Civil War

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"The Appomattox Paroles April 9-15, 1865." 4th Edition; The Virginia Civil War Battles and Leaders Series." Copyright 1989 H. E. Howard, Inc. Manufactured in the United States by H. E. Howard, Inc., Lynchburg, VA. Printed by H. E. Howard, Inc. ISBN-0-930919-69-6. It lists all the names (and their companies they claimed to be in) that surrendered to Union Soldiers at Appomattox between 9 April 1865 and 15 April 1865. CL

"Atwaer's list of prisoners who died at Andersonville Prison, GA during the Civil War." GK

"Civil War Muster Rolls." SierraHome. It gives Company and Unit numbers as well as type of unit such as infantry, calvary etc.. It also gives the National archives numbers so you may send for a copy of the records. SJ2

"Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Who Died in Federal Prisons and Military Hospitals in the North." Francis Ingmire and Carolyn Ericson, Ericson Books, 1984. Gives names of soldiers, unit and state from which they served, date of death, and number of grave. K27

"Confederate Soldiers Buried at Vicksburg, Feb 1862 - Jul 1863." Carolyn Ericson and Frances Ingmire, privately published, 1981. A listing of all Confederate soldiers known to have been buried in Vicksburg between 2/15/1862 and 7/4/1863 -- compiled from a list at Mississippi Archives. SW1

"John Ransom's Andersonville Diary." John Ransom, Berkley, 1996. Diary of John Ransom from his capture by the Confederates thru his escape and rejoining the Union. Also addena with information after the civil war. The book doesn't have an index, but I have created an index. You can see the index online. PS

"The Story of American Heroism Medal Winners and Roll of Honor Men." The Werner Co., 1896. Thrilling narratives of personal adventures during the great Civil War as told by the Medal Winners and Roll of Honor Men. Copiously illustrated with 300 original engravings, accurately portraits of medal winners and roll of honor men. PB4

"Well Known Confederate Veterans and Their War Records, Vol.I." Wm. E. Mickle. New Orleans: Wm. E. Mickle, 1907. Collection of Civil War Confederate soldiers. AB6


"Columbia County Gray-Burial Locations for Confederate Soldiers in Columbia County, Georgia (Including McDuffie County)." David Alan Butler, Rough and Ready Publishing, 2007. This book contains the burial locations of 143 Confederate Soldiers in Columbia Co, GA, 222 in McDuffie Co, GA and 11 in Fort Gordon property which is in Richmond Co. The book contains all of the info off of the markers and a photo. M15

"Company F, Hamilton Rangers, Forty-Eighth Georgia Infantry Regiment, Major General Ambrose Wright's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia Confederate States of America." Thomas Earl Holley, self published, 2007. Service information and genealogies of all the soldiers in the Hamilton Rangers. This unit was formed from what is now McDuffie Co, GA (McDuffie Co was formed from Columbia and Warren Co in 1870). M15

"Company F, Thomson Guards, Tenth Regiment Georgia Volunteers, Army of Northern Virginia, Confederate States of America." Thomas Earl Holley, Wolfe Publishing, 2000. Service information and genealogies of all the soldiers in the Thomson Guards. This unit was formed from what is now McDuffie Co, GA (McDuffie Co was formed from Columbia and Warren Co in 1870). M15

"Company K, Ramsey Volunteers, The Sixteenth Georgia Infantry Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia, Confederate States of America." Thomas Earl Holley, Wolfe Publishing, 1994. Service information and genealogies of all the soldiers in the Ramsey Volunteers. This unit was formed from what is now McDuffie Co, GA (McDuffie Co was formed from Columbia and Warren Co in 1870). M15


"History of the 37th Regiment of Indiana Infantry Volunteers." George H. Puntenney; Jacksonian Book Dept; 1896. A 210 page account of the action seen by the 37th IN Reg. Vol. during the Civil War with a roster. TDF


"Personal Diary of Josiah Fisher Wilson Sanborn, Civil War Veteran." Ed. David S. Burgess, 1996. A manuscript of the personal diary of Pvt. Josiah Fisher Wilson Sanborn (31st Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company A) kept during the Civil War from Nov 1862 to Feb 1865. An addendum is included detailing the different military campaigns mentioned in the diary, as well as photocopies of military service records and pension records. There is also an index of names and units mentioned in the diary. JL1


