Hessen (Hesse)

"My Great-Grandparents: Joseph Ruhl and Philippine nee Birkenauer Hans Port." self published, 1973. Family history of the RUHL family from Mittelhofen/Schlagmuhl/Weisbaden area. First ancestor listed is Johannes RUHL, b.c. 1616. NP


"Map Guide to German Parish Registers - Mecklenburg, Grandduches of Schwerin & Strelitz." Kevan M. Hansen, Family Rootsd Publ. Co., 2008. Contains names of towns in Mecklenburg and the parish the town belongs to. [Note: this is a guide to locating parish registers - it does not actually include information on specific individuals or families.] SW2

Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony)

See also these surnames: Johanni, Zornig.

"Emigrants from the Former Amt Damme, Oldenburg (Now Niedersachsen), Germany, Mainly to the United States, 1830-1849." Westland Publications Monograph compiled from book entitled "Oldenburger Jahrbuch, Generations of emigrants out of the jurisdiction of Damme, particularly for North America in the years 1830-1880." Entries include name(s), year of emigration (Jahr der Auswanderung), number of persons (personenzahl) in party, and sometimes place of emigration and occupation. Westland Publications, GERMAN-AMERICAN GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH SERIES (G-SERIES), Monograph G-12. RVW

"Gemiende Apen Kirchenbuecher 1650 - 1900." (Church records of parish Apen). unpublished Gemeinde Apen includes the communities of Apen, Winkel, Apermarsch, Klampen, Espern, Aperfeld, Klauhoern, Hengstforde, Hengstforderfeld, Augustfehn, Vreschen-Bokel, Holtgast, Godensholt, Nordloh, Tange, Aperberg, and Bucksande. It is in Ammerland, formerly part of the Duchy of Oldenburg, now part of Neidersachsen. Birth, marriage, and death records 1650 - 1900. Also Seelenregister 1798. Requests for lookups must include full name and at least one definite date or small range of years. If year of immigration is known, then include that, too. Please be sure you have some evidence that actually points to Gemeinde Apen before you write to us. JD

"We Will Go to a New Land: The Great East Frisian Migration to America 1845-1895." Robert H. Behrens, Behrens Publishing Company, 1998. This book has an extensive index of some of the people who emigrated from Ostfriesland (East Frisia) to the United States during this time period. It focuses mainly on those who went to Illinois and Iowa, with some information about settlers in Texas, Nebraska, Kansas and Oklahoma. ART

Nordrhein-Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia)

"Beitrage zur Heimatkunde der Stadte Lohne und Bad Oeynhausen." Karl Sieveking & Gerhard Bartling, Verlag Hermann Brackmann KG, Mai 1985. Articles and names of emigrants to America from the Bad Oeynhausen and Lohne areas to America from the 1820's to early 1900's. DK2

"Dortmunder Adress Buch für das Jahr 1894." herausgegeben von :Otto Faehre-Stadt Sekretaer. AS

Prussia (historical)

"750 Jahre Girkhausen." Fritz Kramer, Gemeinde Girkhausen, 1970. 750 years of history of the little German town Girkhausen in Westfalia, Prussia. There is a lot of information in this book however the most helpful to family researchers would probably be the chapters on the individual houses. There is a lot of personal information (births, marriages and deaths)on the villagers living in each house covering the 1600's-1800's. (Now a constituent community of Bad Berleburgin in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.)C35

“800 Jahre Diedenshausen: 1194-1994 Geschichte des Dorfes India seiner Familien.” by: Ernst Homrighausen, Klaus Homrighausen, Karl-Ernst Riedesel, Helmut Womelsdorf. (Now a constituent community of Bad Berleburgin in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.)C35

"A History of Prussia." By H. W. Koch; Barnes & Noble, NY; 1978. A reasonably comprehensive history of the Prussian state. CG3

"Wunderthausen--Diedenshausen, Ein Dorfbuch." Fritz Kramer, Wunderthausen--Diedenshausen, 1978. Many years of history of the little German towns Wunderthausen and Diedenshausen in Westfalia, Prussia. There is a lot of information in this book however the most helpful to family researchers would probably be the chapters on the individual houses. There is a lot of personal information (births, marriages and deaths)on the villagers living in each house covering the 1600's- early 1900's. (Now a constituent community of Bad Berleburgin in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.) C35

“Wunderthausen - Mehr als 700 Jahre bewegter Geschichte.” by: Klaus Homrighausen, Wolfgang Müller, Herbert Weller, Hermann Weller, Richard Weller. 2006. (Now a constituent community of Bad Berleburgin in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.) C35

Rheinland-Pfalz (Rhineland-Palatinate)

See also under Palatine migration, Bernhard surname.

