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Special Note: Hundreds of Canadian local histories have been made freely available online at the University of Calgary Digital Library. This site is not affiliated with Books We Own, but I included the link here as it should be of general interest to those researching roots in Canada.

(Note: locale-specific resources are listed under their present-day County Regional Municipality (MRC). For an explanation of how former counties fit under the present system, see the Quebec GenWeb site- this link points to an archived version of the original site).

See also under the Charbonneau surname.

"Catalogue des immigrants, 1632-1662." Marcel Trudel, Cahiers du Quebec, 1983. In French, lists all immigrants from France to Quebec from 1632-1662 with some biographical information. DC9

"Corrections and Additions to the Dictionnaire Genealogique des Familles Canadiennes Cyprien Tanguay, (1957 edition)." Listing of corrections and additions to main Tanguay dictionary - goes up to about 1790. DC9

"Dictionnaire genealogique des familles du Quebec des origines a 1730." Rene Jette, University of Montreal Press, 1983. Quebec families from 1616 through 1730, compiled from baptism, marriage, and burial records kept by the Catholic Church, and other various sources such as censuses, marriage contract, notarial records, and respected publications. Information available only for the years 1616-1730! DL6

"The Good Regiment, The Carignan Salieres Regiment in Canada 1665-1668." Jack Verney, McGill, Queens University Press, 1991. Listing of all enlisted soldiers and commanding officers plus some biographical information. DC9

"Inventaire des Contrats de Mariage du Regime Francais Conserves aux Archives Judiciares de Quebec." Pierre-Georges Roy, Quintin Publications, 1998 [1937] CDROM. Six Volumes on CDROM. These are the marriage contracts, wills, and other acts of the notaries of Quebec. Excellent genealogical recource. TF1

"Our French Canadian Ancestors, Volume V." Thomas LaForest, Lisi Press, 1973. Biographies of the following families: Baribeau, Besland/Beland, Blouf/Plouffe, Cloutier, Dupont, Frigon, Hamel, Jouineau/Juneau, Le Febvre d'Angers, Lesieur de la Pierre, Marquis, Massicotte, Normandin, Pajan dit Saintonge, Pepin dit Tranchemontagne, Perrot dit Lagorce, Provencher, Rivard de la Vigne, Sicard du Caruful, Trepagny/Trepanier, Vacher dit Laserte. DC9

"Our French Canadian Ancestors, Volume ?." Thomas LaForest, Lisi Press, 1993. Biographies of Pierre Besnard, Mathurin Chabot, Etienne Charet, Claude Dubreuil, Louis Garneau, Mathurin Gerbert dit Lafontaine, Toussaint Hunault dit Deschamps, Joseph David dit Lacroix, Gilles Lauzon, Pierre Lemieux, Guillaume Lizot, Olivier Michel dit Taillon, Francois Nau, Jean Oiumet, William Ross, Jean Simon dit Leonard, Thomas-Jacques Tachereau, Pierre Valliere. DC9

"A Sketch in the Life of Captain John Savage, J.P." also the "Early History of St. John's Church" by M.O. Vaudry, M.A. McGill Publishing, March 1921. the Story of Capt. John Savage being a "tory" during the Revolution war, a listing of his men. After the war his life in Canada (West Shefford, Quebec). BB3

Argenteuil MRC

"History of the Counties of Argenteuil, Quebec & Prescott, Ontario." Cyrus Thomas, Global Heritage Press, 1999 [orig 1896, Lovell and Son] Some genealogical information, but more historically oriented. TF1

Bas Saint-Laurent MRC

"Répertoires des mariages de Saint-François Xavier et St-Ludger de Rivière du Loup (1905-1965)." Frére Robert Edmond, Société canadienne de généalogie, 1966. Indiquer la paroisse. G3

"Répertoire des mariages de Saint-Onésime (Kamouraska)." Jos. Eugéne Ouellet, Société canadienne de Généalogie, 1966. G3

