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See also these surnames: Clift, Crider, Gaines, Hill, Logan, Lowry, Morris/Morriss, Penland, Porter, Waugh, Werner.

"Genealogical Abstracts from Missouri church Records & Other Religions Sources," Vol. 1. 194 pages. Author: Sherida K. Eddlemon. Publisher & date: Heritage Books, (c) 2010. The majority of these entries are from the 1870's to 1910's. The earliest entry I found was "Charles E. POWELL; (B) Oct. 18, 1816, (BD) Jun. 1833, (OF) Eld. Peter Haugn." This contains Baptismal Registers (infants & adults, no ages given), Marriage Records, Confirmation List, Membership register (some dismissal & death dates listed), J15

"Missouri Democracy - A History of the Party and Its Representative Members - Biographical." S.J. Clarke Publishing Co., Inc., 1935. Volume II - Biographical sketches on members of the democratic party throughout the state of Missouri. Occupations include lawyers,business owners, postal workers, federal employees, farmers, etc. Over 1,000 names indexed. Several photographs in the book. AW2

"Noted Querrillas or the Warfare of the Border." John N. Edwards, 1976, Morningside Bookshop. A history of the lives and adventures of QUANTRELL, Bill ANDERSON, George TODD, Dave POOLE, Fletcher TAYLOR, Peyton LONG, Oll SHEPHERD, Arch CLEMENTS, John MAUPIN, Tuck and Woot HILL, Wm. GREGG, Thomas PAUPIN, the JAMES Brothers, the YOUNGER Brothers, Arthur McCoy and numerous other well known Guerrillas of the West. PLS

Adair Co.

"History of Adair County." by E M Follette. EB

"History of Adair, Sullivan, Putnam & Schuyler Counties (Missouri)." EB

Audrain Co.

"History of Audrain County, Missouri 1884, Reprint 1975." St. Louis: National Historical Company 1884, Press of Nixon-jones Printing Co. 1975. Includes history of Audrain County Townships, Towns and Villages. Also biographical sketches of prominent citizens. Indexed. DG1

Barry Co.

See also under these surnames: Allen.

"Our Easleys." Faye Maloney Ball & Darla Ball Gaede; 1972. Also contains info on other families of Barry Co., Missouri during the late 1800's-early 1900's. PEP

Benton Co.

"History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries and Osage Counties, Missouri." Chicago: The Goodspeed Publishing CO. 1889. History of Counties stated in title, plus biographical appendix. DA2

Boone Co.

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"Marriage Records of Boone County, Missouri 1821-1870." Compiled and Published by Mrs. E.E. Evans & Mrs. J. F. Thompson. This book is an indexed list of marriage records for Boone County between 1821-1870. It includes only the participants names, the date and the officiant. CH

Callaway Co.

"Callaway County, Missouri Marriage Records 1821 to 1871." Sherida K. Eddlemon, Heritage Books, Inc., 1991. Marriage records from nearly the beginning of the county. GB2

"Callaway County Missouri Probate 1821-1850." Carolyn M. Bartels, 1989. Gives names and dates from microfilmed probate records. GB2

Cass Co.

"Cass County Missouri Families (1976)." Compiled by the Cass County Historical Society. B14

"History of Cass County (MO)." Allen Glenn, 1917, Historical Publishing Company Biographies of early settlers, schools, churches, a history of the county. [This book is freely available at the Internet Archives.]

"History of Cass and Bates Counties Missouri." 1883. National Historic Company, St. Joseph Missouri. Biographies, townships in both counties. [This book is freely available at the Internet Archives.]

Cole Co.

"History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries and Osage Counties, Missouri." Chicago: The Goodspeed Publishing CO. 1889. History of Counties stated in title, plus biographical appendix. DA2

Cooper Co.

"History of Cooper County, Missouri." E. J. Melton, E.W. Stephens Publishing Company, 1937. An account from early times to the present (1937) of the History of Cooper County, Missouri. TLF

Greene Co.

"A Brief History of the First Baptist Church of Springfield Missouri; 1852-1927." Author M.M. Richardson; Pub. by Elkins-Swyers Co., Springfield, Missouri; Date 1928. Descriptions of the Pastors of the First Baptist Church of Springfield, Missouri from 1852-1927; also photos of those pastors. Descriptions and listings of Parishioners of that time, and also those who had passed away, who had a great impact on that church. A basic history of the Church from 1852-1927. JW12

Drury College yearbook, 1948. MF1

Howard Co.

"Howard County, Missouri Marriage Abstracts, Book 4A (Black) 1865-1870." Compiled by Carolyn Gibbons, self-published 2002. CB4

"Howard County Missouri Marriage Abstracts Book 4 (White) 1860-1881." Carolyn Gibbons, Printed by Masthof Press, 2003. Complied from Missouri State Archives microfilm of the original marriage book. CB4, DJH

Howell Co.

"Howell County, MO Cemeteries 1795 - 1987." South Central MO Genealogy Society, 1988, No Publisher listed. All cemeteries located in Howell County listed alphabetically, with names of interred alphabetically within each cemetery. Indexed. DMH

Jackson Co.

