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Date of Reply: 27 Jul 2007
Requestor's e-mail address as entered: TCinico@aol.com
Title of Book: South Carolina Wills--1670 to 1853
Lookup Volunteer's reply: (From lookup volunteer DN1): "There is no Jonathon Berry listed; here are the William Prices:

Price, William, Vol/Bk 36, p. 898, Charleston County
, William, Vol/Bk 22, p. 300, Charleston County
, William, Vol/Bk 6, p. 329, Charleston County
, William, Vol/Bk 2, p. 37, Chester County
, William, Jr., Vol/Bk 34, p. 5, Charleston County

For Chester County, Vol 2 covers 1817-1839

For Charleston County:

Vol/Bk 6 covers 1746-1752
Vol/Bk 22: 1786-1793
Vol/Bk 34: 1818-1826
Vol/Bk 36: 1818-1826

According to the intro of this book:

Up until the American Revolution, all wills had to be probated in Charles Town (Charleston), the colonial capitol. Beginning in 1785, estates of persons dying outside Charleston could now be probated in the county of residence, though many people continued the practice of having wills probated in Charleston for some time.

Lancaster is listed as one of 7 counties whose pre-1853 wills were destroyed. It was part of the original Camden District formed in 1769; Lancaster was apparently formed around 1785, when the seven judicial districts were divided into counties."

Date of Reply: 1 Mar 2006
Requestor's e-mail address as entered: mackhenzen@telkomsa.net
Title of Book:Ergaenzungen zur Familien=Chronik von Simplon-Dorf und Gondo-Zwischbergen
Lookup Volunteer's reply:(From lookup volunteer JEL1): "Dear Matthew Henzen,

Thank you for your enquiry. I enjoy hearing from people searching for their Swiss ancestors, especially if I can help.

My book Familien=Chronik von Simplon=Dorf und Gondo-Zwischbergen tells us that the Familie Henzen originally came from the Loetschen region, which you will find on the Swiss map north from Brig toward Kandersteg, in the high Alps.

The first Henzen listed is Martin, born 1823; married to Katherina Escher in 1847; he died in 1897 and she died in 1889. They had twelve children; the fourth was named Benjamin.

Benjamin was born 1858; he went to Montecresteso, Italy. In 1903 he married Christina Senestraro who was born in 1875. Benjamin Henzen died in 1916 and Christina Senestraro died in 1926. They had one son Eduardo who was born 1906 who in 1929 married Emma Arizzi of Montecresteso. (Montecresteso is how it is spelled in this book. I don't know if this is Monte Cristo or not. I tried to find Montecresteso on Google but nothing came up).

Of Martin Henzen and Katharina Escher's twelve children, six died unmarried; three died as children; three had families. In addition to Benjamin, Emil, born 1855, married in 1878, and took his whole family to America, died in U.S.A. in 1925.

Augustin, born 1866, married 1906 to Benedikta Arnold (b. 1873, d. 1950) and he died in 1939. They stayed in Simplon-Dorf and had three children. If this turns out to be your family, there could be some of Augustin's family still in Simplon-Dorf.

I found no one named Gideon, Jopie, or Matthys. If you can search in Italy (maybe Monte Cristo) and find children of Eduardo Henzen and Emma Arizzi who were married in 1929, you might have some luck. Maybe you can find the Arizzi family and look for a daughter who married a Henzen.

Good luck with your search. If I can be of any more help let me know. If you find that this is your family, I can give you more information about the names of Escher and Arnold (wives' families from Simplon-Dorf)."

Date of Reply: 23 Aug 2005
Requestor's e-mail address as entered: pinkbudf@aol.com
Title of Book:"Early East Tennessee Marriages"

Lookup Volunteer's reply:"These books contain early marriage listings for prior to the Civil War, in most cases. They were married way too late for this set of books to have them listed. I'm sorry I wasn't able to help."

Date of Reply:30 May 2005
Requestor's e-mail address as entered:bgmcintosh
Title of Book:"History of Wyoming, in a series of letters from Charles Miner to his son, William Penn Miner, Esq"
Lookup Volunteer's reply: (Lookup volunteer = JC2) Charles Miner, 1845, History of Wyoming, J. Chrissy, Publisher, Philadelphia. Atherton:
1. A list of the two hundred first enrolled as actual settlers to "man their rights" in the five allotted townships of the Connecticut settlers along the Susquehanna River, dated 2 Jun 1769, contains the name James Atherton, Jr. [A footnote indicates James was one of the forty who settled in Kingston.] [p. 137]
2. A list of those killed in the Wyoming Battle and Massacre of 4 Jul 1778 includes lieutenant A. Atherton and private Jabez Atherton [p. 242]
3. "Of the Sheriffs of Luzerne, of whom there have been twenty, .... Caleb Atherton, son of Mr. Atherton of Plymouth, still one of the clearest chroniclers of Dr. Plunkett's defeat [prob. in 1775], which he witnessed and aided." [p. 482]
4. "No. XXXII. The Athertons. Of the Athertons there were two branches among the earliest settlers in Wyoming. In the Forty or Kingston list [of early settlers from Connecticut], the names of James and John Atherton are found. Of the very few names of the settlers of 1762-3, that I have been able to find, that of James Atherton appears as one. They were therefore the real pioneers in this distant settlement, and double sufferers. Undaunted, though his companions fell around him by the merciless tomahawk, he returned. Among those who were slain in the battle [of 4 Jul 1778] the name of Jabes(sic) Atherton is recorded. Their arms essayed with other patriots to defend their country. Their blood enriches its soil, and it is right to record that their descendants are in the full enjoyment of the fruits of their father's enterprise and toil, combined with their own prudence and labour. In passing through Kingston not far above the residence of Col Denison, looking to the left you may see embosomed in trees in a most romantic situation, a neat dwelling, the farm house of a beautiful plantation. Intermarried with a daughter of the late Gen. Ross, here resides a descendant of one of the early settlers. The farm, extending from the river to the mountain, yields abundance to careful culture, and it is a plaesure to add that it is the seat of intelligence and hospitality." [pp. A 50-51]