Côte-de-Beaupré MRC

"Repertoire des Mariages de Chateau-Richer, Montmorency, Quebec 1661-1977." Marie-Anges Verreault, Quintin Publications, 2000 [1978] CDROM. Marriages of Chateau-Richer, Quebec. Generally Catholic/French-Canadian. TF1

Franceville MRC

"Repertoire des Mariages: Cathedrale de Trois Rivieres, 1634-1971; Vielles Forges 1753-1762." Societe de Genealogie des Cantons de l'Est, Inc., 1972. Generally Catholic marriages in Trois Rivieres and Vielles Forges. TF1

"Repertoire des Mariages de Ste-Genevieve de Batiscan, 1727-1984." Societe Historique de Ste-Genevieve de Batiscan, 1985. Generally Catholic marriages from Saint Genevieve in Batiscan, Quebec. TF1


"Mariages from 1752-1941." C. Bouchard and E . Rehel. I can look up mariage data from the Gaspe, Quebec region and also birth and death data from certain parishes (Perce, Grande-Rivière, Gaspe, Cap d'espoir, Val D'Espoir and Ste-Thérèse) in this same area. M44

Ile d'Orleans MRC

"Isle of Orleans." Pierre-Georges Roy, Quintin Publications, 1997 [orig 1928, Ls-A Proulx pub.] A history of the Isle of Orleans [Ile d'Orleans] near Quebec City. Some genealogical information, very interesting if you have ancestors from Ile d'Orleans. TF1

"Repertoire des Mariages de L'Ile d'Orleans, Montmorency, Quebec, 1666-1963." Le Centre Genealogie S.C., Quintin Publications, 2000. CDROM Marriages of the Ile d'Orleans, Quebec. Generally Catholic/French-Canadian. Records of Ste-Famille, St-Jean, St-Francois, Ste-Petronille, St-Laurent, St-Pierre. TF1

Les Chenaux MRC

"Repertoire des mariages de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade: 1681-1988." Author / Publisher: Societe d'Histoire de Sainte Anne de la Pérade, 1988 Publisher: Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec. Marriage records. Organized by Surname, then Bride or Groom with date of marriage. DM1

"Repertoire des naissances de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade: 1680-1989." Societe d'Histoire de Sainte Anne de la Pérade, 1989. Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec. Baptismal records. Organized by Surname, then Parents, then Child with date of baptism. DM1

"Repertoire des sepultures de Sainte-Anne-de-la-Pérade: 1680-1989." Societe d'Histoire de Sainte Anne de la Pérade, 1989. Bibliotheque Nationale du Quebec. Burial records. Organized by Surname, then Deceased, with Parents or Spouse with date of burial. DM1

Lotbiniere County

"Marriages de St-Sylvestre, St-Gilles, St-Agathe, St-Patrice, St-Narcisse." Comté de Lotbiniére B Pontbriand, 2390, rue Marie Victorin, Québec 6 Canada 1972. Roman Catholic marriage records from the following parishes: St-Sylvestre (1829 - 1971), St-Gilles (1829 - 1971), St-Agathe (1858-1971), St-Patrice (1860-1971) and St-Narcisse (1873-1971). T7

Montréal City

"La Grande Recrue de 1653 - The Colonists Who Saved Montreal." Roland J. Auger; Quentin Publishers; April 2002. Details about the 150 men who were part of La Grand Recrue. Contains information about their contract for service, marriage, and children. Also background information about the situation in Montreal leading to recruiting for these colonists. SD3

"Montreal Directory for 1868-69." John Lovell, 1868 per publisher: "Alphabetical Directory of the Citizens and a Street Directory with Subscribers and Advertisers Classified Business Directories and a Miscellaneous Directory. Corrected to 24th June, 1868." M14

Québec City

"Mariages de Beauport, 1673-1966." Benoit Pontbriand, ?, 1967. Marriage registers for Beauport, Quebec. TF1

"Mariages de Notre-Dame, Quebec 1620-1900." Benoit Pontbriand, Quintin Publications, 2000 [1978] CDROM. The book is on CDROM- Marriages [Catholic] that took place at Notre Dame in Quebec City. TF1