Family Histories - General

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"A Brief History of the Yeager, Buffington, Creighton, Jacobs, Lemon, Hoffman, and Woodside Families of PA." by James Martin Yeager (miscellaneous pages). RC5

"Family Lines: A Loving Tribute to Our Southern Heritage." Adelle Bartlett Harper, Published Privately, 1973. Description: Brief histories of a dozen families, including Harper, Bartlett, Ferris, Johns, Randolph, Isham, Fitzpatrick, Woodson, Hunter, Alston, Hinton, and Hardy. SW1

"Family Records." Ashworth P. Burke, Heraldic Publishing Company, Inc., NY NY.c. 1965. 709 pages of lineage hsitory, coat of arms, genealogy charts. KA3

"A Family Trilogy." Marjorie Miller Shaw, self pub. c. 1989. Monroe Co. IA, OH, NY, New England and other locations of the families of Miller, Lamb, Trescott, Walker, Ames, Marcy, Morgan, Tyrrell, Shaw, Hollingshead, Chidester, Sarver, Gullion, Fulton, LaRue and others related. SMH

"French Families of the Detroit River Region 1701-1936." Dennissen Revision Vol.1&2. The Rev Fr Christian Dennissen, Author; Publisher, Detroit Society for Genealogical Research, 1987 Revision. ND1

"Held Captive By Indians, Selected Narratives, 1642-1836." Richard Van der Beets, University of Tennessee, 1973. Narratives of Isaac Jogues, Mary Rowlandson, John Gyles, Elizabeth Hanson, Robert Eastman, John Marrant, Frederic Manheim, John Corbly, Charles Johnston, Mary Kinnan, and Rachel Plummer. I am happy to extract some biographical content. DC9

"History of the Families of McConnell, Martins, Barbers, Wilsons, Bairds, McCalls and Morris." Newton Whitfield McConnell (privately published about 1915). JG7

"HOFFMAN - MANNING - SIMMONS FAMILIES of NEW YORK." Joyce Williams Hoffman & C.William Hoffman; The Anundsen Pub. Co; This is a wonderful book on the HOFFMAN, MANNING, SIMMONS families and many associated families. It gives lots of detailed information including many short biographies! MU

"Jones-Easter-Black-Foster Family Records." compiled by David Tracey Jones in 1930. The book is a bound volume of copied hand-written pages. I made a copy of it at the New York State Library in Albany. Includes decendents of Nicholas Easter and Margaret Ayers (Ayres as it appears in this document). RVW

"Landrus, Williams, Forbes Family History." Freda Landrus Misenheimer, no publisher, August 15, 1958. Contains information on Ammerman, Beals, Bount, Brown, Cathey, Farr, Ferguson, Forbes, Fuller, Gallup, Gentry, Greeson, Landrus (Landers, Landres), Parr, Parsons, Schee, Smith, Sparks, White, and Williams surnames. Volume one produced in 1958 by a Landrus decendant. Some source information is listed in the text, however some information listed does not have a source identifying where/how the information was proven. FB

"Listen to the Mockingbird." Daniel Dunbar Howe. Sections on families of Howe, Hoge, Dejarnette, Haven and Patton. DC4

"The Mohawk Valley Herkimers and Allied Families." by Hazel Patrick, Jane Spellman, William Watkins, Herkimer County Historical Society, Herkimer, NY, 1989. Some families include: Bell, Bellinger, Brown, Casler, Coppernoll, Dygert, Folts, Green(e), Herkimer, Petrie, Schuyler, Shoemaker, Smith, Waggoner/Wagner, and more. Herkimer progenitor is Johan Jost Herkimer (1700-1775), father of General Nicholas Herkimer and 12 others. KLB

"The Mohawk Valley Petries and Allied Families." by Hazel Patrick, Herkimer County Historical Society, Herkimer, NY, 1979. Some families include: Bellinger, Casler, Herkimer, Petrie, Snell, Timmerman/Zimmerman, Waggoner/Wagner, and more. Petrie progenitor is Johan Jost Petri of Strassburg, Alsace (d. abt 1710). KLB

"Nordmenner i Amerika (Norwegians in America)." Lists numerous Norwegian immigrants if they were either early enough or prominent enough in their particular part of the country. RV

"Our Ancestors" Thomas, Schechter, Creager, Wolf, Zug, Bachmann, Brunner, Steck, Rowland, Gunckle, Hendrix, Russell, Yontz, Middlekauff, Emmert, Gray, and Wallace Families" by Dora Thomas Mayhill, 1929. RC5

"Our kin Dominy-Duncan-Ellington-Fordham-Miller." Lanell Dominy Claxton, McDowell Publications, 1989. These lines are from Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia. JA1

"Pocahontas' Descendants." by Stuart E. Brown, Jr., Lorraine F. Myers, and Eileen M. Chappel; Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; 1985. A revision, enlargement and extension of the list as set out by Wyndham Robertson in his book "Pocahontas and Her Descendants" 1887. CG3

"Plantagenet Ancestry: A Study in Colonial and Medieval Families." Douglas Richardson , Kimball G. Everingham, editor, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 2004. "This book documents lines of descent fo aproximately 190 seventeenth-century North American colonists from the Plantagenet dynasty that ruled England from 1154 to 1485. This dynasty was founded by Geoffrey Plantagenet (died 1151), Count of Anjou. The book has been compiled for three basic audiences: (1) For those who desire a reliable reference work for events and individuals in the colonial and medieval time periods; (2) For those interested in their personal family history who seek information regarding their more remote ancestry; and (3) To help readers better understand English history from the view point of family dynamics." L1

"The Price, Blakemore, Hamblen, Skipwith and Allied Lines." Jay Berry Price, Knoxville, 1992. CWM

"Roots & Wings." Leslie W. Hamrick, Jr. The family records of Benjamin Hamrick (~1728-~1787) & Mary Sias and their descendants. JI

"Southern Sojourners." Rosemary Corley Neal, published privately, copyright 1991. The book is an excellent source for these surnames: Corley, Sanford,Byars, Hanes, Horner, Bowne, Feake, Fones, Winthrop, Leonard, Richards, Bird, Coleman, Crow. Corley's and Hanes were in New Kent and Hanover VA. Sanfords from Westmoreland and Fairfax Co. VA. Horners from NJ,VA. Bowne England, NY, NJ. Feake from England, NY. Fones and Winthrop from England. Horner from NY, NJ. Leonard from MA, NJ. Richards from Falmouth, VA. Bird from King and Queen County VA. Coleman from King and Queen County, Essex, Caroline Counties in VA. Crow from Old Rappahannock and Essex Counties, VA. B4

"Taylor - Mumford - Holland Family History." Margaret Ann Butler, privately published, 1993. Primarily in Georgia, Florida, Louisana & Texas. JH10