South Africa

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"Burke’s Colonial Gentry." Compiled by Sir Bernard Burke. Originally 2 volumes (1891 & 1895). Reprinted as 1 volume 1970. Colonial means Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and some smaller colonies like Fiji etc. About 110 New Zealand entries for people/families. NB: Only 4 libraries in NZ have a copy; National & Turnbull plus Invercargill and Wellington and the NZSG Library in Auckland. JW13

"Gunners of the Cape." Neil Orpen, published by The Cape Field Artillery Regimental History Committee, 1965. It documents the history of the Cape Town Volunteer Artillery in 1857 and continues right up to the end of the Second World War. It is very detailed - giving information on battles, campaigns, units and formations and an index of persons. KK1

"In Enemy Hands." Written by Karen Horn, published by Jonathan Ball Publishers. South Africa's POW's in World War II. Books on World War II abound, yet there are remarkably few publications on South Africa's role in this war. There is even less written about those who participated on the margins of the war, especially those who were physically removed from the battlefields through capture by enemy forces. South Africa's prisoners of war during World War II, their experiences and recollections, are largely forgotten. That is until now. Karen Horn is a lecturer at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa. She has a Master's degree in History from Edinburgh University, followed by a PhD at Stellenbosch. KK1