Surnames I - J

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Surnames Beginning with I

Ingalls, Ingraham, Inman, Irons, Isbell


"Ingalls Genealogy." Charles Burleigh, M.D., privately published,reprinted in 1991. Descendants of Edmund Ingalls who settled in Lynn, MA in 1629. DP2

"The Genealogy and History of the Ingalls Family in America. Giving the descendants of Edmund Ingalls who settled at Lynn, Mass in 1629." Compiled by Charles Burleigh, M.D., Malden, Mass. Originally printed in Malden, Mass, 1903. Reprinted, Baltimore, Md, 1984. Library of Congress Catalogue Card Number 84-80629 Burleigh's 1903 "Ingalls Genealogy". Mainly the descendants of Edmund Ingalls who settled at Lynn, Mass in 1629. Includes many or most of the Ingalls in the USA and Canada before 1903. I also have text saved from correspondence with people researching Ingalls, and part of the data from Burleigh and our research and the research of other people in my Legacy genealogy program. JMI

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See Castle

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"Genealogy of Descendants and Allied Families of Miles Davis and Deborah Faires, Ezekiel Inman and Matilda Taylor of Tennessee and Arkansas." Willis Taylor Finley, self-published, 2005. This is a very carefully prepared genealogy of these families. Sources are included. JBCH

"The Inman and Mayhew Descendancy 1765 - 1990." Beougher, Loren C., Genealogy Publishing Service, 1990. EMD

"My People History of a Mountain Family." By Cheryl Inman Haney. Copyright 2008. ISBN 978-1-60585-809-8. Family of Joshua and Mary Smith Inman of Haywood County, NC. Names Joshua's family and follows primarily the family of James Anderson Inman. Contains the will of Joshua and many family stories. MM11

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"Irons Family Genealogy, first draft, special genealogy project issue of RI Roots." Rhode Island Genealogical Society, March 2000. Descendants of Matthew Irons, who came to Boston with his wife Annie Browne as part of the Winthrop Fleet of 1630. Covers his many descendants who settled in Rhode Island. Includes some unconnected Irons lines. MI

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"The Isbell and Kingman Families." Leroy W Kingman, Gazette Printing Office, 1889. Some Records of Robert Isbell and Henry Kingman and their descendants. Also includes Latimers and Livermores who married into these families. States include CT, MA, and NY. Covers 1595 to 1889. PHW

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Surnames Beginning with J

Jacob, Jameson, Jansen, Jared, Jarret, Jarrett/Jarrott, Jenney/Jenny/Jennings, Jenssen, Jewett, Johanni, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Joplin/Jopling, Jossart, Jung


"Famille Jacob Genealogie." Alfred Cambray, Trois-Rivieres, 1938. Jacob Family in Quebec and parts of US, Descendants of Jean Jacob. TM2

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"The Jamesons in America 1647-1900." E.O. Jameson, The Rumford Press, Concord, NH, 1901. Footnoted and indexed. L29

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See also under Perkins.

"The Cornelius Jansen Family History 1822-1973." Betty A. Miller & Oscar R. Miller; NP; Berlin, Ohio; 1974. The descendents of Cornelius and Helena (von Riesen) Jansen, Mennonites who left South Russia for America in 1873. A brief history and genealogy. Indexed, paginated. MM14

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"History of a Jarboe Family." Robert and Mary Jarboe. Related lines of Jarboe:Tattershall,Greenwell,Cleland,Collins,Davis,McClure,Kenton & Lewis. RD1

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"The Book Of Jared." Eleanor McAllister Hall 1963, Lithographed by "PP" The Family Record of John Jared whose ancestors and descendants run the gamut of America's history. DCA

"Book of Jared - Supplement." Eleanor M Hall 1981, Supplements represent the children of John Jared, and his wives, Hannah Whitacre and Rachel Palmer. A addendum represent the Grand children. DCA

"The Book of Jared Vol 3." Eleanor M Hall 1986. Continuing the record of descendants of John Jared and his wives Hannah Whitacre and Rachel Palmer. DCA

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See also under West Virginia.

