Isle of Man

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"1881 British Census and National Index." Church of Latter Day Saints, 1999. Most important census detail for 1881 in Great Britain (England, Scotland, wales, Channel Isles, Isle of Man and Royal Navy). JG10

Kirk Maughold

"History of Kirk Maughold." History of Maughold with names of families listed by quarterlands. JW7


"Seed of Issac" and "The MacIsacs." Reginald Kissack. Family history of the Kissack name with family trees from the Isle of Man and some to America and Australia. JW7

"The Yesterday's behind the Door." Mrs. Hicks-Beach. History of the Christian family of London from earlier periods in the Isle of Man. JW7

"Can you Trace your Line to Adam." Ruth M. O'Keefe. Histories of the Moore, Christian, Wattleworth, Stevenson, Hudleston, Radcliffe, Oats, etc. from the Isle of Man. JW7