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See also these surnames: Basham, Bebb, Edwards, Griffis, Hollingsworth, Kemp, Overmyer, Tegarden, Warriner, Webber.

"American Militia in the Frontier Wars, 1790-1796." Murtie June Clark, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc. 1990. Lists many frontier era militia, although not exhaustive. It will provide locations for further research for any names discovered. Please submit first and last name of individual you are seeking. Limit your requests to three. Specific to these states: Kentucky, Ohio, Georgia, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania. M16

"Annual Report of the Secretary of State to the Governor of Ohio, Appendix B. Return of the Number of Deaf & Dumb, Blind, Insane & Idiotic Persons, May 1856." Heritage Books, Inc., 1987. MHW

"Biographical Annals of Ohio - Volume 1 - 1902-1903." F. E. Scobey & B. L. McElroy, published by the State of Ohio, 1903. Bios of officials serving both for the State of Ohio and The United States from Ohio. [This book is freely available from Google Books.]

"The Buckeye Country- A Pageant of Ohio." Harlan Hatcher-Published by H C Kinsey & Co 1940. This book is 320 pages of Histories, Surnames, Illustrations, and Places. Dates I have found range from 1800-1900. JR5

"Early Ohio Settlers Purchasers of Land in Southeastern Ohio 1800-1840." Compiled by Ellen T and David A Berry GPCo., Inc. 1984. AG2

"Early Ohio Settlers Purchasers of Land in Southwestern, Ohio, 1800-1840." Compiled by Ellen T. Berry and David A Berry Second printing 1993. AG2, JK6

"The Evangelical Church in Ohio." Roy B. Leedy,Ohio Conference of the Evangelical United Brethren Church,1959 A history of the church and its members from 1816-1951. DH15

"First Ownership of Ohio Lands." Albion Morris Dyer, A.M., publ. by New England Historical & Genealogical Register, 1911. Please read and note dates carefully: Discusses the wheeling and dealing and land speculation in the New England pubs immediately after the passage of the Northwest Ordinance of 1787 to 1800. Majority of the first owners never came to Ohio but were land speculators. Ancestors need to be from New England and in Ohio territory BEFORE 1803. L1

"Forward to Ohio" Glenys J. Rasmussen 1994. Surname Index. History of families who came to Ohio from various points east. Includes Banthum, Metham, Bonewell, Harris, Strayer, Proudfit, Darling, Crouse, Spurgeon and many related lines. Well over a 1,000 names documented. GJR

"Head of Household Index to the 1860 Federal Population Census of Ohio," Linda Flint Harshman, 1979. Note this is an HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD INDEX only, thus it contains the name of the head of household, the county, township and page number. No one else in the household is listed, and no additional information, such as age or place of birth is given. Please limit request to six names. I cannot do searches for all occurances of a surname, but will look for specific individuals. If it is a common name, such as John Smith, I will also need the county of interest. MHW

"Howe's History of Ohio Vol. 1 & 2." Henry Howe, published by The State of Ohio, 1888. "An encyclopedia of the state: history both general and local, geography with descriptions of its counties, cities and villages, its argicultural, manufacturing, mining and business development, sketches of eminent and interesting characters, etc., with notes of a tour over it in 1880." L1

I also own the "Official Roster of Ohio Solders in the War With Spain, 1898-1899," published 1916. I noticed that someone else had listed the index to this book [see entry above]. I would also be happy to provide lookups if someone has the information from the index to point me to the correct page. LP

"More Marylanders to Ohio and Indiana; Migrations Prior to 1835." Henry C. Peden, Jr., Colonial Roots, 2006. KC4

Ohio Marriages, Extracted from The "Old Northwest" Genealogical Quarterly, edited by Marjorie Smith, 1980. Contains marriages printed in the Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly 1898-1912. Included: Records of Franklin Co 1803-1830; Jackson Co 1816-1826; Licking Co 1808-1820; Marion Co 1824-1825; Licenses issued in Pickaway Co 1810-1815; Ross Co 1803-1806; Trumbull Co 1800-1803; Washington Co 1790-1822; Friends' Marriage Records - Miami Monthly Meeting 1804-1828; Register of Marriages, Putnam Presbyterian Church (now Zanesville); Parish Register of St John's Church, Worthington; Parish Register St Luke's Church, Marietta; Parish Register St Paul's Church, Marion. MH4

"Ohio Wills and Estates to 1850: An Index"
Carol Willsey Bell, Bell Books Youngstown, OH 1981 DWC

"Yankee Jim's National Park Toll Road and the Yellowstone Trail." Doris Whithorn, privately published, April 1989. The life and times of James George, born in Ohio. He built 27 miles of road between Yellowstone National Park and Livingston, Montana in the late 1800s. Surnames of other people include: Baronett, Blair, Bozeman, Brown, Chadbourne, Chandler, Clifford, Conferr, Covely, Curl, Cutler, Dailey, Daily, Dowling, Eaton, English, Farrow, Foss, Henderson, Horr, Hosford, Huston, Ingersol, Johnson, Joy, Rudyard Kipling, Lee, Lenhardt, Lohman, McCartney, Mendenhall, Metlen, Miller, Sargent, Spencer, Stone, Story, Swift, Vivian, Weaver, Werks. JG5

Adams Co.

