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"Cherokee Emigration Rolls 1817-1835," and "Cherokee Roots Vol I Eastern Cherokee Rolls." 1. Transcribed by Jack D. Baker 2. By: Bob Blankenship. "Cherokee Roots" VOL I: Eastern Cherokee Rolls listing 1817 Reservation Rolls; 1817-1835Emigration Roll; 1835 Henderson Roll; 1848 Mullay Roll; 1851 Siler Roll; 1852 Chapman Roll; 1869 Swetland Roll; 1883 Hester Roll; 1908 Churchhill Roll; 1909 Guion Miller East; 1924 Baker Roll. Instructions on Enrollment procedures for the Eastern Band of Cherokees. Willing to do look-ups. JP3

"The Formation of a Planter Elite: Jonathan Bryan and the Southern Colonial Frontier." Alan Gallay. Athens, GA: The University of Georgia Press, 1989. In this 282 page scholarly work, Gallay, who won the 2003 Bancroft Prize in American History for his study of the Indian Slave Trade, treats the life of Jonathan Bryan (1708-88) a shaker and mover in early Georgia, both as significant in itself and as a source of insight into the social, political, economic and religious life of Georgia in its colonial and early federal periods. There is some limited Bryan genealogy, but the book is more concerned with Bryan's association with Governor Oglethorpe, the Habershams, the Houstouns, Morels, Henry Laurens, George Whitefield and the Great Awakening, various Creek Indian peoples, and with Andrew Bryan, pioneer black Baptist preacher, who was encouraged in his calling by Jonathan while he was the latter's slave. There is some mention of South Carolina, where Jonathan was born and raised. Bryan is a direct ancestor of the several Bryans who have been prominent supporters of the Virginia Historical Society for more than a century and of one of the two owners of this book. Copious notes, extensive bibliography and index. MPR

"Historical Southern Families, Vol. III." John Bennett Boddie, Learfield Co., Inc., reprinted 1998. LC7