North Dakota

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"From the Steppes to the Prairies." Msgr. George P. Aberle, Unknown, 1963. The resettlement of the Germans from Russia in North and South America and Canada. History of early North and South Dakota settlements. AJ3

Barnes Co.

"Cemeteries of North Dakota: Barnes County Volume 4." Red River Valley Genealogy Society, 1996. KDGS #S-00929. KDGS

Benson Co.

"Cemeteries of North Dakota, Benson Co., Vol. 8." Red River Valley Genealogy Society, 1974. Cemetery transcriptions and index. C10, KDGS

"Echoes of the Past." 1884-1990. Eugene Nielsen Chronological history of the town of Oberon, Benson co., ND from 1884 to 1990 with pictures and biographies of its inhabitants, cemetery records, land records and it's businesses. DS6

Burleigh Co.

"Bismarck City Directory 1955." R. L. Polk & Co., Publishers, 1955. Alphabetical listing of names of residents and business and professional concerns, classified business directory, and advertisements of leading industrial, business, and professional interests of Mandan and Bismarck. M35

Cass Co.

"City of West Fargo - 1937 Thru the Years to '76 - and Riverside." Mr and Mrs Jeff Dahle, Co chairs, J and M Printing Co, 1976 (no publication page). This very nice hard backed community history has no index and the family stories appear to be in chronological order, rather than alphabetical. This means look ups will take a bit more time. There are photos of people, houses and community buildings. 252 pages. MAE

"Cynosure" 1940. Fargo, ND High School Class Book. Junior Class of Central High School in Fargo ND. 1940 Class book from Fargo High School located in Fargo, ND. SJ3

Dickey Co.

"Oakes North Dakota 1886-1986." The Oakes Centennial Committee, J & M Printing, Gwinner, ND. A record of the past 100 years of Oakes, ND and the families that lived there and continue to live there. SJ3

Dunn Co.

See also under Boser/Bös/Böss and Schroeder surnames.

"50th golden Anniversary 1914-1964 Dodge North Dakota." A tribute to the early settlers of Dodge, Dunn Co., ND. JK1

"Diamond Jubilee 1914-1989 Dodge, North Dakota." Family histories which include some of the later generations. JK1

"Halliday, ND Diamond Jubilee 1914-1989." Histories of some of the early families who lived who lived in Halliday, Dunn Co., ND. JK1

Emmons Co.

"Strasburg Centennial History Book 1902-2002." Emmons County Record, 2002. Family histories. AJ3

Foster Co.

"A History of Foster County, North Dakota." Foster County History Book Committee, Pearl Linderman, Chairman. 1983. Early history, settlers, government, township histories, and an index of families. 457 pages, plus 108 pages of Family Histories by Township. Includes many photos and maps. JZ

Golden Valley Co.

"Golden Valley County Pioneers." Sentinel Butte icentennial Committee - 1976. History of towns, churches and families. MC1

Kidder Co.

"Diamond Jubilee, 1881-1956, Steele, N. Dak." No author listed ( Printed compliments of Crescent Printing Co.). This book, commemorating the 75th anniversary of Steele, North Dakota, contains some history of Kidder County, focusing on the community of Steele. Included are interviews, bios, and some photos of pioneer families. Also included are photos and rosters of the town council, committees and clubs, churches, and some high school organizations in the year 1956. VR

La Moure Co.

"Edgeley 1887-1987." Edgeley Centennial Committee, 1986, J&M Printing. History of the town of Edgeley. Many family histories. AJ3

McHenry Co.

"Our Town: Balfour, North Dakota" (McHenry County). Dr. Evan Clifford Stone, Jr. Univ. of North Dakota, 1980. This is a large 2 volume set. It contains all surnames listed alphabetically. Has a brief history for each name - some longer than others depending on how prominent the person. Each person within a family given their own description. An extensive history of the town of Balfour - it's schools, churches, businesses, etc. Many photos. CS

McIntosh Co.

