New Zealand

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See also under these surnames: Plaisted/Plessis/Plessitis.

"Burke’s Colonial Gentry." Compiled by Sir Bernard Burke. Originally 2 volumes (1891 & 1895). Reprinted as 1 volume 1970. Colonial means Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and some smaller colonies like Fiji etc. About 110 New Zealand entries for people/families. NB: Only 4 libraries in NZ have a copy; National & Turnbull plus Invercargill and Wellington and the NZSG Library in Auckland. JW13

"The Dictionary of New Zealand Biography." Vols 1-5. Authors - many! Publ Bridget Williams Books Ltd and the Department of Internal Affairs, 1993. 3049 biographies (of dead people only) of New Zealanders from 1769-1920. This book is now available ONLINE.

"From The Midnight Sun to The Long White Cloud - Finns in New Zealand." Olavi Koivukangas - Institute of Migration, Turku, Finland - 1996. This book is a history of Finns in New Zealand, with some biographies and photos - but the main part that I think would be useful to people is the surname index at the end, which lists all (or at least many) of the Finns who came to New Zealand between 1857 and 1990. Even if they didn't stay, they are still listed. DC10

Canterbury District

"Akaroa: Banks Peninsula New Zealand." Text & Drawings by Gwenda Turner, John McIndoe, 1977. An enchanting record of one of New Zealand's most beautiful and historic towns. Copiously illustrated 64 original pen and wash drawings by the artist. BC6

"French Akaroa: an attempt to colonise southern New Zealand." Peter Tremewan, University of Canterbury Press, 1990. This book looks at the elaborate government-backed French plans to settle and annex "Southern New Zealand" and at what the French did when they found that the British had got there first. The life of those French men, women and children in the remote little settlement of Akaroa. BC6

"The French at Akaroa." T Lindsay Buick, NZ Book Depot, 1928. The drama of France's colonial rivalry with Britian in New Zealand is dominated by unforgettable personalities. Confusion over land titles and disputed sovereignty were not the only problems experienced by the settlement. 63 French and German colonists arrived in Akaroa 6 months after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed. BC6

"The Libeau Family of Banks Peninsula." Compiled by Rex and Adriene Evans, published by Evagean Publishing, 1995. 150 years after Joseph Libeau and Magdeleine Libeau nee Chauvet came to Akaroa, New Zealand from France, their descendants placed a commemorative seat in Akaroa, established the Libeau Descendants Society and published this book. BC6

Nelson District

"The Golden Reefs: an account of the great days of quartz-mining at Reefton, Waiuta and the Lyell." Darrel Latham, Pegasus, 1984. ISBN 0-908568-12-6.

North Auckland District

"A Noble Breed." William Mackie, Wilson & Horton, 1974. The Auckland Racing Club 1874 - 1974. LD5

South Auckland District

"West of the Manukau." Ben Westhead, Waiuku News, c1950. Early days in South Auckland by an early resident, lots of names & stories including three passenger lists and other misc lists. LD5

Southland District

"Records of Early Riverton." Riverton Heritage Society Reprint 2017. KS

Taranaki District

"The Establishment of the New Plymouth Settlement in New Zealand." J. Rutherford & W. H. Skinner (Thomas Avery, 1969 2nd edn; 1st edn 1940). Various passenger ship lists and diaries for the first six ships of the Plymouth Company (1841-43) and lists for other ships (1841-60), plus early journals of life in New Plymouth. Passenger lists for the six Plymouth Company ships and some other ships are avaliable on-line at: JW13

"The History of Taranaki." B. Wells (Edmondson & Avery, 1878). A history to 1877 with names of prominent people (but no passenger ship lists). Not indexed, so any query should give an approximate year. JW13

Wellington District

"The Birth of a City: Wellington 1840-1843." Arthur H. Carman (pub. A. H. Carman, 1970). Has 1842 & 1843 Burgess Rolls of those males qualified to vote for the first Wellington City Council, and short biographies of 15 Aldermen. JW13

"Early Wellington." L. E. Ward (Whitcombe & Tombs, 1929). Early births, deaths & marriages from newspapers etc. 1840-1866 (incomplete; as few as 1 or 2 for some years). Biographies of some early settlers, and names of many others. Also ship passenger lists 1840-1842, although these are now avaliable on-line (one link for for early ship passenger lists (Wellington, New Plymouth etc) is: JW13