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Special Note: Hundreds of Canadian local histories have been made freely available online at the University of Calgary Digital Library. This site is not affiliated with Books We Own, but I included the link here as it should be of general interest to those researching roots in Canada.

See also under Metis Nation, Charbonneau surname.

Interlake Region

"Beyond the Gates of Lower Fort Garry: 1880-1981." RM of St Andrews, Blandeboye, Mb, 1982. Manitoba/ Lower Fort Garry/ RM Of St Andrews/ Clandeboye /Local Histories. KDGS.

"Tween Meadow and Meridian: A History of Warren Manitoba." Warren History Book Committee, 1985. Manitoba/ Local Histories/ Warren. KDGS.

Parkland Region

"80 Years in Swan River Valley. Swan River Valley History Book Committee, 1978. Manitoba/ Swan River Valley/Swan River /Local Histories. KDGS.

"100 Years In the Swan River Valley." Centennial History Book Committee, 1999. Manitoba/ Swan River Valley/Swan River /Local Histories. KDGS.

"Between Mountain And Lake: History Of Ochre River Municipality 1885-1970." History Committee Of The Ochre River Women's Institute, 1970. Manitoba/ Ochre River/Makinak. KDGS.

"On the Sunny Slopes of the Riding Mountains: A History of Rossburn and District." Rossburn History Club, 1984. ISBN: 0-88925-444-3. KDGS #C-00531. KDGS.

Pembina Valley Region

"Memories Along the Badger Revisited: Cartwright and District 1885-1985." Cartwright & District History Committee, 1985. Manitoba/ Cartwright /Local Histories. KDGS.

"Our 1-6 Heritage." One-six History Book Commitee, 1976. An extensive history of local families including stores, churches, and schools. It includes the school districts of Deer Creek, Linal, Elk Creek and Diamond. L24

"The Rural Municipality Of Dufferin 1880-1980." June M Watson (Editor), Rural Municipality Of Dufferin, 1982. Manitoba/ Dufferin County /Local Histories/ Family Histories. KDGS.

Western Region

"Bridging Brenda: The History of Brenda Municipality and Area," Volume I. Brenda History Committee, 1990. Manitoba/ Napinka/Medora/Waskada/Goodlands /Local Histories. KDGS.

"Bridging Brenda: The History of Brenda Municipality and Area," Volume II. Brenda History Committee, 1990. Manitoba/ Napinka/Medora/Waskada/Goodlands /Local Histories. KDGS.

"Bridging the Years II - Griswold Manitoba Centennial." Marian Campbell (Contributor); Marion Cross (Contributor). Manitoba/ Local Histories/ Griswold. KDGS.

"A Century of Living: Hartney & District 1882-1982." Hartney and District Historical Committee, 1982. Manitoba/ Hartney/RM Of Cameron/Sifton /Local Histories. KDGS.

"Deloraine Meets the Millennium 1980-2000." Deloraine History Book Committee, 2000. Manitoba/ Deloraine /Local Histories. KDGS.

"Echoes Of the Past: History Of the Rural Municipality of Louise and Its People." Hilda C Gosnell, Rural Municipality Of Louise, 1968. Manitoba/ Louise /Local Histories/ Mennonites/Clearwater/Pilot Mound. KDGS.

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"Our First Century: Town of Melita and Municipality of Arthur." Melita-Arthur History Committee, 1983. Manitoba/ Melita/RM Of Arthur /Local Histories. J1, KDGS.

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"Reflections of Time: History of the RM of Albert, Tilston Manitoba." RM of Alberta History Book Committee, 1984. ISBN: 0-88925-387-0. KDGS #C-00536. KDGS.

"WHITEHEAD WANDERINGS: Southern Manitoba- R.M. of Whitehead and surrounding area." J1

Winnipeg Capital Region

"Wildwood Park Through the Years." Mavis Reimer, Wildwood History Book Committee, 1989. Manitoba/ Wildwood Park /Local Histories/ Fort Garry. KDGS.