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Christianity (General)

"Bloodline of the Holy Grail The Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed." Laurence Gardner Fair Winds Press, 2002. LLS

"Gospel Preachers Who Blazed the Trail." C.R. Nichol, 1911 (original), Republished by Reuel Lemmons, Firm Foundation Publishing House, Austin, TX, unknown date Short biographies and photographs of gospel preachers working in the Texas area in the late 19th and early 20th century. NOT indexed! I will only look for the preachers mentioned in the biographies, not for other people that may be connected to them. KG5

"A Survey of American Church Records, Religious Migrations of Some of the Major Denominations." Fourth Edition, E. Kay Kirkham, The Everton Publishers, Inc., Logan, Utah 1978. LR


"Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies." by Hugh Gingerich and Rachel W. Kreider, pub. Pequea Publishers, Gordonville, GA 1986. Lineages of PA (primarily) Amish and Amish Mennonite families. Lancaster Co., PA predominates with branches fanning out through PA, IN and many other areas. DL1

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon Church)

See also under Bear Lake Co., ID.

"Growing up in Zion - True stories of young pioneers building the kingdom." Susan Arrington Madsen published by Deseret Book Company, Salt Lake City, Utah. Copywrite 1996. Experiences, sacrifices and contributions of 19th century Latter Day Saint children and adolesencts showing the role they played in helping to establish Zion. Contains "Dear Letter Box", children's letters to the juvenile instructor. Following names are in the book (not in alphabetical order):
Alston, Christopher
Roskelley, Samuel
Field, Mary (Garner)
Squires, John Fell
Taylor, Annie (Dee)
Clark, Lorenzo Southwell
Gowans, Barbara (Bowen)
Cummings, Horace Hall
Heggie, Catherine (Griffiths)
Cragun, Martha James (Cox)
Allred, James Martin Sr.
Rich, Morgan Jesse
Woolley, Mary Elizabeth (Chamberlain)
Hulet, Mary (Coburn)
Perkins, Mary Jane (Wilson)
Nielsen, James William
Lunt, Violet Willson (Urie)
Spencer, Georgina (Felt)
Watson, Jacob
Turman, Maude (Mobley)
Udall, Erma (Sherwood)
Kirkham, Francis Washington. K28

Evangelical Association

See Minnesota.


See also under San Francisco, CA.

"A Biographical Dictionary of Early American Jews, Colonial Times through 1800." Joseph R. Rosenbloom, University of Kentucky Press, 1960. "Every person identifiable as a Jew in America before 1800 is included in in this dictionary." SAM

"First American Jewish Families." Malcolm Stern, 1991. Genealogies of Jewish families in the United States before 1838. JC4


"New Partners, Old Roots: A History of Merging Lutheran Churches in the Pacific Northwest." Emerson et al, North Pacific District American Lutheran Church et al, 1986. Contains brief histories of Lutheran congregations in the Pacific Northwest. Most histories include names of Pastors, as well as some early members. Includes congregations that may no longer exist or have merged with other congregations. As this book is not indexed by surname, please provide the community and, if known, congregation name. JH6

"Who's Who Among Pastors in all the Norwegian Lutheran Synods of America." Malmin, Rasmus, Augsburg Publishing House, 1928. A listing of Norwegian American Lutheran pastors. Includes a photograph, date and place of birth, parents, spouses. VLS


See also Amish, Lancaster Co., Penn., Switzerland.


See North Carolina, Leinbach/Linebaugh/Lineback surname.


"Ministerial Directory of the Presbyterian Church, U.S, (Southern) 1861-1983." Compiled by the Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of the U.S.; Published by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of the U.S. Initial Volume published 1942, vol 2 1950, vol 3 1968, vol 4 1975, vol 5 1986. Information about those who served as ministers of the Presbyterian Church of the U.S., May contain such as birth, marriage, death dates and places, parents, spouse and children names, education, churches served as pastor, date of ordination as a minister. LD2


See also under Lenawee Co., MI and Pennsylvania.

"Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia 1682 - 1750." Albert Cook Myers, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1978. Lists the Quakers that arrived at the Philadelphia Meeting between 1682 & 1750 and gives the information on their Certificate of Removal, which states where they came from. Some cases lists their occupation. A9

Roman Catholic

See also under Oregon.

"Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest." Translated by Mikell DeLores Wormell Warner and annotated by Harriet Duncan Munnick, French Prairie Press, St.Paul, Oregon, 1972. 8 volumes set registry of Fathers Francois Norbert Blanchet and Modeste Demers, the first Catholic priests summoned from Winnipeg in 1838 to the Columbia Regions of the NWT. SN4

"Mantle of Elias." M. Leona Nichols, author. Binsford & Mort Publishers, Portland, Oregon 1941. Translation from the original French Catholic Church records beginning at Norway House enroute to the Northwest, beginning in August of 1838. SN4

"Roman Catholic Priests and Parishes of the Diocese of Brooklyn: 1820-1990," Volumes I and II [3rd Edition]. Harry M. Culkin (Ed.), Wm. Charles Printing Co., 1990. Directory of current and former Roman Catholic priests who served in the Diocese of Brooklyn between 1820 and 1990. Each entry includes the following info (when available: full name of the priest; date and location of birth; seminary attended; year of ordination; chronological listing of parishes where the priest served, including dates of service; membership/participation in diocesan committees and organizations; date of death. Also included is a brief history of each parish church, to include date established and a chronological listing of all pastors (with dates of service). [The Diocese of Brooklyn serves Brooklyn and Queens Boroughs in New York City.] LP5

The Salvation Army

Chesham, Sallie, "Born to Battle," the Salvation Army in America, Rand McNally & Co., 1965. VSS

"McKinley, Edward H., "Marching to Glory," the history of the Salvation Army in the United States, 1880-1980, Salvation Army Supplies, 1424 Northeast Expressway, Atlanta, GA 30329, 1980. VSS

"Yee, Check-Hung, "For My Kinsmen's Sake," a Salvation Army Officer's Quarter Century of Service in San Francisco Chinatown (includes a chronological list of officers who served there from 1887-1981 - list not indexed by name), Salvation Army Western Territory, 30840 Hawthorne Blvd., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90274, no date - probably about 1987. VSS


"Genealogical Record of the Schwenkfelder Families," compiled by Samuel K. Brecht , published in 1923. Descendants of the Schwenkfelder immigrants are recorded. Note: These are the original immigrant families, not the sum total of their descendants. CMC

Seventh Day Adventist

See under Lancaster Co., NE.

Seventh Day Baptist

See under Salem Seventh Day Baptist (West Virginia).

Shakers [United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing]

See under Mercer Co., KY.