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See also these surnames: Gaines, Werner.

"Alumni Record of Baker University - Baldwin City, Kansas." Osmon Grant Markham - Baker University - 1917. Alumni from 1866 to 1916 are listed along with trustees beginning in 1858. Contents include residence directory of alumni; index of alumi; and finding list of married women. AW2

"The Cattle Towns." (A Social History of the Kansas Cattle Trading Centers of Abilene, Ellsworth, Wichita, Dodge City and Caldwell, 1867 to 1885). Author: Robert R. Dykstra. Published by Atheneum; 1972. A heavily documented exploration of the Texas cattle trade and its effect on the development in the Midwest section of the expanding United States. 386 pages with black and white illustrations, photos, maps and appendices plus index. BLL

"Heroes of the Argonne." Charles B. Hoyt, Franklin Hudson Publishing Company, 1919. An Authentic History of the Thirty-fifth Division - includes Roster of Kansas Units August 16, 1917. AW2

"Historic Kansas - A Centenary Sketchbook." Margaret Whittemore, Univ. of Kansas Press, 1954. I would like researchers to note that this book is mostly about locations & landmarks more than people. I am happy to check the index for names, but chances of finding your relative are slim. If you want a sketch of landmarks, this might be a good place to check. Sixteen sections: Rocks & Rivers, Coronado's Quest, Exploration & Defense, Indian Landmarks, Indian Missions, Trails & Travels, Bridges, "Bleeding Kansas," "Pioneers, O Pioneers," Immigrants and Colonies, Churches, Schools & Libraries, Capitols & Courthouses, Homes of Famous Kansans, Power & Water, Trees. Lots of sketches. Indexed. C14

"History of Kansas Newspapers." William E. Connelley - Kansas State Historical Society - 1916. A history of the newspapers and magazines published in Kansas from the organization of Kansas Territory, 1854, to January 1, 1916 along with statistical information about the counties, cites and towns of the state. AW2

"List of Cemeteries in Kansas - 1906." Kansas State Horticultural Society, State Printing Office, Topeka, 1906. Cemeteries are listed for most (if not all) of the Kansas counties with a township location listed for many of them. Please note - THERE ARE NO NAMES in this book! This is a resource listing the names and locations of cemeteries in Kanasas. AW2

"Pioneer Women - Voices from the Kansas Frontier." Joanna L. Stratton, Simon & Schuster, First Touchstone Ed, 1982. History/Women's Studies. Contains quotes and remembrances of many Kansas pioneer women and is indexed. The Appendix is a "Guide to the Lilla Day Monroe Collection of Pioneer Stories" which lists the subject (person) of the story, the source of the story, emigration date of subject, and age at emigration. J19

"A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, Vols. IV and V," written and compiled by William E. Connelley, Secretary of the Kansas State Historical Society, Topeka, published in 1919. Another series was published in 1929. Volume I of both series includes an index BUT it is only an index of the submitters of the family histories. [Note: Vol IV and Vol V are freely available from HathiTrust Digital Library.]

"Why the West Was Wild, A contemporary Look at the Antics of Some Highly Publicized Kansas Cowtown Personalities." Written by Nyle H. Miller and Joseph W. Snell; forward by Joseph G. Rosa. Published by University of Oklahoma Press; 2003. An unabridged and unsurpassed collection of material assembled on the famous and infamous personalities of Kansas cowtowns, including "Wild Bill" Hickok, Bat Masterson, and Doc Holliday, and such locales as Abilene, Wichita, Caldwell, and Dodge City. Portraits based on research in newspapers, legal records, letters and diaries contemporary to these legendary figures. 685 pages with black and white illustrations, photos, map and index. BLL

Allen Co.

"A History of the Humboldt, Kansas, Community, 1855-1988." G.L. and H.S. Choguill, Mennonite Press, 1988. RD2

Brown Co.

"Annals of Brown County: From the Earliest Records to January 1, 1900." Grant W. Harrington; Harrington Printing Company, Hiawatha, Kansas; 1903. Election tables; County political conventions; school district histories; the organization of churches, granges, alliances, clubs, lodges, newspapers; county fair and farmer's institute officers; Brown County Civil War veterans; histories of public buildings; prominent citizens; some photographs. K13

"History of Brown County, Kansas." Maj. E. N. Morrill; Herald News Book and Job Office; 1876 (reprint). Organization and settlement of Brown County, from 1854 to 1876. NOT indexed. The most useful portion of the book is a list of elected officials and representatives. K13

"History of Horton and Surrounding Neighborhoods." Mrs. Herbert Campbell, chairperson; The Brown County History and Literature Club; 1974. This book is NOT indexed, but it is arranged by community and then organizations. Please tell me what town and what church, school, business or club for which to search. K13

Cheyenne Co.