"History of Jackson County, Missouri." Union Historical Company, 1881. Biographical Sketches of its citizens, portraits of early settlers and prominent men. PLS

"Independence and 20th Cen. Pioneers." Pearl Wilcox, 1979. The years from 1900-1928. PLS

"Jackson County Pioneers." Pearl Wilcox, 1975. Early settlements and pioneers of north-eastern and southern Jackson County. PLS

Lafayette Co.

"Machpelah Cemetery, Lexington, Missouri." original cemetery records I have a copy of the original cemetery records. Lists only name, burial date, section, lot and space number. C18

Lewis Co.

"nuggets from '49" (An Account of Pike County Men in the Gold Rush). Condensed from the Diary of James M. Daigh by Owen Hannant Names mentioned: Phillips, Whitaker, Chenoweth, Harryman, Barker, Aiken, Metz, Winegar, Powell, Blair, Brisco, Porter, Conklin, Vertrees, Griswold, Allen, Ross, Burgesser, Bradbury, Beatty, Dennis, Neel, Brown, Roe, Farrand and others. SW6

Maries Co.

"History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries and Osage Counties, Missouri." Chicago: The Goodspeed Publishing CO. 1889. History of Counties stated in title, plus biographical appendix. DA2

Mercer Co.

"Rogers' Souvenir History of Mercer County Missouri and Dictionary of Local Dates," illustrated, W. B. Rogers and N. G. Rogers, Trenton, MO, W. B. Rogers Printing Company, 1911. Over 700 pages with a decent index that indicates the nature of the entry. GS

Miller Co.

"History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries and Osage Counties, Missouri." Chicago: The Goodspeed Publishing CO. 1889. History of Counties stated in title, plus biographical appendix. DA2

Moniteau Co.

"Cemeteries of Moniteau County, Missouri Vol. 1." Richard Parker. Some of the cemeteries in Moniteau County, Missouri. GB2

"History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries and Osage Counties, Missouri." Chicago: The Goodspeed Publishing CO. 1889. History of Counties stated in title, plus biographical appendix. DA2

Morgan Co.

"History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries and Osage Counties, Missouri." Chicago: The Goodspeed Publishing CO. 1889. History of Counties stated in title, plus biographical appendix. DA2

Nodaway Co.

"Census of 1910 Monroe Township, Nodaway County, Missouri plus Village of Skidmore." Transcribed by Pat Chaney, November, 1983. First census on record of Monroe Township and the Village of Skidmore. The 1890 census was lost in a fire. KG3

"On The Banks of The Elk Horn, 1839 - 1974, Volume II." The Graham Historical Society. Contains Graham, Missouri area family histories and notes. KG3

"Past and Present of Nodaway County Missouri 1910, Vol I & II." A reproduction by Unigraphic, Inc 1975. Nodaway County history and early family histories. KG3

"Skidmore High School Yearbook." I have the yearbooks for the years 1950 - 1964. Each yearbook contains class pictures and activities, Adminstrators and school staff. All pages are in my computer and can be shared via email. KG3

"Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow." Compiled by: Patricia Kay (Faulk) Chaney. Sponsored by: Volunteers Skidmore Fire Protection District. Printed by: Accent Printing. 114 East 3rd, Maryville, MO July 1995. Historical Data on Skidmore, Monroe Township of Nodaway County (MO), plus complete cemetery records (through June, 1995) fore - Burr Oak, Masonic, Hillcrest and Smith cemeteries within the township. KG3

I have most publications about Nodaway County MO and am willing to provide help on ancestors! LMM

Osage Co.

"History of Cole, Moniteau, Morgan, Benton, Miller, Maries and Osage Counties, Missouri." Chicago: The Goodspeed Publishing CO. 1889. History of Counties stated in title, plus biographical appendix. DA2

Ozark Co.

"A History of Ozark County 1841-1991." Ozark County Genealogical and Historical Society. Family bios, town bios. B14

Perry Co.

"Zion on the Mississippi - The Settlement of the Saxon Lutherans in Missouri 1839 - 1841." Forster, Walter O. Concordia Publishing House, 1953. A 600 page history of the founders of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in Perry and St. Louis Counties. Includes several lists of the early pioneers, their land holdings, occupations, etc. DM4

Pike Co.

"History of Pike County Missouri 1883." Mills & Company 1883. An Encyclopedia of useful information, and a compendium of actual facts. A condensed history of the state of Missouri and its chief city-St. Louis; the constitution of the United States and of Missouri, and an abstract of the laws of Missouri; a reliable history of Pike county-its legal, political, official, and war history; a sketch of the bench and bar; the medical fraternity; the Old Ladies of Pike county; schools; churches; the press; material progress and general resources; biographical sketches; incidents; etc. DJN

"People Places & Pikers." Compiled & Edited by Karen Schwadron under the auspices of the Pike County Historical Society copyright 1981 second printing 1991. DJN

"Pioneers of Pike County." InfoTech Publications 1992. This book contains the following exerpts: Court Records 1821-1825, Pike County (Old Probate No. 1 & Commissions Record of Strays. Pike County Probate Record Abstracts of Wills & Administrative Bonds, Book "A" 1825-1834, Pike County Probate Record #2, 1834-1840 Wills, Administrative & Guardian bonds, Pike County Marriages, 1840-1851 (From Marriage Book "A") Ministers & Justices (Abbreviations), Agricultural and Mechanical Society of Pike County, Some Citizens of "Old" Bowling Green in the 1880's, The Missouri Compromise Meeting, McDannold Cemetery, Hartford Township-Some "Oldtimers" of Hartford Township . DJN

Polk Co.

