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Australian States and Territories: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, Western Australia.


See also under these surnames: Kissack, Plaisted/Plessis/Plessitis.

"Burke’s Colonial Gentry." Compiled by Sir Bernard Burke. Originally 2 volumes (1891 & 1895). Reprinted as 1 volume 1970. Colonial means Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and some smaller colonies like Fiji etc. About 110 New Zealand entries for people/families. NB: Only 4 libraries in NZ have a copy; National & Turnbull plus Invercargill and Wellington and the NZSG Library in Auckland. JW13

"The History of the 2/7 Australian Field Regiment", by David Goodhart, 1952. (WWII - 1940 - 1945. Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, El Alamein, North Queensland.) NF2

"A History of the Weismantel Family." Evelyn Boyce, August 1986. MW2

"Mr. Brooks and the Australian Trade." Frank Broeze, Melbourne University Press 1993. Business Biography of Robert Brooks, a leader of mid-nineteenth-century trade between England and Australia. Covers 1790 - 1882. JE1

"People of the Australian High Country." Klaus Hueneke, Tabletop Press, 1994. Interviews with people of the Australian High Country - Snowy Mountains. JE1

"River King Samuel Clyde Mc Culloch." The Archives Board of Management, University of Melbourne 1986. History of Mc Culloch Carrying Company - Murray-Murrumbidgee Riverboat traders 1865-1887. JE1

"Snowfraus." Kirsty McGoldrick Kangaroo Press, 1998. The Women of the Snowy Mountain Scheme. JE1

"Tom Robert's War Diaries ... Will we be Disappointed - After?" Tom Roberts, 1995, Self Published. A personal history of the 2/7th Australian Field Regiment in WWII - 1940 - 1945. Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, El Alamein, North Queensland, Morotoi, Tarakan. NF2

"We of the Turning Tide", by David Goodhart, 1947. Published by F.W. Preece Ltd, Adelaide. An account of the Allied Eight Army at the battle of El Alemain, North Africa, in 1942. NF2

New South Wales

"1788 The People of the First Fleet." Don Chapman, Doubleday Australia, 1986. A list of people arriving on the First Fleet and some details about the offence for which they were transported (if known), the ship on which they travelled and what if anything was known about their fate after arrival. JS10

"Census of New South Wales November 1828." Library of Australia. Edited by Sainty and Johnson. Age, Residence, ship, occupation, etc. SR6

"The Crimes and Lives of the Convicts Arriving Sydney on the Salamander 1791". Compiled and Published by the members of the Tomaree Family History Group, 2006. NF2

"Pioneers of the Echuca and Moama District Pre - 1925". Complied and Published by the Members of the Echuca Genealogy Society Inc, 1993. Echuca is located on the Murray River in northern Victoria. Moama is located directly opposite Echuca in New South Wales, on the other side of the Murray. NF2

"Galleries of Pink Galahs. A History of the Shire of Murray 1838 - 1988." Judi Hearn and Shirley Durrant, 1990. Published by the Murray Shire Council History of the settlement and development of the Murray Shire (NSW) - aborigines, squatters, pastoralists, social life, settlements of Moama and Mathoura - 1838 to 1988. NF2

"The Parramatta Cemeteries - St. John's." Judith Dunn, Parramatta and District Historical Society, 1991. Transcriptions of Headstones at St. John's Cemetery, Parramatta, NSW, Australia. C12

"The Second Fleet, Britain's Grim Convict Armada of 1790." Michael Flynn, Library Of Australian History, 1993. Biographies of over 1500 people of the Second Fleet including Seamen, Convicts and Soldiers. JS10

"The Small Family Association In Australia 1788-1988." John & Mary Small Descendants Association, National Library of Australia 1988. Descendants of First Fleet Convicts John Small and Mary Small (nee Parker). JS10

"Tumut Centenary Celebrations, 1824-1924 (Official Souvenir)." T.B.Clouston (Compiler), Reprinted by Tumut Shire. Bicentennial Community Committee and the Tumut Shire Council, 1986. JW1

"Tumut and District Sesqui Centenary - 1824-1974." R H Graham BA and H D Watson (Editors), Tumut District Sesqui Centenary Committee, 1974. Souvenir Programme. JW1

Northern Territory

"Northern Territory Births 1870-1918." NT Registrars Index (on fiche). JW13

"Northern Territory Deaths & Marriages 1870-1913." NT Registrars Index (on fiche). JW13


