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See also these surnames: Edwards, Fabyan, Hamlin, Lombard, Robinson, Snow.

"Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire." Sybil Noyes, 1928-1939. Noyes, Libby, Davis; Genealogical Publishing Company; 1996. This book contains information on Maine and New Hampshire families in the 1600s and 1700s ONLY. It does NOT contain information for the 1800s and 1900s. BW5

"Islands of the Mid-Maine Coast: Penobscot Bay, Revised Edition, Vol. 1." Charles B. McLane, Carol Evarts McLane; Tilbury House, 1997. Individual studies of over 250 islands in Penobscot Bay. History and some genealogical information such as censuses, some land ownership, some descriptions of specific families. DN4

"The Length And Breadth Of Maine." Stanley Bearce Attwood, University Of Maine at Orono Press, 1977. Descriptions of Maine places with sections on Flora and Fauna.Current and original place names of towns, settlements, mountains, bodies of water, including sizes, chronologies, origins and much more. 279 pages plus two supplements. DS14

"Maine Families in 1790." Maine Genealogical Society. I have Vol. 1-6. BC5

"Maine Families in 1790- Vols. 1 to 11." Picton Press 1997 thru 2003. Description: These are individuals and families found on the 1790 Census throughout Maine. The narratives give sources for documentation. MBO

"Maine in the War." William E. S. Whitman and Charles H. True, Nelson Dingley & Company, 1865. A history of Maine's involvement in the Civil War from 1861-1865. Many names and locations mentioned, MSS

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Androscoggin Co.

Bates College Yearbooks, Lewistown, Maine, 1927 & 1928. MF1

Aroostook Co.

"History of Aroostook, Vol. 1." Edward Wiggin; Higginson Books: Salem, MA; 1922. This one, and only, volume was written in the late 1890's. It profiles each of the major cities and towns in Aroostook starting from the first known settlers and often including information into the 1890's. There is valuable information on previous census designations for each town, date of name changes, and hundreds of names and descriptions of those who settled each town. This is an especially valuable source for the time period 1825-1860 and often the previous residence of a new settler is mentioned. [The book does not have an index but the full text is searchable on the Library of Congress website.] SG5

Cumberland Co.

"Black Point Cemetery, Scarborough, Maine." 258 pages. Thomas S. Henley, self-published, 1985. Individual and family group listings along with relationships. Most of the original families are represented. This is the largest of the 47 cemeteries in Scarborough, Maine. TH2

"Descendants of Thomas Skillin of Falmouth (now Portland), Maine." 630 pgs. Thomas S. Henley, self-published, 2000. Genealogical data from the 1600s to current for Skillin, Skillins, Skillings, Libbys, Westcotts, Smalls and many other related families. TH2

"Dunstan Cemetery, Scarborough, Maine." Thomas S. Henley, self-published, 1985. Family and individual listings. This is the second largest of the 47 cemeteries in Scarborough, Maine. Settled in 1632, Incorporated in 1658. TH2

"Early Families of Raymond, Maine." Robert L. Taylor, Heritage Books, Inc, 1998. Genealogy of Families of Raymond, Maine. RC, VE

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"The Founding of Pearsontown (Standish), Maine." by Albert J. Spears, Heritage Books, 1991. CS9

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"History of Brunswick, Topsham and Harpswell, ME." Geo. Augustus & Henry W. Wheeler; Alfred Mudge&Son, Printers, 1878. Contains short biographical sketches and family histories of some early settlers of the area. [This book is available as a free download from the Internet Archives.]

"The History of Casco, Maine." Melissa Jill Kluge, Jostens Printing and Publishing, 1991. History of Casco, Maine and Genealogical section. RC, VE

"A History of the First Congregational Church, U.C.C. of South Portland, Maine." Rosella A. Loveitt and Joshua W. Curtis, Jr., , First Congregational Church Description: This is primarily a history of the church and has no index. It does have a list of the ministers with a short biographical sketch of each one. JK6

"History of Gorham, Maine." McLellan, Hugh, New England History Press, 1903. Most of the settlers of Gorham, Maine came from the Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. Land grants were given to soldiers or their heirs who fought in the King Philip's War [1675-1678].....the orginal name of Gorham was "Narragansett # 7" PR3

