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See also under Lanark Co., Ontario, Canada and these surnames: Falconer, Glassell, Pogue/Pollock/Polk.

"1881 British Census and National Index." Church of Latter Day Saints, 1999. Most important census detail for 1881 in Great Britain (England, Scotland, wales, Channel Isles, Isle of Man and Royal Navy). JG10

"Burke's Landed Gentry." Sir Bernard Burke, Harrison, 1871. A list of "gentlemen" holding land in the British Isles, with some genealogical information about their forebears and their immediate family. MK3

"Chambers Scots Dialect Dictionary." A Warrack m.a 1911 reprinted 1930. Description: The words in use in the various scottish dialects from the latter part of the seventeenth century to the early part of the 20th century. IG

"Clanship Commerce and the house of the Stuarts, 1603 - 1788." - Alan I Macinnes. (Socio economic and political agency appraisal during this period, the impact on the clans during the period from feudalism to capitalism, regardless of the "Forty-Five"). IG

"A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to Canada before Confederation." Donald Whyte. Contains 12,501 entries with over 30,000 names through 1867. Many lists who they married and children, occupation, birth and death date, and parents names. Also gives references to where info was obtained. T1

"The Highland Clans." Moncreiffe of that Ilk, Clarkson N Potter,Inc.,1967. Information on Scottish Clans. R8

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"The MacLeods: A Short Sketch of Their Clan, History, Folk-Lore, Tales, and Biographical Notices of Some Eminent Clansmen." Rev. R. C. MacLeod, The Clan MacLeod Society, 1906. Per title, book notes history, citing eminent clan members from the 1700-1800's. Contains tales and folk-lore surrounding both clan and members. D7

"1785-1885 NASHWAAK FAMILIES." Nashwaak Bicentennial Assoc. Complied by Ina MacLaggan and Faye Stewart. ME2

"Rand McNally Road Atlas of Britain." N.a. Edinburgh, Scotland, UK: Bartholomew, a Division of HarperCollins Publishers, Comprehensively indexed road atlas of England, Scotland and Wales, 144 pages. Atlas uses new county scheme introduced in 1970's, but owners can usually identify what jurisdiction a village, town or city lay within in the old scheme. MPR

"Scottish Biographies 1938." Published by E. J. Thurston, 177-8 Fleet Street, London, & Jackson, Son & Co. (Booksellers) Ltd. 73 West George Street, Glasgow (I presume it was edited by Mr. Thurston). Biographies of notable Scots who were living in 1938 (if they died before 1938, then they are not included!). They range from a few sentences to perhaps 2/3 of a page. Usually gives birth year, place, schools, father, wife (and sometimes her father), marriage year, number of children, occupation, accomplishments, clubs, etc. Originally planned as a Who's Who in Scotland. Note that these entries are only for people who are living in 1938. IPH

"Scottish Clans and Family Encyclopedia." George Way, Published by Barnes and Noble, 1998. R8

"The Surnames of Scotland, Their Origin, Meaning and History." George F. Black, The NY Public Library, 1946. Many years of the extensive study of Scottish Surnames are found in this large compillation of the late George Fraser Black. SMH

"Who's Who 1947." no author, Black, 1947. Biographical details of prominent people alive in 1947. Each entry is the work of its subject. MK3


"Aberdeen Obituaries 1748-1854." Frances McDonnell, Willow Bend Books, 2000. Contains obituaries for northeast Scotland taken from the Aberdeen Journal. REN

"The Aberdeenshire Militia and the Royal Aberdeenshire Highlanders now 3rd Battalion the Gordon Highlanders 1798 to 1882." - Thomas Innes. IG

"A history of the burgh and parish of Ellon Aberdeenshire." James Godsman, W. & W. Lindsay, Aberdeen, 1958. A detailed description of the historic life and people of Ellon, Aberdeenshire. Book is now out of print. Chapters include:

  1. Boundaries and description of the parish; origin of the name
  2. Geological and glacial history
  3. Racial history - Evidence of prehistoric man in the parish
  4. The lower Ythan in pre-historic times
  5. The Celtic way of life
  6. Norman feudalism
  7. Ellon Castle, the Fortalice of Ardgith, and the Abbotshall of Ellon
  8. The landed estates of the parish
  9. A short record of the tenantry
  10. The ecclesiastical history of the parish of Ellon; the structural history of the old church; the eldership, session clerks and church officers
  11. Agriculture
  12. Schools of the parish
  13. The burgh of Ellon in 1957
  14. Notable people (Thomas Francis Jamieson, James Hampton Brown, Andrew Fowler, Marianus Cuming, Professor Andrew Bruce Davidson, Thomas Mair, Provost John Rae, Sir James Reid, Sir James Gordon McDonald, Dr. Thomas Walton Patey). NV

"Territorial Soldiering in the north-east of Scotland during 1759 - 1814 (Primary Source Edition)." - John Malcolm Bulloch. IG