See also under the Wright surname.

Allen Co.

See Putnam Co.

"Allen County, Ohio Births, Vol. 1 of Book 1: 1867-1879." Allen County Genealogy Society. MM9

"Allen County, Ohio Births, Vol. 2 of Book 1: 1880-1889." Allen County Genealogy Society. MM9

"Allen County, Ohio Births, Vol. 1 of Book 2: 1890-1900." Allen County Genealogy Society. MM9

"Allen County, Ohio Births, Vol. 2 of Book 2: 1901-1930." Allen County Genealogy Society. MM9

"Allen County Ohio Marriages 1831-1869." MM9

Ashland Co.

"Ashland County Obits 1904-1911." Contains many names of those living and who had lived in Ashland County, Ohio. Indexed by surname. GJR

Ashtabula Co.

"1878 History of Ashtabula County Ohio, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of its pioneers and most prominent men." Williams Brothers, Philadelphia. 1878. Ashtabula County history, township histories, many biographical sketches of citizens by township. T12

Athens Co.

See also under the Bean family.

"Atlas of Athens Co., Ohio, from actual surveys by and under the direction of D. J. Lake, C.E." , pub. Titus, Simmons & Titus, Philadelphia, 1875. 88pp., oversize, color, many illustrations. Not indexed, but if you have an idea of where an ancestor's property was located I will do look-ups and photocopies, sase apprec but not req. DCFD

Auglaize Co.

"Auglaize county, Ohio Abstracts of obits and Death Mentions from the 'Auglaize county Democrat' 1869-1899." MM9

"Auglaize County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Vol 1, Bk 1: Clay, Goshen and Pusheta Townships." Auglaize County Genealogical Society. MM9

"Auglaize County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Vol 1 Bk 2: Union and Wayne Townships." Auglaize County Genealogical Society. MM9

"Auglaize County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Vol 2, Bk 1: Duchouquet Township, Greenlawn Cemetery." Auglaize County Genealogical Society. MM9

"Auglaize County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Vol 2, Bk 2: Duchouquet and Moulton Townships." Auglaize County Genealogical Society. MM9

"Auglaize County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Vol 3, Bk 1: St. Marys Township, Elmgrove Cemetery." Auglaize County Genealogical Society. MM9

"Auglaize County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Vol 3, Bk 2: St. Marys, Logan, Noble and Salem Townships." Auglaize County Genealogical Society. MM9

"Auglaize County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Vol 4, Bk 1: German and Jackson Townships." Auglaize County Genealogical Society. MM9

"Auglaize County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Vol 4, Bk 2: Washington Township." Auglaize County Genealogical Society. MM9

"Auglaize County, Ohio Marriages 1848-1898." Mary Chapman & Lura Beaty of the Auglaize Chapter of the Ohio Gen. Society. Indexed by groom's name and by bride's name, the information includes date of marriage and the volume and page number for writing to the probate court for a copy. AG2, MM9

"Auglaize county, Ohio Obits, Death Mentions and Funeral Cards." MM9

"Auglaize county Ohio Probate Court Birth Records volume 1: 1867-1877." MM9

"Auglaize county Ohio Probate Court Birth Records volume 2:1877-1887." MM9

"Auglaize county Ohio Probate Court Birth Records volume 3: 1887-1897." MM9

"Auglaize county, Ohio Probate Death Records 1867-1898." MM9

"Early Births of Auglaize county, Ohio 1830s to 1869." MM9

Belmont Co.

See also under Nichol surname.

"Belmont County before 1830." Irene Ochsenbein, Catharine Fedorchak, 1977. Marriages, naturalizations, will abstracts, Court of Common Pleas cases. RE2

"Centennial History of Belmont County, Ohio." A.T. McKelvey. Biographical Publ Co., 1903, Reprint 1977, The Bookmark. Biographies, indexed by "Male Head of House." I have compiled a "Primary Female Index," which has been invaluable! [This book is also available as a free download from the Internet Archives.]

"History of Belmont & Jefferson Counties, Ohio." J.A. Caldwell, 1880, Historical Publ Co. Short biographies, rosters of the Civil War, Mexican War, War of 1812, 1st settlers of each twp, and much more. [This book is also available as a free download from the Internet Archives.]

Brown Co.

See also Clermont Co. and Wright surname.

Butler Co.

