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See also under the Randolph surname.

"A.T. Andreas' Illustrated Historical Atlas of the State of Iowa." A T Andreas, State Historical Society of Iowa, 1970. Biographies, portraits, county maps and views, atlas patrons, business directory, county histories. RB2

"Men of Iowa 1902." Iowa Historical Company, DesMoines Iowa, 1902. A collection of Portraits of Representative Men in Business, Professional and Official Life in the Great State of Iowa. Indexed and I will scan and send the photo. CE2

"Personal Diary of Josiah Fisher Wilson Sanborn, Civil War Veteran." Ed. David S. Burgess, 1996. A manuscript of the personal diary of Pvt. Josiah Fisher Wilson Sanborn (31st Iowa Volunteer Infantry, Company A) kept during the Civil War from Nov 1862 to Feb 1865. An addendum is included detailing the different military campaigns mentioned in the diary, as well as photocopies of military service records and pension records. There is also an index of names and units mentioned in the diary. JL1

Adair Co.

"Adair County History, 1976." Adair County Historical Society Note: This source does NOT include an index. For that reason, anyone requesting lookups without a township listed will be taking a great chance that their ancestors are included among about 14 pages from an independent index (out of 98 total) that include my own ancestors! NN

Adams Co.

"Adams County (Iowa) History." Corning Departmental Club and Civic Department Corning Iowa, 1984. Taylor Publishing Co. Dallas, Texas. An early history of Adams County Iowa. Family histories contributed by local familes. Many surnames. B10, KMT

Clay Co.

"1943 Telephone Directory, Spencer, Clay Co., Iowa." Northwestern Bell, 1943. ML7

Crawford Co.

"Anniversary 75th Ricketts Iowa 1899-1974." Ricketts Steering Committee No publisher listed about 1974. Town and Family Histories. R5

Delaware Co.

"History of Delaware County Iowa." Western Historical Company, 1878. Taken from title page "Biographical Directory of its Citizens, War Record of its Volunteers in the late Rebellion, General and Local Statistics, Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men, History of the Northwest, History of Iowa, Map of Delaware County, Constitution of the United States, Miscellaneous matters, &c." LP

"History of Delaware County, Iowa and its People" Volumes 1 & 2. J. F. Merry, editor. Chicago: The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1914. LP

Dubuque Co.

"Church and Cemetery Directory, Liberty Township, Dubuque County, IA." Dubuque County Genealogical Society, Dubuque, IA 1991. Lists all burials in Liberty twp. DK

"Dubuque on the Mississippi, 1788-1988," W. E. Wilkie, 523 pp. 1987. Indexed. DK

"Dyersville (Iowa): Its History and Its People," A. A. Halback, 495 pp, 1939. Biographies in alpha order. DK

"New Wine Township, Dubuque County, IA." Dubuque County Genealogical society, Dubuque, IA, 1991. A guide to church and cemetery holdings in New Wine Twp. Lists all burials in New Wine twp. DK

Floyd Co.

"Honor Roll of Floyd County, Iowa." Charles City Press/Between 1919 & 1920. This is a book containing names of young men who served in World War I, both living & dead. Some of the write-ups are lengthy with great detail; others are short. At the time this book was published W. L. Harding was serving as "Iowa's War Governor." According to an article by Adjutant General L. W. Lasher, Iowa sent into Federal Service during the years 1917-1919, 98,000 soldiers, 10,000 sailors and 600 marines. VF

"The Story of Rockford." Michael Vala. M. F. Vala Publishing, Dubuque, IA, 1970. Histories of the churches, businesses, schools and politics of Rockford, Iowa along with biographical sketches and stories of early times in Rockford, Iowa. Pictures, school lists, advertising, lists of prominent citizens, etc. CCS

Fremont Co.

"Cemetery Listing for all of Fremont County Iowa." (1983) Published by Fremont County Historical Society. EB

Harrison Co.

"Atlas of Harrison County, Iowa." The Anderson Publ. Co., 1922. Atlas of Harrison Co containing maps of townships of the county, Farmer's directory, listing property owners as heads of household, along with family members residing in that household, and whether farm property is rented or owned, and section/township location. This book is indexed. [This book is freely available through the Iowa Digital Library.]