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"Pioneering With Billy: the Story of the Jarretts/Jarrotts, an Old Ontario (Canada) Family". Mary Cassar (estimated date 1990). BB5

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"The Jenney Book." Clark, Tufts and Gurney, Gateway Press , c 1988. This book contains many Jenne/Jenny/Jennings families since their arrival in America. It is limited in names after 1900. BR

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"The Jenssen-Nelson Family (from Kristiansand to America)." N. Dean Huseby. DH2

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"History & Genealogy of the Jewetts of America." Theodore Victor Herrmann,1995, The Jewett Family of America. BW6

"Jewetts of America." Frederick Clarke Jewett, 1909. Grafton Press. BW6

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"Johanni Family." Schultz, Buscher, Hofer; privately published; 1997. Descendants of two sisters Antje and Magdalena Johanni from Ostfriesland, Germany and their husbands Johannes Sprock and Christoffer Schmidt. Includes birth, marriage and death dates. Some Surnames include Sprock, Buscher, Schmidt, Schultz, Lauk, Kromminga, Luttig, Weintjes, Schulz. Includes descendants in Germany and United States. A9

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See also under the Haberland surname and Staffordshire, England.

"The Ancestry of Grafton Johnson." Grafton Johnson, Hollenbeck Press, 1924. Johnson, Holman, Keen, and Morris families who came through Kentucky to central and southern Indiana. PHW

"Descendants of Elisha Moses Johnson (a Soldier in the Revolution)." By Paul Johnson Slate, Printed by Essex Mailings, NJ. 1952. Surnames of Johnson,Steevens (Stephens,Stevens), Bailey, Scott. RD1

"Genealogical History of Sir John Johnson Family." published 1914 in ROCK ISLAND, IL. Augustana Book Concern, Printers and Binders. This was started by Laura Emeline Johnson Humphry and finished by Harrison L. Johnson. I have scanned the entire book - if your ancestors are in this book, I will send you the corresponding pages by email. RH1

"Johnson and Their Kin of Randolph Co., NC." RV

"Meet The Johnson's." Virginia Reed, private collection of notes, May 1990. A history of the Johnson family and their relatives from Canada to present day in Vermont. BB3

"The North American Johnsons." Sir John Johnson, Bt,; published by PRM Publishers, 1963. Sir William Johnson (1715-74), an Irish immigrant, became Commissioner for Indian affairs in New York and was made a baronet. His son, Sir John, a loyalist during the Revolutionary War, escaped to Canada, and lost his father's vast New York estate. This small history is about William and John, father and son. MJS

See also Perkins.

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"Ancestors and Descendants of James and Althea Loose Johnston." A. Montgomery Johnston, privately published, 1983. Major family names of Johnston, Montgomery, Loose, Bennett, Criss, Palm, Gay, Maitland, Round. Most locations in Virginia and Pennsylvania, some Canada and New England. Some lines back to early 1700's, and through 1983. KJ

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See also under Family Genealogies and Maryland.

"The Descendants of William Alexander Jones." R. Wayne Bratcher, 1988. Starts with William A Jones (1760/70-1846) of Anderson District, SC and includes information on family lines of Jones, Harris, Poore, Shirley, Williams, Martin, Ellison, Buchanan, and others. CJ

"Peter Jones and Richard Jones - Genealogies." Compiled by Augusta B. Fothergill. Published by Old Dominion Press, Inc., Richmond, Virginia in 1924. Descendants of Peter Jones and Richard Jones of Petersburg, Virginia. JMC2

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"The Jopling-Joplin family with some of their connections in England and America." compiled by Dorothy (Jopling) Eason, Sarah (Moseley) Fricks, Lucille (Jopling) Adams. [Texarkana, Tex. : For additional copies write Mrs. T. R. Eason, 1979?] vii, 467, 66 p. : ill. ; 24 cm. JM

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Jossart Family History. JEB

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See under Young family (New York).

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