United Kingdom

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See also England, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

"1881 British Census and National Index." Church of Latter Day Saints, 1999. Most important census detail for 1881 in Great Britain (England, Scotland, wales, Channel Isles, Isle of Man and Royal Navy). JG10

"Agrarian landscape terms; a glossary for historical geography." I. H. Adams, Institute of British Geographers, London, 1976. A glossary of all terms describing rural occupations, settlements, farming systems, agricultural tools, crops etc. Very useful to explain terms in wills - e.g.'yeoman', 'Free tenant', 'Hearth Tax' etc. DW5

"Behind the Lines." Written by Russell Miller, published by New American Library. The Oral History of Special Operations in World War II. The Special Agents of World War II were a breed apart. This is their story as it has never been told before - in their own words. KK1

"Britannia's Children, Emigration from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland Since 1600", by Eric Richards, 2004. Published by Hambledon and London. Highlights major migrations from the British Isles to America and the British Empire, focusin on the reasons why these emigrations occurred. NF2

"British Kings and Queens." by Mike Ashley, published by Barnes & Noble, Inc. - 2000. Biographical Encyclopedia of the Kings and Queens of Great Britain starting from Pre-Roman Conquest to Princes William and Henry. There is some conjecture as to a few of the earliest entries and these will be noted as such. The history of uniting Great Britain also covers Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Danish and Norse invasions and has many of these ancient rulers listed also. LC1

"Burke's Landed Gentry." Sir Bernard Burke, Harrison, 1871. A list of "gentlemen" holding land in the British Isles, with some genealogical information about their forebears and their immediate family. MK3

"A Genealogical Study of An Asian Indian." Dr. D. K. Desai, Hindustan Publishing House, Mumbai, India, 1997. DKD

"A History of the Peninsular War Vol. VIII, The Biographical Dictionary of British Officers Killed and Wounded, 1808-1814." John A. Hall; Greenhill Books, 1998. As the title indicates, there is information about officers only, and then only about those who were killed or wounded in the Peninsular Wars 1808-1814. For the date-challenged , that does not include Waterloo. The flyleaf says it includes British officers in Portuguese and Spanish service, and French and German officers in British pay. PD2

"Honour The Light Brigade." William M. Limmis & Kenneth G. Wynn; J. B. Hayward & Son; 1973. List, alphabetical by regiment, of officers and men of the 5 calavry regiments which made up the Light Brigade at Balaclava. Provides some biographical detail, and attempts to determine whether the man participated in the famous "Charge." Lookups are time-consuming, as under each regiment, one must search through each category of rank. The more info provided for a lookup, the better. PD2

"The Inns of Court Register for 1878." "The Inns of Court", 1878. This contains the names and very brief details of 11,000 British (and Empire) barristers. RBC

"Rand McNally Road Atlas of Britain." N.a. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: Bartholomew, a Division of HarperCollins Publishers, Comprehensively indexed road atlas of England, Scotland and Wales, 144 pages. Atlas uses new county scheme introduced in 1970's, but owners can usually identify what jurisdiction a village, town or city lay within in the old scheme. MPR

Titanic Passenger List. MB3

"Unpublished Personal Name Indexes in Record Offices and Libraries." compiled by Jeremy Gibson. This is a guide to finding new sources of genealogical classes of records for the United Kingdom and Ireland. Lookup's will require a brief summary of the information being sought in addition to a geographic location, trade, religous denomination, etc. KR

"Whitaker's Almanack for 1913." Joseph Whitaker London, 1913. "Containing an account of the astronomical and other phenomena, a vast amount of Information respecting the government, finances, population, commerce and general statistics of the various nations of the world with special reference to the British Empire and the United States." There is NO surname index in this reference book. You must be able to tell me that your ancestor was, for example, a baronet, a knight, an MP, a Civil Servant, worked in a Naval Dockyard, was an officer in the Army or Navy or held a position of some importance in a public school, religion, or national organisation if I am to be able to find him. DW5

"Who's Who 1947." no author, Black, 1947. Biographical details of prominent people alive in 1947. Each entry is the work of its subject. MK3