"Harrison County Iowa Cemetery Records Vol 1 Book 2 - Calhous, LaGrange & St. Johns Twp Cemeteries." Harrison County Genealogical Society, 1987. Listing of all burials (as of 1987) for Calhoun, Frazier, Linwood, and Old Frazier cemeteries. This book is also available for purchase from HCGS. J12

"Harrison County Iowa Cemetery Records Vol. 1 Book 3 - Cass & Jefferson Twp. Cemeteries." Harrison County Genealogical Society, 1987. Listing of all burials (as of 1987) for Bethel, Greenwood-Whitesboro, Henderson, Logan, Ellison and Hawkins cemeteries. This book is also available for purchase from HCGS. J12

"Harrison County Iowa Cemetery Records Vol. 1 Book 8 - St. Johns Twp Cemeteries." Harrison County Genealogical Society, 1987. Listing of all burials (as of 1987) for Mt. Carmel, Rose Hill, and Oak Grove cemeteries. This book is also available for purchase from HCGS. J12

"1981 History of Harrison County Iowa." Harrison County Historical Society, Taylor Publishing Co, Dallas, TX, 1981. Contains town histories, family biographies and photos, 529 pages. An index for this publication is available at Please check that the name you are interested in is included in the index before placing a request. This book is out of print. J12

Henry Co.

"History of Henry County, Iowa." no author, Western Historical Society, 1879. A history of Henry Co Iowa with a biographical directory of citizens, War Record of it's volunteers in the late Rebellion, Portraits of Early Settlers and Prominent Men and Misc other information. VW2

Johnson Co.

1924 University of Iowa yearbook: "Hawkeye." Copyrighted 1923 - Stephan Wollman, editor - published by Junior Class of Univ. of Iowa. Lists ONLY Junior students for the Class of 1924. SW7

Lee Co.

"English Colony, the British Emigrant Mutual Aid Society's Colony in Lee County Iowa" J. Berry Ware (appears to be self-published) 1918 History of English families who settled in Iowa in 1845. ML1

Marion Co.

"Rankin Genealogy 1781 - 1982." Mrs. K. P. Applegate, Mrs.Herman Maddy, Mrs. Ivan Fortner, Mrs. Leland. Rankin descendants from farmers immigrating to Marion Co., Iowa in the mid-1850's. Both male and female lines are included in this history. MLR

Marshall Co.

"Marshall County in THE WORLD WAR 1917-1918." Compiled and Published by Joseph A. Whitache and W.J. Moore, 1919. "A Pictorial history of the community's participation in all wartime activites with a complete roster of soldiers and sailors in service". The names are listed in alphabetical order but there is no index for the pictures. Pictures include individual closeups, group shots (by draft date and other special groups) and female Red Cross workers. Y1

Monona Co.

"History of Monona County, Iowa." Chicago: National Publishing Company, 1890. LDR

Monroe Co.

See also under Family Histories, General.

"History of Monroe Co. Iowa." Frank Hickenlooper, self pub., Albia IA, 1896. History of early settelers of Monroe Co. Many families mentioned. SMH

I have marriages, births & death info for Wapello, Jefferson & Monroe Counties, Iowa. I also have naturalization records for these counties. MELR

Muscatine Co.

"History of Muscatine County, Iowa; Illustrated," Volume 1. Irving B Richman, Supervising Editor; The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co, Chicago; 1911. This 1st volume (of 2) is a written history from the earliest settlements to 1911. It consists of 24 chapters including:#1, Historic Iowa; #2, A Beautiful Country; #3, Law & Order; #4, Story of the Rocks; #5, The Mississippi; #6, Order Ou of Chaos; #7, Pioneer Life; #8, Iowa's 1st Legislature; #9, Civil War; #10, Honorable Mention; #11, The Townships; #12, The Huntsman's Paradise; #13, Germany's Contribution; #14, The County Seat; #15, Churches & Parishes; #16, Educational; #17, The Medical Profession; #18, Bench & Bar; #19, Journalism; #20, Banks and Bankers; #21, Transportation; #22, Associations; #23, Looking Upward; #24, Chronology. LDR