"Annweiler Families, 1477-1927." Georg Biundo, transcribed by Ethel C. Phillips, Vol I, Surnames A-D, Dennis Kastens, Collinsville, IL, 1992. 96 leaves. Genealogical information compiled by Rev Biundo in 1939. Annweiler is in the Wasgau region of Rheinland-Palatinate. Covers Annweiler and the nearby villages of Graefenhausen, Queichhambach, Sarnstall, and Bindersbach, as well as Eusserthal Compound and Trifels Castle. Arranged alphabetically by surname. N.B. (Nota Bene): I have surnames A-D ONLY. TS

"Chronik des Gutsbezirks Baumholder, Landkreis Birkenfeld, Rheinland-Pfalz Gutsbezirk Baumholder." Hans Klebes (publisher), 1976. Histories of several villages that were demolished between 1939 and 1975 to become part of the Baumholder Military Training Area (Baumholder Truppen, bungsplatz), including names of families who lived in the villages. Includes Aulenbach, Ausweiler, Breungenborn, Ehlenbach, Erzweiler, Frohnhausen, Grünbach, Ilgesheim, Kefersheim, Mambüchel, Oberjeckenbach, Ronnenberg, and Wieselbach. JK4

"Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America, Vol II, The Western Palatinate." Written by Annette Kunselman Burgert, The Pennsylvania German Society, 1985. Provides information from European and American records on 18th century emigrants from selected parishes in that part of the Palatinate that borders today on Saarland. DH10

"Palatine Church Visitations, 1609, Deanery of Kusel." Ricardo W. Staudt (translated by), Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1980, reprint of 1930 pub. By villages. Gives marital status, parents and children names, often with occupations, sometimes with ages. Approx 880 surnames (some are variants). P9

"The Palatine Families of New York: A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710." Two volumes. Henry Z. Jones, Jr., Universal City, California, 1985, 1298 pp. MHW, RSW/p>

Parish registers - Dudeldorf (1741-1900). Lutsch, Ernst. contents: baptisms, marriages and deaths of Dudeldorf and Kammerforst. The parish books are not alphabetically registered, they are handwritten. Only a surname without any other indication would take me several weeks to look up. When requesting a lookup, please provide as much information as possible - complete names and dates, and please be certain that your family is in Dudeldorf. EL/p>

Parish registers - Gransdorf. Lutsch, Ernst. contents: baptisms, marriages and deaths of Gransdorf, Binsfeld, Niederkail, Landscheid, Schwarzenborn, Spang, Dahlem, Hof Hau, Hof Raskop, Brandenmühle, Scheuermühle, Kaisermühle till 1800. Only a surname without any other indication would take me several weeks to look up. When requesting a lookup, please provide as much information as possible - complete names and dates, and please be certain that your family is in Gransdorf. EL


"Die Einwohner von Bischmisheim vor 1900." (Inhabitants of Bischmisheim before 1900) Ingrid and Klaus Berndt; Wolfgang Mudter; Arbeitsgemeinschaft 1999. This book is on genealogies of inhabitants of the Bischmisheim area of Germany before 1900. There are literally hundreds of surnames - some of the ones with the most descendant information include: Altpeter, Anhaus, Barthel, Becker, Braun, Deutsch, Diener, Fess, Glaser, Gross, Hamm, Hoffman, Julch/Julig, Jung, Kappel, Karcher, Keller, Klein, Kramer, Kuntz, Lambert, Ludt, Maul, Maurer, Meyer, Muller, Nemenich, Rinck, Scherer, Schmeer, Schmidt, Schwindt, Siegel, Simon, Tausend, Traugott, Wagner, Walter, Weber, Werner, Ziegler and many, many more surnames!! MU

"Familien-Buch Urexweiler Band 2 (1770 - 1900)." Werner F. Morgenthal, December 1997 Families of Urexweiler Germany 1770-1900. Information includes marriages, deaths and births. JS24


See also under the Schultz surname.

"EMIGRANTS FROM THE ISLAND OF FOEHR...1850-1875." Clifford Neal Smith, Westland Publications, McNeal, Arizona, 1983. German-American Genealogical Research - Monograph Number 17. Complete title is: EMIGRANTS FROM THE ISLAND OF FOEHR (FORMERLY DENMARK, NOW SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, GERMANY) TO AUSTRALIA, CANADA, CHILE, THE UNITED STATES AND THE WEST INDIES, 1850-1875. Gleaned from Hamburg ship lists. Lists immigrants by: Last name, First name, age, occupation, origin/destination, Year/Month/Day of departure. M25

"Map Guide to German Parish Registers: Granduchy of Oldenburg and Province of Schleswig-Holstein." Kevan M. Hansen. M36

Thüringen (Thüringia)

"Chronik der Stadt Bad Langensalza 786-2000." Harald Rockstuhl. A beautiful book about the history of this beautiful little village in eastern Germany. In the mid 1950's the village name was changed from Langensalza to Bad Langensalza. The book is basically a great timeline going back to the year 786. Citizens and events and some maps and photos are included. D12

Wuertemberg (historical)

See also Biter/Beuter/Beiter Family.

"Die Buerger von Hall Gerd Wunder." JanThorbecke Verlag Sigmaringen, 1980. Promenant families of Schwaebisch-Hall, Wuertemberg, Germany, for the years 1216-1802. The families that ran the government, from official records, church records, and family histories. All in German. LG