Western US

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"Ben Holladay, The Stagecoach King." (A chapter in the development of Transcontinental Transportation). Author: J. V. Frederick. Published by University of Nebraska Press; 1989. Between 1862 and 1866, Ben Holladay owned and operated a network of stagecoach lines from Kansas to California and branching into Montana and Idaho territories. Details the organization and operation of this vast empire. 334 pages with black and white illustrations, map, appendices, bibliography and index. BLL

"Biographies of Western Photographers." Carl Mautz, Carl Maulz Publishing, 1997. A reference guide to photographers working in the 19th century American West. Helpful in dating/determining location of those photographs which include the photographers imprint. AG2

"Personalities of the West and Midwest-Seventh Edition." The American Biographic Institute, 1982. The American Biographical Instiute presents the Seventh Edition in it regional series PERSONALITIES OF THE WEST AND MIDWEST. This volume continues the tradition of recognizing eforts and docmenting valuable biographical facts of those individuals who contribute to the general community, state and public betterment localized in the twenty-five West and MidWestern states. Effects are shown through career, civic, cultural, edcuational, scientific, religious or political endeavors. WH

"Prospector, Cowhand, and Sodbuster: Historic Places Associated With the Mining, Ranching, and Farming Frontiers in the Trans-Mississippi West." Robert G. Ferris, Series Editor. United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service; 1967. One of a series making available the findings of the National Survey of Historic Sites and Buildings of the U.S. Department of the Interior intended to identify historic and prehistoric places of significance to the Nation. Includes historical background, five sites in the National Park System, and 201 sites and districts eligible and considered for the Registry of National Historic Landmarks. 320 pages with black and white photos, illustrations, maps, notes and index. BLL

"Rowdy Joe Lowe, Gambler With a Gun." Joseph G. Rosa & Waldo E. Koop. University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, Oklahoma, 1989. Biography relating life of a man who made his mark in several Western frontier towns running dance halls, gambling parlors and brothels. 188 pages with black and white photos and index. BLL