"Butler County, Ohio, Cemetery Records Volume II." Copied by Hazel Stroup; Distributed by Robert D. Craig, 1970. Cemeteries and records indexed are: Baptist (Trenton, OH), Clawson (Princeton, OH), Darrtown (Milford Township), Elk Creek (Astoria, OH), Mennonite-Augsburger (Trenton Pike), Ross (Millville), Springhill (Liberty Township), Woodside (Oxford), Brant Bible, Scudder Genealogy and the WT and Marty Hawthorne Bible. HG

"Memoirs of the Miami Valley, Volume 3, Biographies and Portraits." John C. Hover, et al, Robert O. Law Company, 1918. Despite the title, this volume focuses on biographies of Butler County, Ohio, residents. I estimate that there are about 700 biographies incorporating over 3000 surnames. I have transcribed the entire book; a surname index and text are posted at https://sites.rootsweb.com/~ohbutler/memoirs/. I can provide scans of photos, if included in the book. GK1

"Miami University 'Recensio', 1987." Vol. 85, published by students Year 1987. School yearbook. Miami University, Oxford Ohio. K28

Clark Co.

"Clark County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions Volume 1 Mad River Township." Clark County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, privately published; 1988. Lists name and cemetery of persons buried in Mad River Township. Lists some ages, various other information and owner of plot. A9

Clermont Co.

"History of Clermont County, Ohio." Date 1880? JL Rockey &R J Bancroft. History Townships Civil War vets Ohio-Marriages -Deaths -Births Landrecords - Biographical -Pictures-Lists all land owner & Dates Legal information on trials etc. Attorneys Sheriffs etc. Roots web has been so good to us would like to return favor by looking up information for others. BS1

"History of Clermont & Brown Counties, OH." Vol. I & II (1987 reprint). Author: Bryon Williams - Publisher: Gateway Press - Date of Original publication 1913. Vol. I contains historical information about Clermont and Brown County, Oh. Vol. II is entirely biographical listing many families living in the counties during the time of its original print as well as some of their ancestors & dependents. LC3

Clinton Co.

"Cemetery Records of Clinton County, Ohio 1798-1999." Clinton County Genealogical Society, Cox Printing Co. April 2000. Records include Name, birth & death date (if known), Cemetery name and location and Section & lot numbers. Some additional information is sometimes added such as cause of death, nickname, Kin, Military record, funeral home and other notes. L25

"Clinton County Ohio Newspapers Death and Obituary Abstracts, 1838 to 1867." Larry D. Mart, 1973. AG2

"Marriage Records of Clinton County, Ohio 1810-1900." Joyce Hopkins Pinkerton, Clinton County Genealogical Society, 1997. Marriage records from 1810-1900 searchable by bride or groom. Includes date of marriage, person performing the marriage, book & page number. L25

Columbiana Co.

"Columbiana County Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions." Columbiana County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society. Vols.(©), 2 (1977), 5 (1998), 7 (1979), 11 (1998), 12 (1994), 15 (1989), 16 (1989) & 17 (1990). J5

"Telephone Directory (Mar 1967) Columbiana County - Salem & Lisbon Vicinity." Ohio Bell, March 1967. Telephone Directory for Salem, Columbiana, E. Palestine, New Waterford, Rogers, Leetonia, Lisbon, North Lima, New Middletown, New Springfield, Petersburg, Winona. KD3

Crawford Co.

"Dutchtown: Your Days in History." Kenneth Cummins, PhD, pub by the New Washington Centennial Committee 1974 A complete history of New Washington and Cranberry Township. GCN

"Families of Crawford County, Ohio." Crawford County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society, Inc. 1977 - 1978. 470 pages of biographical sketches and family histories. JBCH

"History of Crawford County and Ohio." Baskin & Battey, Historical Publishers. Chicago: 1881. Includes a history of each township with biographical sketches of early settlers. An excellent resource. JBCH

"St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church History 1834-1984" Bertha Langjahr, printed by The Herald Printing Co., New Washington Ohio 1984 Contains many transcribed church records, including baptism, confirmation, marriage, and funeral info. GCN

Cuyahoga Co.

"Representative Clevelanders." Published by The Cleveland Topics Co., 1927. "a biographical Directory of Leading Men and Women in 1927 Cleveland." Publish date is 1926. No Photos. CT4

Delaware Co.

"Tombstones Inscriptions and Other Records of Delaware County, Ohio; Includes Portions of Morrow and Marion Counties." E. W. Powell. Ester Powell. Akron, Ohio. 1978. HJW

Fairfield Co.

"History of Fairfield & Perry Counties, Ohio Compiled by A. A. Graham Published by W. H. Beers & Co., Chicago, 1883. A complete history of Fairfield and Perry Counties; Their townships, cities, villages, towns, schools, churches, societies, industries, statistics, etc.; A history of their soldiers in the late war; Portraits of early settlers and prominentmen; Miscellaneous matter; Maps of the counties; Biographies and histories of pioneer families, etc. This book is now available online in its entirety: http://www.perrycountyohio.us/fphhistory/.