"Along the Trails of Yesterday A Story of McIntosh County." Nina Farley Wishek, The Ashley Tribune, 1941. A collection of historical data and memoirs from Nina Wishek. Some good information of the German-Russian families that settled the area. The book contains a biography section. Indexed. AJ3

"Venturia Bicentennial and Diamond Jubilee 1901-1976." AJ3

"Zeeland 1902-1977." None listed. 75th anniversary book for Zeeland, ND. Some family histories. AJ3

McLean Co.

"McLean County (ND) Heritage." McLean County Historical Society, 1978. Index only to the subjects of biographies. KI

Morton Co.

"Early Hebron." Marion and Theodore Mark, 1935. Sketches of early settlers in Hebron, ND on the occasion of the town's fiftieth anniversary, 1885-1935. MAE, SJ3

"Hebron Our Heritage: 1885-1985, A history of the Hebron ND area." The Hebron Centennial Incorporated, Quality Printing, 1984. A record of many of the early pioneers who settled in the area. Also, families that have lived in the area for the past 100 years. SJ3

"In the Beginning..........Hebron, North Dakota 1876-1912." Compiled by Jane Berg and Kathy Elmer, copyright 1978, Jane Berg-Kathy Elmer. Articles written by Attorney Peter S. Jungers prior to 1933.......concerning the settlement and founding of Hebron. And, a diary written in German by Mrs. Katherina Debus, wife of Hebron's first pastor. Translated by Walter and Arnold Klick of Hebron. MAE

Mountrail Co.

"Tales of Mighty Mountrail." Mountrail Co. Historical Society, Stanley, ND, 1979. A short biography of the residents of Mountrail County, North Dakota, dating from 1900 to 1979. There has been another supplement published 1n 1985, with the younger generation families listed. A2

Rolette Co.

"St Ann's Centennial: 100 Years of Faith 1885-1985." St Ann Centennial Committee, Star Printing, 1985. Has family histories and Turtle Mountain reservation history. It also has Turtle Mountain High School Graduates 1943-1984. B19

Sheridan Co.

"Cemeteries of Sheridan County, North Dakota." Compiled by George L. Barron; James River Genealogy Club, Carrington, ND, 58421, 1998. Cemetery inscriptions from 48 Sheridan County, ND cemeteries. Includes Surname, Given name, data on stone, stone info on some. DC3

"Sheridan County Heritage '89 - A Centennial Project." Jim Wills, Editor; Kathy Wills, Production Manager; Published by the McClusky Gazette (year not indicated) Over 300 family sketches from earliest settlers to current residents. Many include photos. DC3

Sioux Co.

"South of Cannonball A History of Sioux, The War Bonnet County." May E. Hinton, 1977, Washburn Press. No index. AJ3

Stutsman Co.

"Century of Stories-Jamestown, ND - Stutsman County 1883-1983." Fort Seward Historical Society, 1983. Ed. by James Smorada&Lois Forrest 14 chapters and Surname index. Subjects covered the first people to arrive, the land, buildings, schools, weather, recreation, transporation, politics/government, churches/religion, towns and townships, occupations, prominent people etc. This book has an index of SURNAMES, so I can do a look up. Also many historical photos can be emailed if necessary. CS

Ward Co.

"St. Agnes Parish, Diamond Jubilee, 1901-1976; Kenmare, ND." Gives biographical information of current and previous member of St. Agnes Parish in Kenmare as well as St. Anthony Parish in Donnybrook and Sts. Peter and Paul Parish in Tolley, ND. JS1

Williams Co.

"The Wonder of Williams (A History of Williams County)." Compiled and published by the Williams County historical society / Marlene Eide, coordinator / copyright - 1975. A brief history of Williams County, North Dakota for the years 1805 - 1910. Contains information on families with photographs. This is a two volume set with lots (2,389 pages) of information. SS3