"People and Homes of Cheyenne County, Kansas, 1908." Joseph H. Young - St. Francis Herald - 1909. Small booklet filled with pictures of homes and businesses of the county along with some basic county information. AW2

Cloud Co.

"Cloud County History." Published by Cloud Co Historical and Genealogical Societies, 1992. Extensive history of the county and residents. Names index over 15 pages. CT4

Cowley Co.

"Cowley County Heritage." @1990 Soutwestern College Heritage Book Commitee, Southwestern College, New Learning Center, Winfield, Kansas and Cowley County Community College, Arkansas City, Kansas. "This book was written by the people of Cowley County, Kansas." Includes info provided and written by historians and families of Cowley County, Kansas. J31

Elk Co.

"A Narrative History of Elk County and its People." The Elk County Historical Society, 1979. History of the county and its towns, as well as biographical outlines of many families. DD

Ellis Co.

"History of St. Boniface Parish, Vincent, Kansas 1907-1997." Author: William Baier, 1997. This is a history of St. Boniface Catholic Church in Vincent, KS. In addition to information on the church's history, it also lists Parish founders, Baptisms 1905-1997, Marriages 1907-1997, and Deaths & Interments 1908-1997. JS24

Jackson Co.

"Jackson County KS Bride and Groom Marriage Index," Vol. 1 - 3. Dan Fenton (self-published) 1989, 1992 and 2003. INDEX of marriages from beginning of county in 1855 to 1901, lists groom, bride, date of marriage and book and page of record. Indexed by bride and groom. Please note: this index covers the years 1855-1901 only. M38

"Monumental Inscriptions from Jackson Co., KS Cemeteries," Vol. 1-2. 18?-2001 Allen Gardiner (self-published) 1981 and 2001. Tombstone inscriptions from all Jackson co. KS cemeteries, alpha arranged by cemetery. Please note: there are no inscriptions recorded after 2001. M38

"Selected Death Notices from Jackson Co., Kansas," Vol. 1-7 1872-1908. Dan Fenton (self-published) undated. SELECTED (people with Jackson county connections) death notices from Jackson county KS papers. The entire notice is not listed, only pertinent genealogical info with info to find the actual notice. Please note: these volumes cover the years 1872-1908 only - please do not make requests for information outside this time-frame. M38

Johnson Co.

"Spring Hill High School Annual - Volume One, Number One." Senior Class - Spring Hill High School - 1917. Alumni are listed from 1896 to 1916 plus the class of 1917. Also includes local businesses and owners. AW2

Kearny Co.

"History of Kearny County Kansas Volume I." Kearny County Historical Society, pub. Rollie Jack, Inc. Dodge City, Kansas 1964. Biographical sketches, photos, WWI & WWII letters; articles on early schools, blizzards, sod houses, rabbit drives, etc. written by those who experienced them. TP5

"History of Kearny County Kansas Volume II." Kearny County Historical Society, pub. Mennonite Press Inc., North Newton, Kansas 1973. Biographical sketches, photos, WWI & WWII letters, articles about schools, settlers, etc. TP5

Leavenworth Co.

"History of Leavenworth Co., Kansas." Jesse A. Hall & Leroy T. Hand Historical Publishing Company, 1921. History of Leavenworth Kansas with biographies of local residents. DM

Lyon Co.

"Emporia High School Year Book - 1934." PC6

"Emporia High School Year Book - 1935." PC6

Marion Co.