"Lindley Creek Cemetery." Laura Hoffer, PCGS, 11 Nov 1999. MK1

Putnam Co.

"History of Adair, Sullivan, Putnam & Schuyler Counties (Missouri)." EB

Randolph Co.

"Records of Randolph County, Missouri 1833 - 1964." Sherida K. Eddlemon, compiler. Heritage Books, Inc., Bowie, MD, 1996. A miscellaneous compilation including early church records, delinquent tax list 1830, cemetery listings (Old Higbee, Fairview, Burton, Jackson, Dunn, and Baker), warranty deeds January - June 1896, patrons of the Atlas 1877, etc. etc. JBCH

St. Louis Co.

"Notable St. Louisans in 1900." Edited by James Cox, The Benesch Publishing, Co.,1900. Portraits with name and occupation of notable men of St. Louis in 1900. I will e-mail jpeg scans of portraits. [This book is now freely available to download from the Internet Archive.]

"Old Cemeteries St. Louis County, Mo. Vol.s I-IV." St. Louis Genealogical Society, copyright 1982, reprinted 1995. DJN

Schuyler Co.

"History of Adair, Sullivan, Putnam & Schuyler Counties (Missouri)." EB

Stone Co.

See also under Carroll Co., AR and these surnames: Allen.

"History of Stone County, Missouri." Stone County Historical Society, 1989. History on the county and its people. B14

Sullivan Co.

"The Complete History of Sullivan County, Missouri," Vols 1 & 2. EB

"The Complete History of Sullivan County, Missouri Volume II." 1900-1979. Gladys Wells Crumpacker, History Publications, Inc, 1980. Well indexed compilations of people and events-lots of photos and anecdotal vignettes on the following families: Albertson, Anspach, Badger, Bailey, Baldridge, Barnes, Barnett, Beall, Blagg, Broyles, Brummitt, Buckner, Bunch, Burton, Campbell, Cannon, Christy, Clark, Cochran, Coffman, Cosby, Cougill, Cowgill, Cowles, Craft, Crawford, Crumpacker, Dalzell, Daniels, DeWitt, Dodson, Donoho, Ellett, Goddard, Gramling, Halliburton, Hamilton, Hannah, Hardinger, Harris, Hatcher, Henry, High, Jeffers, Johnson, Kent, LaFaver, Lair, Lee, Marr, Martin, Mayfield, McCarty, McCullough, McDuff, McHargue, McNabb, Miller, Montgomery, Moran, Morrison, Murdock, Palmer, Parsons, Payne, Peek, Peters, Peterson, Phillips, Pigg, Pipes, Poole, Porter, Pratt, Price, Purdy, Reger, Reinhard, Rhoades, Rhodes, Riggen, Ross, Samuel, Sandefur, Sayre, Scott, Shatto, Shipley, Simmons, Simpson, Sinclair, Speiser, Springer, Streeter, Stutler, Swearengen, Talley, Taylor, Thorpe, Tittle, Todd, Tucker, Wallace, Watson, Wells, Weston, Wilhite, Williams, Wilson, Wise, Ziegler, and others. JHP

"History of Adair, Sullivan, Putnam & Schuyler Counties (Missouri)." EB

"Marriage Records of Sullivan County Missouri 1845-1859 (Volume 1); 1859-1880 (Volume 2)." Complied & Published by Elizabeth Prather Ellsberry. DJH

"Pioneer Families of Sullivan County, Missouri." Richard D. Sears, MIRAN Publishers, 1974. Very well indexed genealogical compilation of families by surname. Altiser, Anderson, Arthurs, Baldridge, Banner, Bartlett, Bartley, Boyd, Bray, Crawford, Dalzell, Dare, Emberton, England, Frazier/Fraizier, Gose, Harris, High, Hill, Hoffman, Huffman, Jackson, Lane, Martin-Montgomery, Morehead, Morrow, Page, Payne, Price, Quigley, Reece, Riley, Rodgers, Sears, Simpson, Springer, Talley, Wages, White, Yardley, Zumwalt and others. JHP

Warren Co.

"The Schakes of La Charette." Lowell M. Schake and family. Published privately, 1997. Document portrays Missouri family farm life, history and genealogy from the early 1800s to present in Charette Township, Warren County, Missouri. An Ethnohistorical discussion also documents the lives of Native Americans, Black Slaves, Southern and German Settlers in this area. Ample documentation and suggested readings are cited throughout the text, oral history, pictorial history and GEDCOM genealogical file of 1,000 individuals. Additionally, the village life of Germans from the Teutoburger Wald is presented from the earliest of recorded history to the present. [This book has been transcribed and is available freely online at http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mowarren/schake/intro.html.]