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Emigrants from a single geographic area to multiple countries

"Britannia's Children, Emigration from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland Since 1600", by Eric Richards, 2004. Published by Hambledon and London. Highlights major migrations from the British Isles to America and the British Empire, focusing on the reasons why these emigrations occurred. NF2

"Eighteenth Century Register of Emigrants from Southwest Germany (to America and other countries)." ed. Prof. Werner Hacker, Closson Press. Apollo, PA, 1994. This book includes eighteenth century emigrants to America and other countries. It covers the geographical areas of today's Baden, Wuerttemberg, Rhine Palatinate and Saarland in Southwest Germany. It is important to note that not every emigrant from that region will be found in this book. DH16

"Emigrants et Remigrants Luxembourgeois de 1876 a 1900, Etats-Unis d'Amerique, Argentine et pays etra-europeens." Ander Hatz, Archives Nationales Luxembourg, 1994. Listing of emigrants and returnees from Luxembourg to the United States, Argentina, and other non-European locations between 1876 and 1900. Provides name, locale, date of immigration, and numbers of males/females in the party. MN3

"EMIGRANTS FROM THE ISLAND OF FOEHR...1850-1875." Clifford Neal Smith, Westland Publications, McNeal, Arizona, 1983. German-American Genealogical Research - Monograph Number 17. Complete title is: EMIGRANTS FROM THE ISLAND OF FOEHR (FORMERLY DENMARK, NOW SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN, GERMANY) TO AUSTRALIA, CANADA, CHILE, THE UNITED STATES AND THE WEST INDIES, 1850-1875. Gleaned from Hamburg ship lists. Lists immigrants by: Last name, First name, age, occupation, origin/destination, Year/Month/Day of departure. M25

Emigrants to North America

"A Bibliography of Ship Passenger Lists, 1538 - 1825." Compiled by Harold Lancour. Third Edition Revised by Richard J. Wolfe, 1938 (1963). "Being a guide to published lists of emigrants to North America." LS7

"Wij gaan naar Amerika. Vlaamse landverhuizers naar de nieuwe wereld 1850-1930." Dirk Musschoot, Lannoo (Tielt, Belgium), 2002. Translation of title: We're going to America. Flemish immigrants to the new world 1850-1930. The why and the how of Flemish immigration to the US and Canda. Many individual testimonials, personal letters, and description. Information on the Red Star Line out of Antwerp, arrival at Ellis Island, and life as immigrants. AC4

Emigrants to Canada

"A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation." Donald Whyte. Contains 12,501 entries with over 30,000 names through 1867. Many lists who they married and children, occupation, birth and death date, and parents names. Also gives references to where info was obtained. T1

"Irish Migrants in the Canadas - A New Approach." Bruce S McElliott, McGill-Queen's University Press, 1988. A broad based study of the Irish in Canada. Very little specific genealogical information but rather a study of the Irish as a whole entity. TF1

Emigrants to the Carribean

See also under Puerto Rico.

"The Jews of Jamaica." Ricard G. Barett. This book provides a list of names on tombstone inscriptions containing Hebrew, Spanish and Portuguese mini-biographical information from 1663-1880. Most records include vital information as well as other interesting details. M22

Emigrants to the United States

See also under Norway for emigrants from Norway to America.

"Amerikan Suomalaisia (America's Finnish People)." Werner Nikander, Finnish College in Hancock, Michigan, 1927 Description: Biographical information, including some photos, of Finnish immigrants and American-born Finns living in areas of the U.S. during early 1900s. LT2

"Armenian Immigrants, Boston 1891-1901 and New York 1880-1897." Linda L. Avakian, Picton Press, 1996. Includes Armenian Surname (generally ends in ...ian) or declared Armenian arrivals in New York Harbor from Jan 1880 to June 1897 and in Boston Harbor from Aug 1891 to Dec 1901. Information provided generally includes: Surname, First Name, age, sex, Nationality, Last Residence, Final Destination, Line#, Name of Ship, From and to Harbors, Arrival Date. There is an Index by Surname. Body of Book Lists all above information by Harbor/ship/date so you have a list of Armenians and information like a Manifest. I will automatically look for phonetically similar Surnames but recommend you provide them also. Given Name (Americanized or Armenian), approximate age, sex, if part of group also helps but not required. D3

"Catholic Church Records of the Pacific Northwest." Translated by Mikell DeLores Wormell Warner and annotated by Harriet Duncan Munnick, French Prairie Press, St.Paul, Oregon,1972. 8 volumes set registry of Fathers Francois Norbert Blanchet and Modeste Demers, the first Catholic priests summoned from Winnipeg in 1838 to the Columbia Regions of the NWT. SN4

"The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660." Peter Wilson Coldham. Genealogical Publishing Co.; 1987. A comprehensive listing compiled from English public records of those who took ship to the Americas; of those who were deported; and of those who were sold to labor in the New Colonies. 600 pages with index and 12 pages of index corrections and of ships. BLL

