Ireland & Northern Ireland

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See also under England and these surnames: Asquith, Dinsmoor, Fitzgerald, Hollingsworth, Synge/Sing.

"The Aylmers of Ireland." F.J. Aylmer; Published by Mitchell, Hughes and Clarke, 1931. The history of the Aylmer family in Ireland, including many illustrations and pedigrees. ** Please do not request lookups for individuals born after 1931.**MJS

"Burke's Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland." Bernard Burke. London: BUrke's Peerage Ltd. 4th ed 1958. Brief details of ancestral lineages of then current (i.e. 1958) landed gentry (including collateral lines), with coats-of-arms. E8

"Burke's Landed Gentry." Sir Bernard Burke, Harrison, 1871. A list of "gentlemen" holding land in the British Isles, with some genealogical information about their forebears and their immediate family. MK3

"Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland." Bernard Burke; published by Harrison and Sons, 1912. Pedigrees of many land-owning families in Ireland, the book's full title is A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland. ** Please do not request lookups for individuals born after 1912.**MJS

"Emigrants From Ireland to America 1735-1743." Frances McDonnell; Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; 1992. During the 17th and 18th century over 60,000 men, women and children were involuntarily transported from the British Isles to the Americam colonies. This book covers some of those people transported during the years 1735-1743. CG3

"General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes, and Baronies of Ireland." Genelogical Publishing Co Inc.; Dublin 1861. Based on the Census of Ireland for the Year 1851. Shows Townlands and Towns, Counties, Baronies, Parishes, Poor Law Union in 1857. i.e. Parish of Galbally...Townland/Town: Galbally; County: Limerick; Barony: Coshlea. One can determine ancestors' correct County and Barony for research purposes. Excellent book. THIS BOOK DOES NOT INCLUDE INDIVIDUAL LISTINGS OF ANCESTORS NAMES! JS19

"A Guide to Irish Churches and Graveyards." Brian Mitchell, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1990,1995,2001. The book attempts to identify the location of all churches and graveyards in every county of Ireland, includes all demoninations. All burial grounds are identified against their townland within the appropriate civil parish and county. NO NAMES ARE INCLUDED! This is a gazetteer to help you locate burial grounds, not a source of actual records. KDW

"The History of the CORRY Family of Castlecoole." The Earl of Belmore, Alex. Thom & Co., Dublin, 1891. Limited to Northern Ireland. EPC

"The Irish Kennedys; The Story of the Rebellious O'Kennedys." by Brian Patrick Kennedy; Gaeltachta Publishers, Australia; 1998. "The "Rebellious O'Kennedys" is an evocative description given to the O'Kennedys of Ormond in County Tipperary, Ireland, in Elizabethan times. Descended from the Kings of Thomond, the O'Kennedys held their ancestral lands for hundreds of years while a succession of English conquerors tried to take it from them. Although they eventually succeeded in taking the lands, the English did not do so without fierce resistance from the family they dubbed the "Rebellious O'Kennedys".... This story is a distillation of various historical records and of the writings of Irish historians, researchers, writers and genealogists." taken from the Introduction of the book. CG3

"IRISH PASSENGER LISTS" 1847 - 1871. Brian Mitchell, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1987. A list of Passengers Sailing from Londonderry to America on Ships of the J. & J. Cooke Line and McCorkell Line between 1847 and 1871. RP3

"The Knights of England." Wm. A. Shaw; published by The Lord Chamberlain, St James' Palace, 1906. "A Complete Record from the Earliest Time to the Present Day of the Knights of all Orders of the Chivalry in England, Scotland, and Ireland, and Knights Bachelors." This is a 1971 reprint of the original. Two volumes. ** Please do not request lookups for individuals born after 1906.**MJS

"The Pooles of Mayfield and Other Irish Families." Rosemary ffoliott; published by Hodges Figgis & Co, 1958. Histories and pedigrees of a number of inter-related English families who were planted in Ireland in Elizabethan and Tudor times. Illustrated. Other surnames include: Morgan, Morris, Jellett, Meade, Fleming. ** Please do not request lookups for individuals born after 1958.**MJS

Republic of Ireland

Co. Dublin

"Dublin Directory 1850." Henry Shaw,The Friars Bush Press 1850/1988. This Directory lists the names and workplace of people who live in any part of Dublin.Tinker,Tailor,Soilder,Law,Schools,Police ect. C39

