District of Columbia

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"Boyd's Directory of the District of Columbia 1898." W. H. Boyd Publishers, 1898. City directory of Washington, D.C. 1898. listing names of individuals and businesses. The information includes addresseses of residence and employment if employed outside the home. Widows are listed with the names of the deceased recorded. Government agencies, churches and other similar institutions are also listed in a separate data base. TJD

"Boyd's Directory of the District of Columbia 1926." R.L. Polk publisher 1926. City directory for the District of Columbia, 1926. This book lists all individuals who are heads of families and those within the house hold that are employed outside the home. Widows are listed with the names of the deceased. The information includes businesses as well. Individual's home addresses and occupation are listed. The directory also includes government agencies, churches and non-business institutions in a separate section. Sub catagories of business listings by type of business are also listed alphabetically. This directory also has a street index, such that the neighbors of the individual may also be identified if that information is of value. TJD

"Central High school yearbook, 1924, The Brecky." MF1

"District of Columbia Interments (Index to Deaths), January 1, 1855 to July 31, 1874." Wesley E. Pippenger; Heritage Books, Inc.; 2004. Columns given are Page(of interment register); Name; Age; Race; Birth (location, i.e. US, VA, D.C.); Death Date; Burial Ground. KC4

"Freedom and Slavery Documents in DC Vol. I 1792-1806." Helen Hoban Rogers, Gateway Press, 2007. This books contains entries from bills of sale, freedom certificates, slavery certificates, emancipations and manumissions. R13

"Index to District of Columbia Wills, 1801-1920." Dorothy S. Provine. Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., reprinted 2011. Provides an alphabetical listing of testators for years 1801-1920, the year the will was filed (usually, but not always, a short time after the death of the individual), and the number of the archives box containing the will. JMC

"Original Patentees of Land Lands at Washington Prior to 1700." B. W. Gahn. Clearfield/Genealogical Publishing Baltimore, MD. 1998. HJW

"Who's Who in the Nation's Capital." I have the 1929-1930 edition of the book "Who's Who in the Nation's Capital," which contains 714 pages of brief biographies of people living in Washington, DC, at that time. These include representatives, attorneys, ministers, government employees, writers, social workers, etc. The biographies are alphabetized and often include jobs, spouses, parents, children, dates and places of prior residences, and positions, etc. The people listed generally provided their own biographical information, including their home and office addresses. STM