"Civil War Abstracts Field Reports and Correspondence." Compiled by Randolph N. Smith, Clinton County Historical Society, 1992. Abstracts of field reports from South Central Kentucky and North Central Tennessee. Names listed include: Abner, Adams, Aiken, Alcorn, Alexander, Allen, Anderson, Armstrong, Arnold, Baise, Baison, Baker, Barnes, Beason, Beaumont, Behle, Belbo, Benjamin, Bennett, Biffle, Biggerstaff, Bland, Bledsoe, Bolen, Boles, Booden, Booker, Bow, Boyle, Bradley, Bragg, Bramlette, Branner, Breckenridge, Brent, Bridewater, Bristow, Brown, Brownlow, Bruce, Bruton, Bryan, Buckner, Buell, Bullit, Bullock, Burbridge, Burford, Burgess, Burnside, Burton, Busteed, Butler, Byram, Byrd, Cameron, Campbell, Capps, Capron, Carrington, Carter, Cash, Caswell, Chalmers, Chapin, Chauncy, Cheatham, Chenault, Chitwoods, Cilton, Cleburne, Cloyd, Cluke, Coale, Coffey, Comar, Compton, Coop, Cooper, Cosby, Coy, Cozatt, Craddock, Craft, Crandell, Crittenden, Crook, Cross, Daniel, Davidson, Davis, Debaum, Denning, Dibrell, Dickerson, Dickson, Donelson, Drake, Drye, Ducat, Dudley, Duffield, Duke, Ducan, Eastin, Eaton, Edwards, Ellis, Estell, Fairleigh, Ferguson, Finnell, Flowerree, Forrest, Frain, Franklin, Frogg, Fry, Gano, Garner, Garrard, Gass, Gilbert, Gilkison, Gillmore, Glassford, Goddard, Good, Goodbur, Goodhue, Graham, Granger, grant, Granville, Gratz, Graves, Green, Greene, Gregg, Grider, Grigsby, Groom, Guthrie, Haggard, Halleck, Hamilton, Hammond, Hampson, Hanson, Hapkins, Hardee, Hare, hardin, Harlan, Harney, Harris, Hartsuff, Hascall, Haugh, Haynes, Hays, Hazen, Head, Helm, Henager, Hendren, Henry, Henshaw, Herd, Hickman, Hicks, Highley, Hillborough, Hillyer, Hines, Hobson, Hogan, Holloway, Holman, Honnell, Hopkins, Hoskins, Hough, Huddleston, Hudson, Huff, Huffhines, Huffman, Hugger, Hughes, Hunt, Huntington, Hurt, Huwald, Jackson, Jacob, Jaeans, James, Jenkins, Jennings, Jesse, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Judah, Kautz, Keen, Kirkpatrick, Kise, Knight, Leasure, Lee, Leeson, Letcher, Leverage, Liberty, Lincoln, Lindsay, Lippincott, Lieuzy, Longdorf, Loose, Longstreet, Loring, Lyon, Mackall, Manson, Marcum, Marshall, Martin, Maury, Maxwell, Mays, Maywell, McClellen, McCollum, McComas, McCook, McCoy, McCullough, McHenry, McKinney, McKinstry, McLain, McLean, McMillen, McNairy, McPherrin, McRea, McWilliams, Mehringer, Mershon, Metcalfe, Miller, Milton, Monroe, Moody, Moore, Morgan, Morrison, Mundy, Murphy, Murray, Neely, Nelson, Niemeyer, Norton, O'Brien, O'Grady, O'Neil, Owen, Owsley, Paces, Paine, Pardy, Parrish, Payne, Peach, Pegram, Pennebaker, Peterman, Peyton, Pharris, Phifer, Pierce, Polk, Pond, Pound, Prutzman, Purdy, Quigg, Raiborne, Rains, Randol, Ratcliff, Ray, Reed, Richardson, Riddle, Riffe, Rigney, Riley, Robinson, Roe, Rogers, Rose, Rosecrans, Rousseau, Runkle, Ryan, Sanders, Sanford, Saufley, Saunders, Schoepf, Scott, Searcy, Semple, Settle, Shackleford, Sharp, Shaw, Sheliha, Sherman, Sidwell, Simpson, Smith, Speer, Stager, Stanley, Stanton, Starling, Starnes, Stevenson, Stockes, Stone, Stoughton, Stover, Strickland, String, Sturgis, Sullivan, Sweeney, Swope, Symonds, Talent, Tarrant, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thrope, Thruston, Thurman, Tompkins, True, Tucker, Vance, Vandiver, Van Dorn, Van Winkle, Viers, Wade, Wagoner, Waitsborough, Wallace, Walter, Walthall, Wampler, Ward, Washington, Weatherford, Welsh, Wharton, Wheat, Wheeler, White, Wilcox, Willemin, Williams, Williamson, Wilson, Wiltsie, Winfrey, Withers, Wolford, Wood, Woods, Woodward, Wooley, Wright, Wynn, Yates, Young, Zeddon, Zollicoffer. TLF

