Books We Own - User E-Mail Request


  1. To contact the volunteer, click on the link to the email address listed to start a new message in your email software. If clicking on the link does not work for your browser, then press the CONTROL key as you click on the link to copy the email address. This will allow you to paste the address in your email software.

  2. Please use "BWO Lookup Request" in the SUBJECT line.

  3. Please use the following template to compose your email request:

    Title of Resource to be checked:
    FULL Names (First AND Last) or Placenames to be searched (maximum of 3 names)
    Other information helpful to the search

  4. A list of the volunteer's resources is included below the contact information. Please limit requests to ONE resource per message - simply copy and paste the title of the resource into your message.

  5. Please limit the number of names (first and last) you want looked up by any one owner. The default is 3 names per request, but please note and follow any special instructions from the resource owner.

  6. Please provide as much information in your message as possible to assist in the search. Missing or unclear information may well result in you receiving no answer to your request.

  7. If your email service has a "whitelist" [where you accept emails only from those on an approved list] please add the lookup volunteer's email address to that whitelist - otherwise, they will not be able to respond to your request in a timely manner.

  8. Finally, please be sure to thank your lookup volunteer, whether or not they were able to locate your information. They are performing a valuable service - it is always nice to know their time and effort are appreciated.

Volunteer's Information:

CFW [CA] [MN] [SD] [TX] [England] [Netherlands] [Harris]
Cornelia Fenenga Warner

One request per person per week. When making a request, please include as much detail as possible - if you include only a surname, without additional information, your request will be ignored.

I do not live in the states or countries in which I have books listed at BWO, please do not ask me for anything beyond what I have in my book list.

For Texas records: Please do not ask for a surname search - the book is not indexed. if you know of early records of Houston/Anderson/Madison Co. TX, 1835-1850 beyond those online please let me know. My early Collins elude me.