"History of Muscatine County, Iowa; Illustrated," Volume 2. Irving B Richman, Supervising Editor; The S. J. Clarke Publishing Co, Chicago; 1911. This 2nd Volume (of 2) is a biographical of the individuals living in Muscatine Co, IA and has an index of names. LDR

"Muscatine County, Iowa Birth Records, 1880-1910." Compiled by Marlin W. Brossart. Indexed listing. JA4

"Muscatine County, Iowa Marriage Records 1837-1879." Compiled by Marlin W. Brossart. Indexed listing of Marriage registers. JA4

"Polk's Muscatine (Muscatine County, Iowa) City Directory, 1964." R L Polk & Co Publishers, 1964. This book has an Index to Advertisers; Statistics of the city and Industry; A Classified Buyer's Guide, 1964 (Yellow Pages); Alphabetical List of Names (Business & Residential); Street & Avenue Guide, including "Telephone Numbers & Home Owner Symbols"; and a Numerical Telephone Directory (indexed by 4 digit phone number). Full of advertisements from businesses of the time (1964). LDR

O'Brien Co.

"History of O'Brien County, Iowa, 1897." By D. A. W. Perkins. There is a surname index to this book on the O'Brien County Genealogy web site. You may wish to check it before requesting a lookup. NW

Page Co.

"History of Page County, Iowa." Iowa Historical company, Des Moines 1880. "A History of the County, its Cities, Towns, etc." "A biographical directory of many of its leading citizens, war records of its volunteers in the late rebellion, general and local statistics, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, history of Iowa and the Northwest, map of Page County constitution of the State of Iowa, reminiscences, miscellaneous matters, etc." MS4

Palo Alto Co.

"Graettinger, Iowa Centennial 1893-1993." Graettinger Centennial History Book Committee; no publisher given; 1993. A history of Graettinger, Palo Alto County, Iowa, with numerous biographies and histories of local families. BM1

"Ruthven, Iowa Centennial 1884 – 1984." Ruthven Centennial History Book Committee; Bireline Publishing Company, Newell, Iowa 50568; 1984. A history of Ruthven, Palo Alto County, Iowa with over half the book containing biographies and histories of local families. BM1

Pocahontas Co.

"Laurens Legacy: History of Laurens, Iowa." Helen Ducommen, Laurens House of Print, 1980. History of Laurens, Iowa with some biographies in it. HN

"Pocahontas County 1981 History Book." Pocahontas County Historical Society, Laurens House of Print. Has many biographies of family in pocahontas county, iowa from pioneer families to families residing in Pocahontas county in 1981. HN

Polk Co.

"Des Moines College Orange and Black Students of Des Moines College 1919." Students and faculty of Des Moines College 1918-1919. This includes the students of the Highland Park School of Pharmacy of Des Moines. Includes letters from WWI soldiers. Some other Des Moines College information available. S16

"The Jews of Des Moines the first century." Frank Rosenthal/The Jewish Welfare Federation of Des Moines, IA/1957. The first century applies to the 19th century. The history is of the Jewish community, synagoges and organizations, as well as the individual members. It has a good index. DM2

Pottawattamie Co.

"Abraham Lincoln High School, The Crimson & Blue, 1924 & 1927." (located in Council Bluffs, IA). MF1

"Atlas of Pottawattamie County, Iowa." Illustrated. C.R. Allen Pub., 1885. Contains township maps of Pottawattamie Co., showing locations and names of land owners, with houses, churches, and other buildings notes. Contains some pencil drawings of specified farms prominent to the area. This book is NOT indexed, so be specific with your request please. [This book is freely available through the Iowa Digital Library.]

"Biographical History of Pottawattamie County, Iowa." No author listed, The Lewis Publishing Company, 1891 From the title page of the book: "Containing portraits of all the Presidents of the United States, with accompanying biographies of each; a condensed history of Iowa, with portraits and biographies of the govenors of the state, and engravings of prominent citizens of Pottawattamie County, with personal histories of many of the early [settlers]." [This book is freely available at the Internet Archives.]