"The Lucky One." Marion High School, 1913. Marion High School yearbook for the year 1913. Individual pictures of the Senior Class of 1913. Group pictures for the classes of 1914, '15, and '16. This was my grandmother's yearbook and she made notes for many of the individuals in the book not just for seniors, but the other classes too. Such notations include where they went on to school, where they worked, marriages and deaths. I would be glad to do lookups and do .jpg scans if you wish. Interestingly the "Class Sermon" delivered the Sunday before graduation was given by Rev. Chas. M. Sheldon of Topeka. Rev. Sheldon wrote the classic Christian novel "In His Steps". GPE

"Marion Kansas." The Printing Bureau, Box 176, Shawnee, Oklahoma; March 1926. This 44 page book contains many local advertisements, some short biographies (some with pictures), descriptions of businesses, organizations and churches, pictures of some individuals' residences, and just some general information about the city of Marion, Kansas in the late 1920's. This book is not indexed. I would be glad to do look ups on specific individuals or specific groups, but please don't ask for generalized information. GPE

"World War (I) Roll of Honor, Marion County, Kansas." Compiled by: Mrs. John H. Alexander & Mrs. Elbert R. Dean; Marion, KS, 1920. List of those from Marion County, Kansas who had anything to do with World War One. A large number of COs, Nurses, those physically disqualified, declared non-combatants, as well as soldiers of all flavors are included. The book itself is not indexed, but I have compiled an index to make look-ups fairly easy. Many entries have a lot of genealogical information, including parents, spouse, birth date/place as well as a good portion of military information. A large percentage have pictures associated with the entry which I would be glad to scan and send via e-mail in .jpg format. GPE

Marshall Co.

"History of Marshall County, Kansas." Emma E. Forter - B.F. Bowen & Company - 1917. Includes biographical sketches and genealogical records of many of the early settlers. AW2

McPherson Co.

"The Daisy 1908." Published by The Class of '09 of Bethany College. Includes photos of faculty & staff, individual photos of seniors and group photos of sophomores, freshmen, third class, second class, first class and normals (includes schools of education, music & fine arts, commerce, law, and athletics. Also group photos of different organizations. Includes a literary & humor section and several pages of advertising in the back. C14

"The Bethany Daisy 1921." Publ. by the Junior Class, Vol. VIII. This is the 1921 yearbook of Bethany College; I also have yearbooks from 1926 & 1927 from which I will do looks ups, but no scans until copyright concerns are resolved. The 1921 yearbook includes photos of campus, faculty, reproductions of Birger Sandzen prints, classes, activities, atheltics and advertising in the back. C14

"The Bethany Daisy 1926." The Junior Class of Bethany College, Vol. XI 1926. Note: copyright laws allow only three (3) lookups per researcher. Sections of the book include Administration, Classes, Activities & Organizations. Also some full page reproductions of Birger Sandzen prints. Advertising pages in the back. C14

"The Bethany Daisy 1927." The Junior Class of Bethany College, Vol., XII, 1927. Note: copyright laws allow only three (3) lookups per researcher. Sections of the book include Administration, Classes, Activities & Organizations. Also some full page reproductions of Birger Sandzen prints. Advertising pages in the back. C14

"Bethany College Alumni Directory 1989." (no author) Published by Carleton Graphics, South Bend, IN 1989. Not sure how all-inclusive as compilation required response to a questionnaire to be included. Lots of names included divided into three sections: alphabetical, by state, and by class year. C14

"Bethany in Kansas - the history of a college." Emory Lindquist, Bethany College Publications, 1975. Title is self-explanatory. There is an index and quite a few pictures of student groups and individuals (though not of students). Also pictures of the campus and buildings over the years. C14

"Lindsborg Efter Femtio Ar." (Augustana Book Concerns 1919). This book is a history of Lindsborg, Kansas, dated 1919. It is written in Swedish, which I neither read, write or speak, but I can pick out a few words and names are usually recognizable, plus I now have a copy of the book in English, copyright 1969, entitled "The Smoky Valley in the After Years", by Ruth Bergin Billdt & Elizabeth Jaderborg. Includes lots of photos of people & places. It seems to be a collection of different articles, each written by a different person, including professors at Bethany College, pastors from around the area & other folks. Also includes some articles on surrounding communities of Fremont & Salemsborg. There is an index, which I could scan & send. The English version has the addition of a second part called "From the Files", a collection of historical articles and pictures of a more recent nature than the first part of the book. C14

Miami Co.

"Family Histories and Stories of Miami County, Kansas." Miami County Historical Society, 1987. Table of Contents reads: Dedications; Miami County Historical Society and Museum; Townships; Churches; Ursuline Sisters, Lakemary Center; Miami County; Paola; Osawatomie; Louisburg; Bucyrus; Organizations; Schools; Families; Memorials; Advertisements; Photo Gallery; Index; Miami County Genealogical Society. LDR

Pottawatomie Co.