Date of Reply:24 Aug 2004
Requestor's e-mail address as entered:RenessaLewis@icqmail.com
Title of Book:"Maryland and Virginia Colonials"
Lookup Volunteer's reply: (Lookup volunteer = JI) In response to request for PRATHER surname lookup: "Well, you've come to the right place. You and I share the same line. Thomas PRATHER (b. 1604) was my 11th gr-grandfather. He was married to Mary McKAY b. 1606. His son, Jonathan PRATHER (1630-1680) was my 10th gr-grandfather and married to Jane GOULDSMITH. Of their 6 children, I also descend from Thomas (1673-1712) and Martha SPRIGG (1677-1742). They were married 1695. You descend from their son Aaron and I descend from John Smith PRATHER (1705-1763) & Elizabeth NUTHALL. Besides my Maryland & Virginia book, your line is also in a book by Eva Hampton Prather, THE PRATHER FAMILY, Vol. I & II. Let's see what my book has on Aaron:
pg 678. On 29 Apr 1719 Martha wrote a deed naming her sons (including Aaron). That transcription is on this page. It appears she wrote this just prior to marrying Mr. YOAKLEY, giving money and property to her sons.
pg 679: 3 Dec 1742 - there was an inventory done on the estate of Martha (Sprigg) PRATHER-YOAKLEY which names Aaron as one of her sons.
pg 695-702: these pages all deal with anything related to Aaron, from his background, marriage, land purchases or sales, his children and their descendants through Zachariah and Ruth (Allison) PRATHER and their children.
pg 711-712: the will of Thomas PRATHER naming his heirs (including Aaron).
pg 715-719: 31 Mar 1743 - will of Martha (Sprigg) PRATHER-YOAKLEY."

Date of Reply:20 May 2003
Requestor's e-mail address as entered:dsasucier@maine.rr.com
Title of Book:"History of Aroostook" by Edward Wiggin
Lookup Volunteer's reply:In response to request for GRASS and BROWN surname lookups: "In the index for this book, compiled by H. Dwight Beers, I find no mention of the GRASS surname or the individual you mentioned. However, there are several names associated with the BROWN surname: Asa, Benjamin, Elisha, F.E., Freeman, George W., Herbert, James, John, John H., John M., Lewis, Nancy, Samuel, Solomon, Thomas G., Thomas J."

Date of Reply: 20 Feb 2003
Requestor's e-mail address as entered: Kingkong.47167@yahoo.com
Title of Book:"Saint Clare Catholic Church, Colesburg, Hardin Co., Kentucky, Established 1804, Church Records 1813-1899," by Delores Yadon Kennedy. Copyright 1979, Ancestral Trails Historical Society, Inc.

Lookup Volunteer's reply:

pg. 1
Wise, Felix, s/o Thomas Wise & Anna Dorsey, Spon. Mark Brewer & Susanna Brian, bpt. June or July 27, 1818.
C. Nerinckx

pg. 11
Wise, William Henry, s/o Felix Wise & Eliza Bryan, born Dec. 25, 1842. Spon. Juliann Wise, bpt. Dec. 29, 1842.

pg. 16
Wise, Joshua Austin, and John Greenberry, twin sons of Felix Wise & Eliza Bryan, born Feb. 15, 1847. Spons. Susanna Bryan & Elizabeth Wise, bpt. Feb. 16, 1847.
(note - it is possible that Joshua did not survive as this is the only entry for him in the church records. Further records exist for his twin later in life)

pg. 20
Wise, Mary Sophronia, d/o Felix Wise & Eliza Ann Bryan, born July 2, 1849. Spon. Rebecca Jane Johnson, bpt. Sept. 23, 1849.

pg. 25
Wise, Elizabeth Corina, d/o Felix Wise & Eliza Bryan, born Nov. 25, 1851. Spon. Rosella Carlisle, bpt. May 22, 1852.

pg. 28
Wise, Felix Washington, s/o Thomas G. Wise & Mary Hargan, born July 29, 1853. Spon. Eliza Ann Wise, bpt. Mar. 5, 1854
(note - uncertain if this is your original Thomas or not, but certainly is a relative due to Eliza being a sponsor)

Wise, Sarah Frances, d/o Felix & Eliza Wise, born Sept. 28, 1856. Spon. Matilda Wise, bpt. Nov. 5, 1856.

pg. 90
October 24, 1841
Felix Wise

end of St. Clare records

I did find a J.B. Wise who owned property in Stithton, the town that was absorbed by Ft. Knox but it didn't appear that the land was near the Salt River.