"The Monticello" - 1931 Yearbook of Thomas Jefferson High School, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Pub. by Thomas Jefferson High School, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Year book with pictures of students, sports, staff, local businesses and short stories. KA3

Ringgold Co.

See also under the Drake surname.

Sac Co.

"Schaller Iowa 1883-1983." History Book Committee, No publisher listed abt 1983. Town and Family Histories. R5

Scott Co.

"Scott County Heritage." Written by the people of Scott County Iowa, Published by Scott County Heritage Book Committee, 1991. History of Scott County Iowa and some of it's people. Biographical sketches on many families, including birth, death, wedding dates.  Information on many locally owned businesses, societies, etc.  Full Index, by last name. KG

Story Co.

"Colo, A Place to Call Home 1865-1996 Iowa Sesquicentennial." The Colo History Book Committee, The Ogden Reporter, Ogden, Iowa 50212, 1996. A history of Colo, Story County, Iowa including numerous family histories. Includes a listing of churches, cemeteries, schools, businesses, clubs and organizations and a list of men and women who served in the military. This book was compiled by a citizens committee and is based on the information supplied to them by residents of Colo. It is not indexed but family histories are listed alphabetically. DS8

Taylor Co.

"Tombstone Record of Taylor County, Iowa." Patti O'Dell, privately published in 1975. Lists all known burials in Taylor county by cemetery in row order. Indexed. MB7

Van Buren Co.

"Iowa, Van Buren County, Lebanon Cemetery." Transcriptions Coped in 1965 by Marion Flake McCrary and Vernon Flake, Van Buren County Genealogical Society 2000. Cemetery Transcriptions of Lebanon Cemetery in Chequest Twp, Van Buren County, Iowa. VW2

Wapello Co.

I have marriages, births & death info for Wapello, Jefferson & Monroe Counties, Iowa. I also have naturalization records for these counties. MELR

"St. Marys Catholic Church records." For St. Mary's Catholic Church in Ottumwa, Wapello Co., IA. MELR

"W.P.A. Project A-Z Index to Gravestone Records of Wapello County Iowa." Iowa Genealogical Society of Des Moines, Iowa. MELR

"W.P.A. records for Wapello County Iowa. A-Z." MELR

"Wapello Co., IA Obituaries 1951-1987." These obituaries were published in the Ottumwa Courier. MELR

Warren Co.

"Cemetery and Death Records of Warren County, Iowa." Warren County Genealogical Society, Indianola, Iowa, 1980; Published by Walsworth Publishing Comany, Marceline, Missouri. Cemetery transcriptions done before 1980 of Warren County, Iowa cemeteries. Transcriptions of "Registrations of Deaths" for Warren County, Iowa: Book 1, July 1, 1880-1897; Book 2 1897-1906 (there are no 1905 deaths recorded); Book 3 1906-1918. Death registrations of 1979 are also included in the book. This book is incomplete and with errors but those of us with Warren County ancestors thoroughly appreciate their efforts. L32, VS1

"History of Warren County, Iowa, 1908." Rev. W.C. Martin, S.J. Clarke Publishing Co, 1908. This book contains biographical information on over 6,000 Warren County residents from the 1800's through 1908. VS1

Washington Co.

"1880 History of Washington County Iowa." Union Historical Company, Des Moines, IA. 1880. Available online.

Wayne Co.

"Wayne County, Iowa Cemeteries 1846-1978." Wayne County Genealogical Society, 1979. Listings of all known burials in Wayne Co., Iowa Cemeteries. JW12

Woodbury Co.

"Anthon Iowa 1888-1988." History Book Committee, Miller Prinying and Publishing 1988. Cemetery records, Family and town(ship) Histories. R5

"Our History, Our Community, Our People, Moville 1887 - 1987." The Moville Centennial Book Commitee, unknown publisher, 1987. The collection of history about the town and people of Moville, IA. I have created an index of persons / family bios for this book though there is not one actually in the book. K8