"History of Gorham, Maine." Hugh D. McLellan, Picton Press, 1992 Editon - Original Printed in 1903. Comprehensive history of Gorham, Maine, in depth genealogical section also lots of military information up to and including the Civil War, ie muster rolls (in and out). CG6

"History of Kennebunkport, 1602-1837." by Charles Bradbury, Durrell Publications, 1967. CS9

"A History of Otisfield, Maine." (Spurr, 2nd Edition). VE

"The History of Portland, ME." by William Willis, 1972 facsimilie of the 1865 single volume edition. Also willing to do look-ups in this book. Willis was a chatty old gossip of a lawyer. Most of his stuff seems to stand up. When he died, the New England Historic Genealogical Society ran a handsome tribute to his work. MKJ

"Records of Gorham, Maine." compiled by Marquis F. King, Picton Press, 1991. Includes Marriage Intentions,Marriages, Births and Deaths from 1721 - 1880. AG2, PR3

"Westbrook, Maine Cemeteries: Plus the surrounding towns of Cumberland, Falmouth, Gorham, Portland, & Windham." compiled by Karen Sherman Ketover; Heritage Books; 1996 Mostly old cemeteries; not all new cemeteries are included. Worth checking, though - lots of good info! MO3

"Windham in the Past." by Samuel T. Dole. 1972. Windham Historical Society reprint. About Windham, Cumberland County, Maine, It really is/was a very small community. By 1900 it was about 1,800 people (+/-). Windham, Maine was settled mainely by folks from Marblehead, Mass area and the original name of Windham was "New Marblehead". MKJ

Hancock Co.

"Early Families of Gouldsboro, Maine." Muriel Sampson Johnson; Picton Press; 1990. This book is a listing of the genealogies of the families who settled Gouldsboro, Maine, taking each family group to the early 1900s where possible. Some of the surnames covered in this book are Noonan, Bickford, Dyer, Handy, Allen, Leighton, Joy, Sargent, Diamond, Young, Tracy, Cole, and Bunker. KF2

"Historical Researches of Gouldsboro, Maine." Second reprint, 1984, by Gouldsboro Historical Society; Originally published by the Daughters of Liberty, Gouldsboro, Maine, 1904. History of the town of Gouldsboro, Maine, with information on many of its early residents. [This book is now freely available to download from Google Books.]

"Historical Sketch of the Town of Deer Isle." George L. Hosmer, Deer Isle-Stonington Historical Soc., 1983. Originally written in 1886 by a resident of about 50 years. Based on records and his conversations with older inhabitants. Includes sketches of early settlers of Deer Isle and Isle au Haut. Indexed. I also have the map of the locations of the first settlers. This does not include Isle au Haut. DN4

"Old Hancock County Families--Containing Genealogies of Families Resident in Hancock County in 1933, Whose Ancestors of Their Surnames Settled in the Town in Which They Live, in or Before 1790." William MacBeth Pierce; Hancock County Publishing Co.; 1933. Includes the following families: Billings, Buck, Colby, Cousins, Dodge, Dyer, Eaton, Flood, Flye, Friend, Gilpatrick, Gott, Greenlaw, Grindle, Guptill, Harriman, Haskell, Haslam, Herrick, Hinckley, Hopkins, Jellison, Jordan, Joy, Lord, Maddocks, Norwood, Orcutt, Paine, Parker, Patten, Pressey, Richardson, Rodick, Somes, Soper, Stinson, Thomas, Treworgy, Wardwell, Wasgatt, Wood, and Young. WG

"Sullivan and Sorrento Since Seventeen-Sixty." Lelia A. Clark Johnson, Hancock County Publishing Company, 1953. History of the Towns of Sullivan, Maine and Sorrento, Maine including early settlers, industry, churches, governments, buildings. Also included are histories of early families of Sullivan and Sorrento. The family histories are not always complete. Some names are: Sullivan, Simpson, Hinman, Hill, Wooster, Sargent, Gordon, Urann, Thorn, Bean, Pettee, Hanna, Slater, Hawkins, Dyer, Patten, Chilcott, Tracy, Bunker, Havey, Robertson, Blaisdell, Doyle, Ash, Gerrish, Johnson, Ingalls, Fenton, Noyes, Bragdon, Nickerson, Watts, Ashley, Martin, Dunbar, Turner, White, Preble. DJ