"The First Hundred Years, The Story of Brisbane Grammar School, 1868 - 1968", by Keith Willey. Published by McMillan Australia 1968. NF2

'The Greeks in Queensland, A History from 1859 - 1945." by Denis Conomos, 2002. Published by Copyright Publishing Co. Pty. Ltd. NF2

"Mines in the Spinifex." Geoffrey Blainey, Angus & Robertson 1960. The Story of Mount Isa Mines. JE1

"Not Pineapples, Not Pine Trees, but Pine Rivers." Melva A Welch, Pine Rivers Shire Council, 1995. History of the Pine Divisional Board (1888) and the Pine Rivers Shire. Biographies of the Members and Shire Clerks. JE1

"Queenslanders Who Fought in the Great War." Owen Wildman, printed by Besley & Pike Ltd, no date (I think approx. 1920). Biographical details of some Queenslanders who fought in World War 1. approx. 2,800 names. JE1

South Australia

"Carrieton in the Gum Creek Country - A story of 100 years of the Carrieton District." Carrieton Centenary Book Committee, compiled and published by, March 1978. Chapters include - Pastoralists, Shepherds, Original Families, Carrieton - town and community, Schools and Churches, District sport, present families. NB2

"A College in the Wattles." Reg Butler, 1989. Self Published. History of Hahndorf Academy 1857 -1912 and brief biographies of most of its students - 700 approx. NF2

"Marrabel and District. The Legend of Curio." Stan Rowett, 1974. Self Published. History of Marrabel, Tothill Creek, Hamilton, Steelton, Tarnma and some early families of the district - from 1840. A history of Rodeo in the district. This book is NOT indexed, so look-ups are difficult and time-consuming. The more information you can provide in your request, the better. NF2

"Monumental Inscriptions - West Terrace Cemetery." SR6

"Old Strathalbyn." Nancy Gemmell, Lutheran Publishing House, April 1989 (2nd printing). Chapters include: First Settlers, Town grows, 80's and 90's New Century, Between the wars, Family Histories. NB2

"Orroroo, Rendezvous of the Magpie: A history of Orroroo and the hundreds of Erskine, Walloway, Coomooroo and Black Rock Plains," Written by Nancy Parnell. Orroroo Centenary Committee, 1975. NB2

"Reflections - The Story of the Morchard District in the Hundred of Coomooroo." By the District Centenary Committee, 1976. NB2

"Second to None - The story of the pioneers of rural Mount Gambier." Pam & Brian O'Connor, published by the District Council of Mt Gambier, 1988. It details the first pastoral leases (mid 1840's) and stations, and tells the stories of over 80 pioneer families who settled in the area. Includes an index. P11

"Shady Grove (Tadmor in the Wilderness) - A history of Shady Grove Unitarian Church." Written by Duffield, Duffield, Giles and Jones, 1989. NB2

"South Australian Birth Registrations 1842-1906." SAGHS. Date, Place, Parentage & ref numbers. SR6

"South Australian Deaths Registrations 1842 to 1915." SAGHS and Macbeth Genealogical services, May 2000. Includes District, Page reference, residence and relative. SR6

"South Australian Marriage Registrations - 1842-1916." SAGHS MacBeth Genealogical Services, December 2001. Includes Grooms father, Bride's father, their ages, District and page. SR6

"The Story of John Fraser and his Descendants, 1781 - 2003, From Shetland to Australia." Neil Fraser, 2003. Self Published. History of John Fraser, his family and descendants who migrated to South Australia from Shetland in 1853. 1781 -2003. NF2

"Thomas and Elizabeth Rodda of Greens Plains." Audry Cocks and Gwenda Spencer, 2000. Self Published. A history of Thomas and Elizabeth Rodda who migrated to South Australia from Cornwall in 1850, and also of their children and grandchildren. NF2

"With Naught but Kin Behind Them." Norah Kendall, 1998. Self published. A history of Shetland and the reasons for migration of its peoples, particularly to South Australia. Details of some single woman selected for migration 1852 to 1863. NF2


"Go.... Be Fruitful and Multiply." French and Badcock Family Book Committee, 1989. A history of the Francis French, John Badcock and Edward French families and their descendants from the late eighteenth century to 1989. Mainly covers these families in Tasmania and some other Australian states. S19