"A History of the 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry U.S." (The Blue guys ) Joseph R Reinhart, Beargrass Press Louisville Ky 2000. (see website - this an archived version of the original link). It tells the exciting story of one of the Bluegrass State's premier combat units and the men who fought and died serving in it during it's three years in the Army of the Ohio and its powerful successor, the Army of the Cumberland. Battles: Shiloh, Stones River, Chickamauga, Brown's Ferry, Orchard Knob, Missionary Ridge, and in Shermans four month Atlanta Campaign. Official records, Diaries, letters some translated from German make it a great book. WRK

"The Patriots and Guerillas of East Tennessee and Kentucky." Major J. A. Brents, McDowell Publications, 1862 (reprint 2001). Brownlow, Johnson, Hale, Zackarys, Huddleton, Beaty, Ferguson, Coffey, Philpott, Hamilton, Nelson, Bramlette, Garrard, Fry, Bird, Carter, Wolford, Honnell, Letcher, Helveti, Morrison, Alexander, Smith, Hoskins. TLF


"Maine in the War." William E. S. Whitman and Charles H. True, Nelson Dingley & Company, 1865. A history of Maine's involvement in the Civil War from 1861-1865. Many names and locations mentioned, MSS


"1st & 2nd Maryland Cavalry, CSA." Robert J. Driver, Jr; Rockbridge Publishing: 1999. The posting of this resource is not in any way to be construed as a political or personal statement of the owner. Narrative portions and muster rolls are included. VCT

"The Civil War in Maryland." Daniel Carroll Toomey; Toomey Press; 1983, 2000. The posting of this reference is not in any way to be to be construed as a personal or political statement of the owner. This is a day-by-day narrative of the Civil War in Maryland; names are included as part of the story and NOT in troop or muster lists. VCT

"Marylanders in the Confederacy." Daniel D. Hartzler; Family Line Publications; 1986, 1994. The posting of this resource is not in any way to be construed as a political or personal statement of the owner. Chapters Include : Comparative Strengths; Senior Grade and Flag Ranked Officers; Marylanders of the US Military Academy; Colleges; Groups of Men who left Maryland; Maryland Designated Commands; Maryland Units; The Maryland Line; Divided Families; Field Grade Officers; Enlistments; Naval; Marines; Physicians; Clergymen; Legislators & Congressmen; Marylanders at Home; Former Governors; Adjutant Generals; Post War Organizations. VCT


"My Diary of Rambles with the 25th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry with Burnside's Coast Division 18th Army Corps and Army of the James." by D.L. Day published 1883. ER2

"The Third Massachuetts Cavalry in the War for the Union." by Rev. James K. Ewer Company C, 3rd Massachusetts Cavalry, published 1903. ER2


"They Died to Make Men Free." William M Anderson. A history of the 19th Michigan infantry of the Civil War. TV


"Minnesota in the Civil War and Indian War 1861 - 1865." Prepared and pubished under supervision of Board Of Comissioners 1891 The Pioneer Press Co. St. Paul, MN. Narrative of regiments by officers of units and rosters of officers and soldiers w/ age, Mustered in, Mustered out and remarks. This book is now freely available online.


"Civil War Soldiers of Perry County, Mississippi (Includes Forrest County)." Author: Richard S. Roman. Publisher/Date: Self published, 2003 (2nd edition). A list of the Confederate Soldiers of Perry and Forrest Co, MS which includes as much personal information that the author was able to find (birth, death and marriage dates, place of burial). Their military information is of course included and many records have been photcopied for the book including pictures and obituaries. The Perry County Courthouse burned in 1877 so this book is a great source of information. These records were not housed in the courthouse. The soldiers are listed in the book in alphabetical order, not by unit. M15

"Mississippi Confederate Grave Registrations." Betty Couch Wiltshire. RV

"Roster of Confederate Veterans." Genealogical Society of DeSoto County, MS. PSH

New Hampshire

"History of the Ninth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteers in the War of the Rebellion." Edward O. Lord, Republican Press Assocaition 1895. Contains a history and some biographical information. List of members with their short military record. SLJ