"The Complete Book of Emigrants: 1661-1669." Coldham, Peter Wilson, Genealogical Pub. Co., Inc. 1990. A comprehensive listing compiled from English public records of those who took ship to the Americas for political, religious, and economic reasons; of those whe were deported for vagrancy, roguery, or non-confomity; and of those who were sold to labour in the New Colonies. BLL, RK1

"The Cousin Jacks: The Cornish in America." A. L. Rowse, 1969, Charles Scribner's Sons. LOCCN 68-57082. Many Cornish names including, but not limited to: Bolitho, Bonython, Chenoweth, Chynoweth, Davey, Davies, Edwards, Foote, Fox, George, Grenfell, Gribbel, Gribble, Growden, Grubb, Hicks, Hill, Hillquitt, Hocking, Hosken, Hoskin, Hoskings, Hoskins, James, Kitto, Kittoe, Matthews, Menhennick, Moyle, Nicholls, Pascoe, Pearce, Pellew, Pendarvis, Pengelly, Penhall, Penhallow, Penn, Penrice, Penrose, Petherick, Prisk, Prout, Rawle, Rescarrick, Rickard, Rowe, Rowse, Spargo, Spettigue, Tamblyn, Thomas, Tredinnick, Treffry, Treganowan, Tregangeeves, Tregaskis, Treglown, Trelawny, Trelease, Treleaven, Treolar, Tremain, Treseder, Trevellivk, Trevethan, Treweek, Trewin, Uren, U'Ren, Vincent, Vivian, Vyvyan, Wearne, etc. K21

"Emigrants from the Former Amt Damme, Oldenburg (Now Niedersachsen), Germany, Mainly to the United States, 1830-1849." Westland Publications Monograph compiled from book entitled "Oldenburger Jahrbuch, Generations of emigrants out of the jurisdiction of Damme, particularly for North America in the years 1830-1880." Entries include name(s), year of emigration (Jahr der Auswanderung), number of persons (personenzahl) in party, and sometimes place of emigration and occupation. Westland Publications, GERMAN-AMERICAN GENEALOGICAL RESEARCH SERIES (G-SERIES), Monograph G-12. RVW

"Emigrants From Ireland to America 1735-1743." Frances McDonnell; Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc.; 1992. During the 17th and 18th century over 60,000 men, women and children were involuntarily transported from the British Isles to the Americam colonies. This book covers some of those people transported during the years 1735-1743. CG3

"German Immigrant Servant Contracts Registered at the Port of Philadelphia 1817-1831." Farley Grubb,Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1994. LG3

"German Immigrants lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York, 1847-1854." Zimmerman & Wolfert, Clearfield, 2006. Partial listing of American source of German Passengers from Bremen to New York from 1847-1854 with Places of Origin. Lists only passengers with specific places of origin in Germany. D16

"German Immigrants - Lists of Passengers Bound from Bremen to New York 1855-1862 With Places of Origin." Gary J. Zimmerman and Marion Wolfert, Clearfield, 1986. A compiled listing of Immigrants who listed their place of origin on immigration records from Bremen to New York as Germany. Covers the years of 1855-1862. Provides names of immigrants, age, ship name, place of origin, and arrival date. Please provide me with first and last names with other spellings of name in your request. I will provide a transcription of the text. This information is then best used to find the actual ship arrival manifest. N2

"GERMANS TO AMERICA LISTS OF PASSENGERS ARRIVING at U.S. PORTS - January 1870 -- December 1870." Ira A. Glazier / P. William Filby List of Passengers in 1870. RP3

"The Great Migration Begins, Immigrants to New England, 1620-1633," Vol I, II and III. Robert Charles Anderson, New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 1995. Short reports on immigrants to New England from 1620 to 1633. Indexed by surname, first name and places (the index is 280 pp). These volumes contain passenger lists, location from which the immigrant migrated, date of migration and first New England residence. Biographic information such as occupation, church membership, education, civil and military offices. Also included are lists of freemen, colony and court records, notarial records, town records, vital records, land records, church records and journals and letters. BW6, L1

"The Great Migration, Immigrants to New England 1634-1635," Vols 1-4. Robert Charles Anderson, George F. Sanborn Jr, and Melinde Lutz Sanborn; New England Historic Genealogical Society; 1999. M37

"The Great Migration Immigrants to New England 1634-1635," Vol. V M-P. Robert Charles Anderson; New England Historical Genealogical Society; 2007. Index of Surnames, First name, Places, and Ships. M37

"History of the Norwegian Settlements." Hjalmar Rued Holand, translated by Malcolm Rosholt and helmer M. Blegen, Astri My Astri Publishing, 2006. History of Norwegian settlement and names of early settlers (mostly arriving prior to 1870) in New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, North and South Dakota. DH2

"Invisible Immigrants: The adaptation of English and Scottish immigrants in 19th century America." Charlotte Erickson University of Miami Press 1972. This is a book of letters written to and from English and Scottish immigrants. KM6

"IRISH PASSENGER LISTS" 1847 - 1871. Brian Mitchell, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1987. A list of Passengers Sailing from Londonderry to America on Ships of the J. & J. Cooke Line and McCorkell Line between 1847 and 1871. RP3

