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See also US Religious Groups, and these surnames: Ellsworth, Moody, Rees, Thompson.

"An Enduring Legacy - Daughters Utah Pioneers Vol. 11 & 12." Daughters Utah Pioneers Copyright 1988, Compiled by Lesson Committee Utah Printing Company, Salt Lake city, Utah. Vol. 11 & 12 An Enduring Legacy, Daughters Utah Pioneers. Utah Pioneer legacy. I can do look ups by name, but I cannot guarantee that the name you are researching will be in the books I own as I do not own the complete set at this time. The best I can tell you is give me a research subject and or place. These vols. also contain writings, poetry and basic family histories. K28

"Growing up in Zion - True stories of young pioneers building the kingdom." Susan Arrington Madsen published by Deseret Book Company, Salt Lake City, Utah. Copywrite 1996. Experiences, sacrifices and contributions of 19th century Latter Day Saint children and adolesencts showing the role they played in helping to establish Zion. Contains "Dear Letter Box", children's letters to the juvenile instructor. Following names are in the book (not in alphabetical order):
Alston, Christopher
Roskelley, Samuel
Field, Mary (Garner)
Squires, John Fell
Taylor, Annie (Dee)
Clark, Lorenzo Southwell
Gowans, Barbara (Bowen)
Cummings, Horace Hall
Heggie, Catherine (Griffiths)
Cragun, Martha James (Cox)
Allred, James Martin Sr.
Rich, Morgan Jesse
Woolley, Mary Elizabeth (Chamberlain)
Hulet, Mary (Coburn)
Perkins, Mary Jane (Wilson)
Nielsen, James William
Lunt, Violet Willson (Urie)
Spencer, Georgina (Felt)
Watson, Jacob
Turman, Maude (Mobley)
Udall, Erma (Sherwood)
Kirkham, Francis Washington. K28

"In Honorable Remembrance of William McFarland and Margaret McCormick." Ruth McFarland White, Carr printing Co., Utah, 1980. History of the McFarland family who came to Utah with the Mormon church 1850's. Contains lots of genealogy information about the McFarlands and McCormicks and their ancestors. DH15

"Marriages in Utah Territory 1850-1884 from the Deseret News 1850-1872 and The Elias Smith Journals 1850-1884." Compiled by Judith W. Hansen, A.G. and Norman Lundberg. Published by Utah Genealogical Association, 1998. Early marriages in Utah Territory. GFM

"Pioneer Women of Faith and Fortitude." By International Society Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, 1998. There are four volumes and they contain biographies of Utah’s Pioneer Women. I will be happy to make copies of information. The books also have a photograph of each of the women. DH15

"They came in '48." International Society Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, 2003. List of pioneers who arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1848. SLJ

"Utah Historical Quarterly XIV - Biography of Lorenzo Dow Young." James Amasa Little; Utah State Historical Society; 1946. Contents: Biography of Lorenzo Dow Young; Diary of Lorenzo Dow Young; Family of Lorenzo Dow Young; Children of Harriet Page Wheeler Decker and Isaac Decker; and index. SY2

Cache Co.

"Windows of Wellsville." The Wellsville History Committee, Keith W. Watkins and Sons, Inc., 1985. History of Wellsville, Utah N12

Millard Co.

"Builders of Early Millard." Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Millard County. This is a compilation of biographies for the settlers of Millard County, Utah. Published in 1979, approx. 800 pages. SDR

"History & Genealogy of the Franklin Alonzo Robison Family." Carrie Robison Despain & Melba Despain Garner, 1960. Xerox of well-used original made in 1988. History of Robison & King families of NY who travelled to Utah in 1854 and settled the town of Fillmore, Millard Co., UT. Lots of ancillary lines. Complete copies available. LR

Salt Lake Co.

"Jacksonian 1921-1922." Published by the students of Jackson Junior High School, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1921-1922. 34pp. K21

"The S Book, Latter Day Saints University High School year book 1926." Published by the Student Body, LDS High School, Salt Lake City, Utah. 1926. I can look-up names, however due to the fragility of the book, some of the pages are too delicate to photocopy. If the name I am looking up is on a page that can be photocopied, I will. K28

Summit Co.

"Stories in Stone." Colleen Adair Fliedner, Flair publishing, 1995. This book lists the names and short bios of people who were buried at the Park City, Utah Cemetery and the Glenwood Cemetery, also located in Park City Utah. There are over 100 names in the book, along with family members' names. DH15

Uintah Co.

"Builders of Uintah" 1872-1947 compiled by the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers pub. Art City Publishing, 2nd ed. 1976 A history of Uintah County, Utah and it's pioneers and towns. Many published pioneer biographoes included. LW2

"Outlaw Trail Journal, Vol. 1 - Sheriff John Theodore Pope." Doris Karren Burton; Outlaw Trail History Association; 1991. Biography of Uintah Co.'s famous sheriff John T. Pope, also known as the last cowboy sheriff. SY2

Utah Co.

"Lehi Centennial History 1850-1950 - Parts 1 and 2." Compiled and written by the Lehi Centennial committee published by: Free Press Publishing Co, Lehi, Utah Nov. 1950. A history of Lehi, Utah for 100 years including biographies of the first settlers, agriculture, schools, businesses. K28