"The Town Register--Bucksport, Orland, Orrington, and Verona--1907." Mitchell, Daggett, Walton and Lawton; The H.E. Mitchell Co.; 1907. Includes a directory of everyone living in Bucksport, Orland, Orrington, and Verona in 1907, including their occupations. There is also some historical information on each town plus lists of town officers and local Civil War soldiers. WG

"Traditions & Records of Brooksville, ME," col. by Brooksville Hist. Soc, 1935-6. DH

"Vital Records of Deer Isle Prior to 1867." Transcribed by Benjamin Lake Noyes, Picton Press, 2000. Vital records of the town of Deer Isle. Earliest records are about 1800. Some Isle au Haut families (Barter, Merchant, Sawyer, Yeaton). Indexed by Christine Gentry. DN4

"Vital Records of Mt. Desert Island, ME." ME Genealogical Society-1990. BC5

"Vital Statistics of Penobscot, Maine 1787-1875." Brooksville Historical Society; May, 1940. Lists marriages, marriage intentions, and deaths in Penobscot from 1787-1875. It also includes information on a lot of the families living in Penobscot during that time period, including heads of household, spouses, children, and birth/death dates and places. WG

Kennebec Co.

"Clinton, Maine Vital Records to 1892-Births, Marriages, Deaths." Col. C. E. Fisher; Maine Historical Society; 1967. Information taken from varied sources including Cemeteries, pension records, newspapers, private records including churches. SY2

"The History of Augusta, Maine." James W. North, reprint from 1870, New England History Press, Somersworth(NH) 1981. Pophams Colony 1604-1666), Settlements on the Kennebec(1666-1748), Proprietors of Plymouth Patient Organize(1748-1755), French and Indian War(1755-1771), Colonial Occupation of Cushnoc(1754-1771), are samples of Chapter headings. Includes a Genealogical Register. 990 pages. H1

"History of Clinton, Maine." Fisher, KJ Printing, 1970. BW5

"History of the Town of Wayne, Kennebec County, Maine from its Settlement to 1898." Edited; name of Editor not given, Augusta, Maine Farmer Publishing Co.1898. Discription of area, Early settlers and their families, Manufactures, Churches, Military, Hotels and landlords, Schools Physicians, merchants, Cemeteries, Intentions of marriages, another glance at early settlers, biographical sketches, genealogies. H1

"Maine Cemetery Inscriptions, Kennebec County." Maine Old Cemetery Assoc, Picton Press, 1999. Cemetery incriptions for most of the cemeteries in Kennebec Co., Maine. LDK

"Marriages of Sacred Heart 1905-1980 and Notra Dame 1910-1980." Youville Labonte, 5-20-1982. Marriages of both Churches are listed in one book. RB1

"A Midwife's Tale: The Life of Martha Ballard, Based on Her Diary, 1785-1812." Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, Vintage Books, 1990. BW5

"Randolph, ME. Vital Records to 1892." Henry Sewall Webster, The Reporter-Journal Press, 1910. Vital Records of Randolph, Maine to the Year 1892. 144 pages with names sorted alphabetically by births, marriages and deaths. [This book is freely available to download from the Internet Archive.]

"Saint Francis De Sales Marriages 1865 to 1979." Youville Labonte, Auburn,Maine 5-10-80. Listing of Marriages of the people of Waterville and Winslow, Maine. RB1

Knox Co.

"History of Hope, Maine." Anna Simpson Hardy, 1990. Penobscott Press, Camden, ME. A history of Hope since its first settlement in the late 1700s. The Vital records are also included. RWC

"Records of the Lower St George & Cushing, 1605-1897." ed. Ruth J Aiken, Driftwood Farm, 1987. BW5

"Vital Records of Deer Isle Prior to 1867." Transcribed by Benjamin Lake Noyes, Picton Press, 2000. Vital records of the town of Deer Isle. Earliest records are about 1800. Some Isle au Haut families (Barter, Merchant, Sawyer, Yeaton). Indexed by Christine Gentry. DN4

Lincoln Co.

