Hispanic and Latin American Genealogy

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See also Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela.

"Finding your Hispanic Roots." Ryskamp, George R., Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1997. It provides detailed information on the records, sources, and references works used in research in al major Hispanic countries. BL6

"Surnames and Family History." Platt, Lyman D., Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1996. The first comprenhensive analytical work on Hispanic surnames and the most extensive bibliography of Hispanic famiky histories ever published. It must be stressed that this is not a study of surnames or family history, rather, it is an exhaustive review of the development of Spanish surnames in Latin America and the Hispanic United States. BL6

"Tracing Your Hispanic Heritage," George R. Ryskamp, c 1984. OP. In English. A how-to book with an excellent bibliography divided by subject matter. One appendix is a glossary providing English meaning for Spanish terms; another appendix lists abbreviations commonly used in records. BL6