"Caithness (Scotland) Monumental Inscriptions Volumes 1-4." A.S. Cowper & I. Ross, Published by the Scottish Genealogy Society. Monumental Inscriptions from the cemeteries in Caithness excluding the extension and new grounds at Halkirk, Latheron, Olrig, Thurso: Mt Vernon, and Wick New, and the graveyard on the island of Stroma Grounds recorded are: Canisbay & extension; Dunnet; Corsback; Olrig; Bower;Wick:old; Keiss; Thrumster; Ulbster; Watten; Dunn:Old Hall; Brims; Thurso:St Peter's; Trostan; Crosskirk; Reay:Old & New; Achreny; Dalnawillan; Dirlot; Dorrery; Halkirk; Spittal: St Magnus; Skinnet; Westerdale; Latheron:Old;Berriedale: Old & New; Braemore; Tout Na Goul; Mullbuie; Mid Clyth; Camster; Ballachly. JW10


"Glasgow Directory 1947-1948." The Glasgow Post Office. Directory Association Limited. Printed by Aird & Coghill Ltd 1947. List of re-named streets in Glasgow 1922-1947. Directory of trades & businesses. Street index giving some householders names, general and local information. MK6

"Memorial Catalogue of the Old Glasgow Exhibition, Exhibition illustrative of Old Glasgow." Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, 1894. The catalogue contains short biographical notes on people important for the history and progress of the City of Glasgow from the 16th to the 19th century. Many of those featured are also mentioned in the book "Old country houses of the old Glasgow Gentry". MA2

"Minute book of the Board of Green Cloth 1809-1820: With notices of the members." Colin Dunlop Donald (1848-1895). James Maclehouse and Sons. 1891. The book is of interest because of the insights it provides into the ways of life of the members of a Whist and Supper club in Glasgow which, at the beginning of the 19th century, provided entertainment for a section of society which the book calls "the burgher aristocracy" (ie. the leading businessmen, many of whom were local landed gentry). The contents of the book are described here. MA2

"Old Glasgow Exhibition, 1894, Catalogue: notes and indexes. [compiled by Alexander W. Gray-Buchanan.]" Anonymous, Alexander W. Gray-Buchanan. William Hodge and Co., reprinted by British Library, Historical Print Editions. Abt 1903 (according to catalogue of National Library of Scotland). Additional biographical information is given on the individuals featured in the "Memorial Catalogue of the Old Glasgow Exhibition, 1894." Many of those dealt with are also mentioned in the book. MA2

"The Origin and History of Glasgow Streets." Author Hugh MacIntosh. Publisher James Hedderwick & Sons 1902. As this book was published in 1902 it contains only streets in existence at that time but gives detailed information about the origin and history of most Glasgow streets of this era. MK6

"The Provosts of Glasgow from 1609 to 1832." compiled from notes collected by James R. Anderson, edited by James Gourlay, published by James Hedderwick and Sons, abt 1942, Glasgow. Gives biographical sketches and dates of office of each provost. Usually details with dates of them, their parents, spouses and surviving children, are given. Sources are cited and comments, sometimes critical, on Mure's "History of Glasgow"and "Old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry" given. MA2


"Index to Kelso Chronicle Death Notices 1853 and 1854." Compiled by Vivienne S Dunstan. Death notices form the Kelso Chronicle, a Scottish Borders newspapers. KI


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"Records of the Earldom of Orkney, 1299-1614." Scottish Historical Society, Edited by J. Storer Clouston, 1914. Primarily a summary of early available deeds from Orkney, which includes a transcription. The volume is indexed, and contains some genealogy charts ("Pedigrees") for some families. KJ1


"Dunkeld Cathedral Memorial Inscriptions." Dunkeld and Birnam Historical Society 1993. KS

"The Glenalmond Register: a record of all those who have entered Trinity College Glenalmond 1847-1929." [Anonymous] Edinburgh: Constable for Old Glenalmond Club. 1929. Brief details of boys entering this private school, including subsequent careers. E8

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"Roxburghshire Monumental Inscriptions - St Boswells (Lessudden)." Borders Family Historical Society - 1999. The book is indexed and also lists Lesudden Hearth Tax, Ministers and WWI and WWII war memorials. KI

Scottish Borers

"Galashiels Eastlands $ St. Peters Cemetery." Borders Family History Society. This is a CD provided by Borders Family History Society. The CD lists all moumental insriptions plus photos at the Eastlands & St. Peters Cemetery (Galashiels). K2

"Old Ladhope Cemetery (Galashiels)." Borders Family History Society (2006). This is a CD provided by Borders Family History Society. The CD lists all moumental insriptions plus photos at the Old Ladhope Cemetery (Galashiels). K2


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"The Parish of Strathblane and its inhabitants from early times." John Guthrie Smith, Jmaes MacLehose and Sons, Glasgow, 1886. [This book is now freely available through Google Books.]


"Clachan of Penninghame Kirkyard memorial inscriptions." Located in the former Scottish county of Wigtownshire (now Dumfries and Galloway). S19