"Marriage Returns of Lincoln County, Maine to 1866." Compiled & Edited by: Judith Holbrook Kelley and Clayton Rand Adams. The book was first published in 2002. Includes marriage records of Cumberland, Lincoln and York counties from approximately 1760 to 1866. The book is organized by town, in consecutive order by date, and includes an Index of individuals. SS10

"Vital Records of Old Bristol and Nobleboro in the County of Lincoln, Maine." Author: Christine Huston Dodge, volumes I and II, 1988. KAC

Oxford Co.

"Andover the first 175 Years Committie." The Friday Club, Andover,Maine 1979. Various town history and photos, Lists of town officers and such. Doen not include a family genealogy section. This book is not indexed. H1

"History of Bethel 1768-1890 with a brief sketch of Hanover." William B. Lapham., Augusta, Maine , Press of the Maine Farmer 1891. Includes a genealogical Register. Includes early thoughts on Native Americans, origins of early settlers and is Indexed. H1, MSS

"A History of Buckfield, Oxford County, Maine." Alfred Cole and Charles F. Whitman Buckfield, Maine 1915.Has history of the town, Purchase, early settlement ,Soldiers In French and Indian Wars, Revolutionary Soldiers, War of 1812, Educational, Church History Biographical Sketches, poets of Buckfield, Lawyers, Physicians, Temperance Movements ,Civil War HIstory , And Genealogies of early settlers. H1

"History of Rumford, Maine." William B. Lapham, 1880-90s. MSS

"History of Woodstock, Maine." William B. Lapham, 1880-90s. MSS

"Marriage Returns of Oxford County, Maine prior to 1892." Rev. Donald McAllister and Lucille E. Naas, 1993, Picton Press. MSS

"New Pennacook Folks, Early Rumford with Genealogy of First Familes." Stuart F. Martin,1980. History of first families of Rumford, Maine from the late 1700s through the early 1900s. JG3, MSS

Penobscot Co.

"Garland, Penobscot County Cemetery Transcriptions." Maine Old Cemetery Association. Surveys completed in the 1970s. Came, Burnham Brook, Evergreen, Greenley. JG3

"History of Garland Maine." Lyndon Oak, 1905. JG3

"Marriage Returns of Penobscot County, Maine Prior to 1892." Gray, Ruth, Editor; Picton Press, 1994. The book does not contain all the marriage for the time period, just those reported to the state or recorded in the towns. Not all marriages were recorded. Please give details to help in the searching. MBO

"Vital Records of Dixmont, Maine." Strauss and Spinney, Picton Press, August 2003. Births, Marriages, and Deaths for Dixmont, Penobscot, Maine starting in the early 1830's through the early 1890s or so. MSF

"Vital Records of Etna, ME prior to 1892." Maine Genealogical Society - Sylvester & Spinney. BC5

"Vital Records of Orrington, ME prior to 1892." David Swett. BC5

Piscataquis Co.

"Piscataquis County, Maine, Business & Residential Directory 1907." Newton Journal Publ. Co., 1906. Residents and businesses of Piscataquis Couny, Maine, 1907. K20

Saco Valley

"Saco Valley Settlements and Families." G.T. Ridlon; New England History Press; 1895 (reprinted 1984). A facsimile reprinting of the original Lakeside Press edition. A history of the most important events of the Towns along the Saco River of the State of Maine from their Plantations to 1895, along with memorials of the families and individuals instrumental in their settlement and advancement. It contains the names of 15,000 persons, 79 illustrations and photographs, 105 family histories and accounts of 33 settlements as well as descriptions of activities and the rural life. [This book is available as a free download from the Internet Archives.]

Sagadahoc Co.

"Georgetown Maine Vital Records to 1892." Editor Mary Pelham Hill, Maine Historical Society, 1939. This book contains Births, Marriages and Deaths collected from gravestones, private records, church records and town records. Records cover a period approximately from mid 1700's to mid 1800's. A11

"History of Brunswick, Topsham and Harpswell, ME." Geo. Augustus & Henry W. Wheeler; Alfred Mudge&Son, Printers, 1878. Contains short biographical sketches and family histories of some early settlers of the area. [This books is available as a free download from the Internet Archives.]

Somerset Co.