"Memorial Inscriptions of Deansgrange Cemetery." Genealogical Society of Ireland February 2000. I have four volumes of inscriptions for Deansgrange Cemetery, Blackrock, Co Dublin.This is not a complete list,but it is very good as it has a Catholic and a protestant section. So this allows you more information on your Ancestor.It could also give you an idea of where the lived. C39

"Thoms Directory Ireland." Alex Thom and Co Ltd 1937,1941,1956. Thoms Dublin Directory 1937, 1941, 1956 - names of residents on STREETS in Dublin --also: List of The Gentry, Merchants and Traders in the City of Dublin and Suburbs; List of Roman Catholic Clergy in Ireland; Ecclesiastical Directory Church of Ireland; Medical Directory, Dentists, Veterinary Surgeons,etc -also some info on each County - Peace Commissioners, Dispensaries etc. EB1

"Thom's Official Directory of Great Britain and Ireland 1922." Alex. Thom & Co., Limited 1922. A Dublin Directory 1922 - please note only STREETS are indexed - includes: List of The Gentry, Merchants and Traders in the City of Dublin and Suburbs; Index to Clergy of Roman Catholic Church in Ireland; Ecclesiastical Directory Church of Ireland (by Diocese); Medical Directory, Dentists, Veterinary Surgeons, Civil Engineers, Architects, The Surveyors' Institution - Irish Branch. JC

Co. Limerick

"A Corner Of Limerick." John Sheehan, Publisher not listed, 1989. The story of Ballybrown, an area approximately 8 kilometres west of Limerick city. The author concentrates on the history of the local people in the 19th. century. The Composition of Tithes 1833 and the Griffiths Valuation 1850/56 for the parish of Kilkeedy are included. R9

Co. Louth

"Together in Exile." by Peter Murphy. Published by P. D. Murphy, Saint John, N.B. , Canada, 1990. Brief biographies of 19th century emigrants from Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Many of their descendants included. LEE

Northern Ireland [Ulster]

"Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America" Charles Knowles Bolton - 1910 - Heritage Books Inc 1989 reprint. An attempt for systematic treatment of the beginning of a migration of settlers of Scotch and English descent from the north of Ireland to the new world. KG

"The Tithe Applotment Books Index for Northern Ireland 1823-1838." The Learning Co 1999-Broderbund. Index for Northern Ireland ONLY (there are no listings for the Republic of Ireland). The tithes were levied to provide income for the Church of Ireland. Naturally Presbyterians and Catholics resented having to pay and it was finally abolished in 1838. In the absence of Census information, this resource lets you know in which townland your family lived at that time. The tithes were levied against people who leased land only- not people who lived in towns. The index gives the name of the person who is leasing the land, the name of the county, the name of the parish, the name of the townland and the year they were assessed. RD4

[NORTHERN IRELAND ONLY] "Who's Who 1947." no author, Black, 1947. Biographical details of prominent people alive in 1947. Each entry is the work of its subject. MK3

Co. Antrim

See also McDill family.

"The Macdonnells of Antrim." George Hill; published by Archer & Sons, 1873. The Macdonnells of Antrim descended from the Princes of the Isles in Scotland, becoming Earls and Marquises of Antrim. This is a reprint published by The Glens of Antrim Historical Society in 1976. ** Please do not request lookups for individuals born after 1873.**MJS

Co. Down

"Gravestone Inscriptions, Volume 1: County Down." Compiled by R. S. J. Clarke. Published by the Ulster Historical Foundation, 1966. DG2

"An Index to the Downpatrick Recorder 1836-1886." compiled by Jack McCoy-South Eastern Education & Library Board 1987. The Down Recorder is a newspaper that covers an area of about 30km radius from Downpatrick, Co Down. The index covers surnames and place or subject and gives a short run down of the topic covered and the date it was published. The full article can be obtained from the South Eastern Education & Library Board, Ballynahinch, Co Down. RD4

"Ordnance Survey Memoirs of 1836." Ed: A Day & P McWilliams- Institute of Irish Studies- Queens University of Belfast. The Ordnance Survey Memoirs give a good description of the land, geography, crops grown in each townland, location of mills and churches, who owns which townland, and other interesting details. Database covers the following areas South Down, Mid Down & East Down & Lecale area. I have collated a database of names and townlands from the Ordnance Survey Memoirs of 1836. RD4

Co. Fermanagh

See under McQuillan surname.

Co. Londonderry

See under Nichol surname.

Co. Tyrone

See also under the following surnames: McCollor/McCollough, Tener.