New York

"From Bull Run to Chancellorsville: History of the 16th New York State Volunteers." Newton Martin Curtis, New York: G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1906. History of the 16th New York State Volunteer Infantry, mustered primarily from St. Lawrence, Franklin, Essex, and Clinton Counties. Includes a regimental roster that includes names, heights, relevant dates of muster, illness, discharge, death, or last known residence as of 1906. BF1

"The Tenth New York Artillery In the War of the Rebellion." The following is taken from New York in the War of the Rebellion, 3rd ed. Frederick Phisterer. Albany: J. B. Lyon Company, 1912. VERY brief regimental history. Complete and fairly detailed roster of all members of the "Black River Regiment", drawn primarily from Jefferson County, New York. BF1


"History of the 97th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry (Civil War)." Contains surnames of the soldiers who fought with the 97th Regiment. Some entries contain age, place of residence, and occupation. All entries contain military information. Willing to do lookups on surnames and provide information from book. Will not lend book or do photocopies due to age of book. LF

"Pennsylvania's Soldiers' Orphan Schools." James Laughery Paul,1876, J. Fagan & Son. Brief account of the origin of the Civil war, the rise and Progress of the orphan system, and Legislative encactments. Forty-five schools are listed, along with names of pupils and staff. [The full text of the book is available on the FamilySearch website; requires a free account to access.]

"Quill of The Wild Goose: Civil War Letters and Diaries of Private Joel Molyneux, 141St. P.V." Kermit Molyneux Bird, editor. White Mane Pub., 1996. Pvt. Molyneux served with the 141st Pennsylvania Volunteers, Union Army. M36


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"Camp County, Texas In The Civil War." Compiled by Joe & Carolyn Ericson, copyright 2008, Ericson Books. The book has various information on each man; birth, death, service. Some have spouse and parents information. K27

"Confederate Officers of Texas." Frances T. Ingmire, Mountain Press, 1983. Indexed by name and county. K27

"Marion County, Texas In the Civil War." Compiled by Joe & Carolyn Ericson, copyright 2009, Ericson Books. The book has various information on each man; birth, death, service. Some have spouse and parents information. K27

"Reminiscences Of The Boys In Gray 1861-1865." Compiled By Miss Mamie Yeary 2003, Reprint, Erickson Books. Short Biographies of Texas Confederate Soldiers in their own words. Indexed by name. K27

"Texas Confederate Home Roster." Compiled by Kathryn Hooper Davis, Linda Erickson Devereaux, and Carolyn Reeves Ericson, Erickson Books, 2003. Indexed by name. Lots of details including dates and next of kin. K27

"Texas Confederate Scrip Grantees." Thomas LLoyd Miller, copyright 1985. Lists grantees by surname, giving county where the land was granted, certificate number, date issued, and whether the grant was given to the soldier or to his widow. The land was given to the soldiers for their military service in the war. K27

"Titus and Franklin Counties in The Civil War." Carolyn Reeves Ericson and Bonnie Marlin Ericson, copyright 2009. The book has various information on each man; birth, death, service. Some have spouse and parents information. K27


"18th Virginia Cavalry Confederate Unit History." CW Delauter, Roger U., Jr. Unit History and some detail of soldiers serving in the unit. No family relationships, but where enlisted, possibly physical characteristics, and brief history of soldier's service. L20

"The Journal of James H. Hodam: Sketches and Personal Reminiscences of the Civil War as Experienced by a Confederate Soldier." James H. Hodam, 16 May 1901. This version edited by Robert P. Hodam, 1995, self-published. James H. Hodam was raised with a family tradition of note-taking and diary keeping. This book includes some personal history of growing up in Roane Co., (W)VA where he spent most of his youth until joining the Confederate forces at age 18 in August 1862. James also kept personal rosters of the men he served with, especially in winter camps, during the Civil War. He briefly describes his life directly after the war and his eventual move to IL. There is also some genealogical data on this branch of the Hodam family. DG

"Regimental History 6th Virginia Infantry." Michael A. Cavanaugh, H. E. Howard, Inc., Copyright 1988. Part of the Virginia Regimental Histories Series. Includes chronology and complete roster. DP

"The Siege of Suffolk - The Forgotten Campaign, April 11 - May 4, 1863." Steven A. Cormier, H. E. Howard, Inc., Copyright 1989. Part of the Virginia Civil War Battles and Leaders Series. Detailed accounting of campaign that took place in Nansemond County, VA. Includes chronology and weather, federal and confederate army order of battle. DP

West Virginia

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