"Fairfield, Maine 1788-1988." Fairfield Historical Society, Heritage Printing Co. 1988. History of Fairfield, ME with some genealogical notes. MO3

"History Of Madison (Maine)." Emma Folsom Clark. Undated but latest entry seems to be 1962. Entries include old records, photos, newspaper articles and old maps, from the earliest explorers to date of publication. Includes items on Anson and Norridgewock. The book is unindexed so with a little time I'll do my best to find the information you need. DS14

"Skowhegan on the Kennebec, Volumes I & II." Louise Helen Coburn; Higginson Book Company; 1941. History of Skowhegan, Canaan, and Bloomfield, with many biographies and genealogical sketches of early residents. Written by a 5th generation Skowhegan resident who seemed to know everybody! MO3

Waldo Co.

See also under Dollof surname.

"The History of the City of Belfast, Maine: Volume I & II." Joseph Williamson. DS14

"Vital Records of Knox, Maine Prior to 1892." Author: Elizabeth M. Mosher Camden, Maine: Picton Press, 1996. KAC

"Vital Records of Lincolnville, ME prior to 1892." Maresh, Mosher & Watts. BC5

"Vital Records of Northport, ME prior to 1892." Elizabeth Mosher. BC5

"Vital Records of Prospect ME prior to 1892." Elizabeth Mosher - 1998. BC5, KAC

"Vital records of Swanville, Maine Prior to 1892." Elizabeth M. Mosher, Picton Press, 1990. These records begin when Swanville was incorporated in 1812. Included are some stats that are not available elsewhere and not available online. BC5

"Vital Records of Troy, ME prior to 1892." Maine Geneological Society/Ralph Hillman - 1995. BC5

"Vital Records of Unity, ME prior to 1892." Elizabeth Mosher - 1995. BC5

Washington Co.

See also under Whidden surname.

"Early Pleasant River Families of Washington County, Maine." Tibbetts & Lamson, Picton Press, 1997. BW5

"Eastport and Passamaquoddy." William Henry Kilby, Originally Published in 1888, republished in 1982 by Border History, Fathom Series Historical and Biographical Sketches of Eastport and Passamaquoddy, ME. JSP

"The Narraguagus Valley." Some account of its early settlement & settlers, by J. A. Milliken, 1856. DH, KF2

"Vital Records of Calais, ME prior to 1892." Sharon Howland - 1998. BC5

York Co.

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"Centennial Anniversary Town of Buxton, Maine." J.M. Marshall; Dresser, McLellan & Co.; 1874. A history of the present Township of Buxton, York County, Maine (originally "Narragansett No. 1") from 1675, following the Narragansett War, and the incorporation of the Town of Buxton in 1772 to the celebration of the centennial of Buxton in 1872, including genealogical sketches of the pioneers and lists of the Revolutionary soldiers. [This book is available as a free download from the Internet Archives.]

"Early Families of Alfred, Maine." Compiled by Frederick Boyle, 2006. A description of the book is available on the author's website. MBO

"Early Families of Cornish, Maine." Taylor, Robert L., Picton Press 1993. The book contains some of the early familes of the town. The entries attempt to give some brief history of the families prior to moving to Cornish. MBO

"Early Families of Limington, Maine." Robert L. Taylor, privately published, 1984. CS9

"Early Families of Lyman, Maine." Compiled by Frederick Boyle, 2017. A description of the book is available on the author's website. MBO

"Early Families of Waterborough, Maine." Compiled by Frederick Boyle, 2012. A description of the book is available on the author's website. MBO

"Kittery Tax List, 1760." Maine Historical Society Perfecting or Valuation Lists of Kittery, Maine, 1760. Includes a list of all taxed residents, plus Polls and Estates. MO3

"Later Families of Sanford-Springvale, Maine." Compiled by Frederick Boyle, 1995. A description of the book is available on the author's website. MBO

"Maine Cemetery Inscriptions-York County, Maine". Maine Old Cemetery Association Picton Press, 1995. The contents are in four books with an index. The cemetery listing do not include Berwick or Lebanon, Maine. MBO

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"York County, Maine Will Abstracts 1801-1858 Vol. 1 and 2." Anderson, Joseph Crook II, CG-Compiler; Picton Press, 1997. The book contains abstracts of wills for the time period 1801-1858 only. Many of the entries will give the date ofthe will and the date the estate was in probate. Some of the entries are very long and some only a small paragraph. Please be very specific about your request becasue the names are often repeated within a family. MBO