"A Centennial History of Olsburg, Kansas." Compiled by Gerry & Lois Westlling/Edited by Jay Nelson 1980. Note: limted to three (3) name lookups per requestor, due to copyright laws. This is a 68-page booklet on the history of this small Kansas community, compiled by local residents. Quite a few photos are included. Most of the booklet is a general overview of early history & people. There are sections about churches, local school disticts & organizations. C14

"A List of Graduates of the High School Located in Westmoreland, Kansas for the Years 1904-1987." Westmoreland High School Alumni Association, 1987. Title is pretty self-explanatory. Listing is by graduating class year, so I will need a year of graduation (within five years either way) in order to look up a particular person (not indexed). C14

"Mariadahl Children's Home." Historical Sketch. Cleburne, KS. C14

"The Mariadahl Family Album." Mariadahl Lutheran Church, 1958. To make lookups easier, I have a name index to this book, which should help make my response time faster. Note: this resource is limited to three (3) lookups per researcher, due to copyright laws. A collection of family histories, pictures and reminiscences by the members of the Mariadahl congregation. This church no longer exists as it is under the waters of Tuttle Creek Reservoir. Researchers should note that this book does NOT refer to any residents of the orphanage; it is about the Maridahl church, not the orphanage of the the same name. C14

"Mariadahl Lutheran Church Anniversary Album." Historical Sketch. Mariadahl Lutheran Church, Randolph and Cleburne, KS. C14

"Olsburg Evangelical Lutheran Church 60th Anniversary." Historical Sketch. C14

"Olsburg Lutheran Church 75th Anniversary 1881-1956." Historical Sketch. C14

"Westmoreland High School Alumni 1904-1991 Memories." No publisher or author given. 1991. Basically a condensed version of every WHS yearbook from 1904 to 1991. Features a brief history of each school year and pictures of graduating classes. Also some class reunion pictures. (Not indexed). C14

Reno Co.

"History of Reno County, Kansas; its people, industries and institutions." By Sheridan Ploughe. Indianapolis: B. F. Bowen & Co., Inc., 1917. Biographical sketches of early pioneers. [This two-volume set is freely available at the Internet Archives: Volume 1 and Volume 2.]

Riley Co.

"The Blue M" - 1924 Manhattan High School Yearbook. Marion Bohon, printer; Eula Mae Currie, Editor ñ 1929. Names and photographs of faculty and senior class students; small group photos of junior and sophomore classes contain names of class officers only. SW7

"Pioneers of the Bluestem Prairie." Riley County Genealogical Society, Manhattan, KS 1976 Also includes some info on Clay, Geary, Marshall, Pottawatomie, Wabaunsee & Washington counties. Includes maps, list of post offices, school districts & short biographies of pioneers in each of the counties. Names are indexed. C14

Sedgwick Co.

"Cowtown Wichita and The Wild, Wicked West." Author: Stan Hoig. Published by University of New Mexico Press; 2007. Some colorful events of Wichita's history up to 1890 with biographical information on several men who influenced the area's development. 210 pages with black and white illustrations, end notes, appendices, bibliography and index. BLL

"Sheriffs of Sedgwick County, Kansas." William Clark Ellington, Jr., compiler. Wichita Public Library, Wichita, Kansas, 1987. Revised and edited edition of the dissertation, "The Sheriff Department of Sedgwick County, Kansas, and Sheriffs From 1869 to 1889", by R. Elaine Kittle, American Studies 498, The Wichita State University, 1972. Reprint of works originally published 1876-1932. 30 pages without index. BLL

Shawnee Co.

"1956 Telephone Directory - Silver Lake, Rossville, Delia, Kansas." Shawnee Telephone Company. Copyright laws allow only three (3) lookups per researcher. Names are divided by community. Lots of advertising included. C14

"The Kaw - The Washburn College Annual 1909." Published by the Junior Class, Vol. VI. Wasbhurn College yearbook includes photos of buildings & people. Senior pictures include nicknames in quotes. Junior class pictures have a brief description of the subject. Yearbook is divided by school/type of degreee: BA/BS, School of Fine Art, Medics, School of Law, School of Bible, School of Engineering & The Academy. Second half of yearbook is about campus life, athletic, religious, literary & other clubs. Advertising in the back section. C14

"Sunflower 1938." Topeka High School, 1938. This is a high school yearbook containing a lot of good black & white photos. Includes individual photos of the class of 1938 seniors. Unfortunately, the junior & sophomore classes only have group pictures, except for individual pictures of the class officers. C14

Woodson Co.

"History of Woodson County," c1987. MP