Franklin Co.

"Every Name Index to the 1870 Federal Population Census, Franklin County, Ohio." The Volunteers of The Franklin County Genealogical Society, 1999. This is an every name indes of the 1870 Franklin County, Ohio Federail Census. All members of the family were indexed. Everyone from prisoner to prostitute and hotel guest to boarder was indexed. It lists the township or ward and page number where the original can be found. JO4

Fulton Co.

"Canton: Its Pioneers and History." Alonzo Swan, 1871, reprinted by Higginson Books. History of the founding of Canton, OH in 1821 by Isaac SWAN and Nathan JONES, and its history to 1870. Some biographical sketches. LG1

Greene Co.

"Greene County, Ohio; Births Prior to 1869," Arthur R. Kilner, Heritage Books Orig Publ: 1988 ref from family histories, Bibles, county histories etc. AG2, MJO

Guernsey Co.

"Portrait and Biographical Record of Guernsey County, Ohio." author not given, published by C.O. Owen & Co. of Chicago in 1895. Biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of Guernsey County. L1

Hamilton Co.

"Abstract of Book 3, Probate Record 1829-1834, Hamilton County, Ohio." Hamilton County Chapter, Ohio Genealogical Society, 1981. Includes probate of wills, administrator bonds, account filings (but no details), petitions to sell, guardianship records, etc. P9

"Hamilton County, Ohio Burial Records, Volume 10, Green Township." Ham. Co. Chap. of Ohio Gen. Soc.;Heritage Books, Inc.; Copright 1998. Cemeteries of Green Township, Hamilton, County, Ohio. MWA

Hancock Co.

"Twentieth Century History of Findlay and Hancock County, Ohio and Representative Citizens." J. A. Kimmell, Richmond-Arnold Publishing Company, 1910. County, city and town histories and family biographies. GLF

Highland Co.

See also under the Wright surname.

"Cemetery Inscriptions of Highland County, Ohio." by David and Jane McBride. David McBride & Jane McBride 1954, Heart of the Lakes Publishing, New York. Burials in Highland County, Ohio, listed by township then cemetery. Data comes for tombstone inscriptions. JA7

"Marriage Records of Highland County, Ohio." by David and Jane McBride. David McBride & Jane McBride, 1962, Heart of The Lakes Publishing, New York Marriages in Highland County, Ohio taken from county records. JA7

Jackson Co.

"History of Lower Scioto Valley." collections/Inter-State Publishing (Chicago)/1880. Biographies of pioneer settlers, descriptions/histories of townships that includes small hamlets, villages, etc., Military History of Scioto, Jackson, and Pike Counties, OH...Info is divided into townships with descriptions of businesses, churches, schools, physicians, etc...Mainly centers on three above mentioned counties with Portsmouth, OH, the "center of the spoke" so to say..... BGJ

Jefferson Co.

"History of Belmont & Jefferson Counties, Ohio." J.A. Caldwell, 1880, Historical Publ Co. Short biographies, rosters of the Civil War, Mexican War, War of 1812, 1st settlers of each twp, and much more. [This book is also available as a free download from the Internet Archives.]

Lawrence Co.

"The Federal Census of 1820 for Lawrence Co. Ohio." copyright 1984 by John L.E. Jones. JM10

Licking Co.

"Granville - The Story of an Ohio Village." William C. Utter, Granville Historical Society, Denison University, 1956. The town of Granville, Ohio, was founded in 1805 by a company of settlers from Granville, Massachusetts, and neighboring New England towns. William C. Utter, late Professor of History at Denison University, traces the history of the town from first settlers through the early 20-th century. The names of those present the first winter are Avery, Bancroft, Butler, Carpenter, Case, Cooley, Cornel, Everett, Gavit, Gilman, Graves, Hillyer, Holcomb, Jones, Kelley, Kendall, Knox, Linnell, Meachum, Messengeer, Mitchell, More, Munson, Phelps, Pratt, Rathbone, Root, Rose, Spelman, Still, Thrall, Wells, and Winchell. RPK

Lorain Co.

"North Murray Ridge Cemetery Information." Marilyn Tyler - work in progress. MT1

Lucas Co.

"Beth Shalom Cemetery / Oregon, OH Burials Index." Author: Gary. L. Franks. Publisher: Gary L. Franks, 2015. A listing of all known burials, including those not in the Toledo Jewish Cemetery Association (TJCA) records,, but documented through official government death records and certificates from 1868 to 1940. This cemetery is composed of four separate parts known as "gardens": B'nai Israel Garden, B'nai Jacob Garden, Shaarei Zedeck Garden and United Hebrew Garden. GLF

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