"God was Their Rock." Alan F. Dyer, Pioneer Publishers, 1974. Set against a background of local history is this fascinating story of Christian Brethren pioneers and their descendants in the Kentish District of Tasmania. With additional historical and genealogical information on nearly fifty pioneering families of Kentish. S19

McKay, Anne. "Journals of the Land Commissioners for Van Diemen's Land, 1826-28" With an introd. by P. R. Eldershaw. Hobart : University of Tasmania in conjunction with the Tasmanian Historical Research Association, 1962. Lists pioneer settlers in Tasmania between 1826-28 and includes a brief biography. MB

"The Murfet Family in Tasmania." Margaret Murfet. S19

"Notorious Strumpets & Dangerous Girls" by Phillip Tardif. Biographical details of 1,700 women transported to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) 1803 - 1829. MYH

"Trampled Wilderness." Ralph & Kathleen Gowlland, C.L. Richmond & Sons Pty Ltd 1976. The History of South West Tasmania. JE1


"Essential but Unplanned: the story of Melbourne's Lanes." by Weston Bate, 1994. There are NO names in this book - but it can help locate an obscure Melbourne address. LF2

"Kerr's Melbourne Almanac and Port Phillip Directory for 1841" William Kerr, facsimile by Southwood Press, 1978. Contains an alphabetical directory of settlers, shipping arrivals and departures at Port Phillip between December 1839 and December 1840 (date arrived/left,vessel, tonnage, master, port of departure/ destination, names of public servants, law establishment, ecclesiastical establishment,school teachers and committee members, committees or directors of some early organisations. The list of names in this book has been indexed by Lenore Frost and is now available online.

"Pastoral Pioneers of Port Phillip." by R.V. Billis and A.S. Kenyon. 2nd ed.. Melbourne : Stockland Press, 1974. This book lists the pioneers of Victoria and their pastoral properties from 1834 to 1851. MB

"Pioneers of the Echuca and Moama District Pre - 1925". Complied and Published by the Members of the Echuca Genealogy Society Inc, 1993. Echuca is located on the Murray River in northern Victoria. Moama is located directly opposite Echuca in New South Wales, on the other side of the Murray. NF2

"Port Phillip Gentlemen: and good society in Melbourne before the gold rushes." Paul de Serville, OUP, 1980. Mentions men whom de Serville has identified as belonging to the "upper" or gentlemen classes in Melbourne prior to 1851. LF2

"Pounds and pedigrees : the upper class in Victoria, 1850-80." Paul de Serville. South Melbourne : Oxford University Press, 1991 "Contains over 2000 biographic entries of clubmen, landowners & gentlemen immigrants with notes on their families, children & marriages." MB

"Victorian Pioneers who signed the Loyal Address to the Duke of Edinburgh in 1867." ed. D J Mickle, Genealogical Society of Victoria, 1970. An index from the 980 signatures on the address, which included a date of arrival. NOTE that there are NO WOMEN, and all arrival dates are between 1835 and 1843. The signatory had to be alive in 1867 when the address was signed. If your ancestor arrived after 1843 or died before 1867, he will not be in this index. LF2

Western Australia

"The Bride Ships." by Rica Erickson. (Story of immigration to WA 1849 - 1889 with mention of some of the women who came out to WA with the intention of marriage to the prodominently male population of WA.) JR

"Chapman Valley Pioneers." by PA McDonnell. (This book lists many of the original pioneers to the Chapman Valley with information from family members.) JR

"Convicts in Western Australia 1850 -1887." (Dictionary of Western Australians Vol IX) Rica Erickson and Gillian O'Mara UWA Press 1994. Listing of Convicts transported to Western Australia. JR

"Midwest of Western Australia - Pre 1901 Pioneer Family Register." compiled by Geraldton Family History Society Inc. Details pioneer families submitted by descendants - a lot of this information is not verified and needs to be cross referenced with official records if available. JR

"More Lonely Graves of Western Australia." by Yvonne & Kevin Coate. (Alphabetical listing of people buried outside cemeteries around Western Australia.) JR

"Transported beyond the Seas to Australia 1784 - 1866." by Ken Griffin - Herfordshire Family History Society. (An Alphabetical listing of Criminals prosecuted in Hertfordshire who received transportation sentences to Australia.) JR

"The Veterans (A History of the Enrolled Pensioner Force in Western Australia 1850 - 1880)." by FH Broomhall. This book lists in detail the military records of all Enrolled Pensioner Guards that came to WA. JR