"Mantle of Elias." M. Leona Nichols, author. Binsford & Mort Publishers, Portland, Oregon 1941. Translation from the original French Catholic Church records beginning at Norway House enroute to the Northwest, beginning in August of 1838. SN4

"Passenger Arrivals at the Port of Philadelphia 1800 - 1819." Tepper and Bently, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., 1986. LG3

"Pennsylvania German Pioneers." Ralph Beaver Strassburger, Picton Press, 1992. Early immigrations to Philadelphia for the years 1727-1808 for mainly German-speaking peoples. This 3-volume set also includes signature facsimilies for those passengers that were able to sign their names. DH1

"Planters of the Commonwealth." Charles Edward Banks; Genealogical Publishing Co; 1997. Includes records of ships and passengers from England to New England 1620 & 1640. Includes a study of Emigration to New England in Colonial times. A9

"Quaker Arrivals at Philadelphia 1682 - 1750." Albert Cook Myers, Genealogical Publishing Company, 1978. Lists the Quakers that arrived at the Philadelphia Meeting between 1682 & 1750 and gives the information on their Certificate of Removal, which states where they came from. Some cases lists their occupation. A9

"Scotch Irish Pioneers in Ulster and America" Charles Knowles Bolton - 1910 - Heritage Books Inc 1989 reprint. An attempt for systematic treatment of the beginning of a migration of settlers of Scotch and English descent from the north of Ireland to the new world. KG

"Ships passenger lists Port of Galveston, Texas, 1846-1871." The Galveston County Genealogical Society, 1984. IM

"The Sloopers..Their Ancestry and Posterity." J. Hart Rosdail Photo Press Inc. Broadview, Il. 1961. "The story of the people on the Norwegian Mayflower-The Sloop, 'Restoration.'" A comprehensive history of the 52 "sloopers" who arrived in New York in 1825 thus becoming the first Norwegians of the modern era to immigrate to America. The book contains lengthy family histories with genealogies dating back to the 14th. century, several thousand names and addresses of "slooper" descendants, plus a wealth of other important historical information relating to those who ìpaved the wayî for all later day Norwegian immigrants. (668 pages) Published in cooperation with the Norwegian Slooper Society of America. This book is focused on the 52 Norwegians who immigrated to America in 1825 and settled in upstate New York and then the Fox River Valley in Illinois. It contains several thousand names w/addresses of descendants of those first Norwegians. Since the book was published in 1961, all individuals listed are from the the 40's and 50's. JK3

"The Swiss Emigration Book", Volume 1. Compiled by Cornelia Schrader-Muggenthaler. Listing of emigrants from the 18th and 19th century who migrated from and through Switzerland to America. Sources include emigration records and passport lists from the Cantons of Solthurn, Basel and Aargau. PCT

"Swiss and German Pioneer Settlers in Southeastern Pennsylvania." Written by H. Frank Eshleman, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc., originally published 1917. Provides historical background and annals of the Swiss and German pioneer settlers of Southeastern Pennsylvania (particularly in the Susquehanna Valley and Schuylkill Valley regions). From the title page: "...with particular reference to the German-Swiss Mennonites or Anabaptists, the Amish and other nonresistant sects." DH10

"The Winthrop Fleet of 1630: An Account of the Vessels, the Voyage, the Passengers and their English Homes from Original Authorities." Charles Edward Banks, 1930. Reprinted by Genealogical Publishing Co., 1983. A brief history of New England before the Winthrop Fleet sailed; includes supplies needed with costs; perils encountered and appendices relating the passengers and their origins. 119 pages with indexes. BLL, M37

Palatine Migration

(Note: the Palatines were generally considered to be emigrants from the Palatinate region of southern Germany (now Rhineland-Pfalz), Switzerland and Austria.)

"The Book of Names Especially Relating to the Early Palatines." Lou D. MacWethy, Enterprise & News, 1935. Description: Collection of ship records, church records, naturalization reords and militia rolls relating to the Mohawk Valley of New York prior to and during the Revolution. (Note: most of the records are for the early 1700s - there is nothing from the 1800s on). ARE

"Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking Lands to North America, Vol II, The Western Palatinate." Written by Annette Kunselman Burgert, The Pennsylvania German Society, 1985. Provides information from European and American records on 18th century emigrants from selected parishes in that part of the Palatinate that borders today on Saarland. DH10

"Immigrants to the Middle Colonies." Edited by Michael Tepper/Publisher - Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Very Early Ship lists from the trading post of Mennahatta (Manhattan) in 1614, through hard to locate ships through 1817. The book contains a list of Palatinate Germans who came to England in 1709. This list includes the name of the head of the house, whether he was married, the ages and sex of his children, his religion, and in some cases his profession. The German speling seems intact. I3

"More Palatine Families," Henry Z. Jones, Jr., 1991. Some immigrants to the middle colonies 1717-1776 and their European origins, plus new discoveries on German Families who arrived in Colonial New York in 1710. MHW

"The Palatine Families of New York: A Study of the German Immigrants Who Arrived in Colonial New York in 1710." Two volumes. Henry Z. Jones, Jr., Universal City, California, 1985, 1298 pp. MHW, RSW