Prince Edward Island

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Special Note: Hundreds of Canadian local histories have been made freely available online at the University of Calgary Digital Library. This site is not affiliated with Books We Own, but I included the link here as it should be of general interest to those researching roots in Canada.

"From the Top of the Hill." Ruth Paynter and Thelma Campbell, 1977. General history of the Irishtown and Burlington communities of Lots 18/20 Prince/ Queens Counties, PE, Canada. It has 82 pages of genealogical information. Major names: Adams, Bernard, Campbell, Cousins, Davison, Duggan, Evans, Johnstone, MacLeod, Millman, Murphy, Paynter, Profitt, Ready, Warren. JDF

Prince Co.

"Freetown, Past and Present." Freetown Historical Society. n.d. 464 pp. Extensive general history of Freetown, lot 25/26, Prince county, PE, Canada. Detailed genealogical informatoin - 276 pages. Major names: Auld, Baker, Burns, Cairns, Campbell, Curley, Dammarell, Drummond, Hammill, Jardine, Lewis, McCarlville, paynter, Reeves, Rogers, Schurman, Stavert, Stetson, Taylor. JDF

"History of Baltic," Lot 18. Baltic Lot 18 Women's Institute, n.d., 86 pp. General history of Baltic, Lot 18, Prince County, PE, Canada, with 48 pages of genealogical information. Major names are: Gearsto, Bernard, Champion, Cousins, Crozier, Delaney, MacKenzie, Ramsay, Riley, Wall. JDF

"History of Spring Valley", Spring Valley Historical Society, 1984. 195 pp. General history of Spring Valley, Lot 18, Prince County, PE, Canada. It has 98 pages of genealogical information on many families. Major names: Beairsto, Sryanton, Campbell, Caseley, Champion, Connick, Harrington, MacNeill, Profitt, Sudsbury, Wall. JDF

"Malpeque and Its People." Malpeque Historical Society, n.d., 365 pp. General history of Malpeque, Princetown Royalty, Prince County, PE, Canada. Has 132 pages of genealogical information as well as some biographies of prominent residents. Major names: Abbott, Beairsto, Champion, Craig, Crozier, Keir, McGougan, MacNutt, Montgovery, Owen, Ramsay, Stewart, Wall, Woodside. JDF

Queens Co.

"From the Ponds to Sea View." Sea View Historical Society, n.d. 231 pp. General history of Sea View, Lot 20, Queens County, PE, Canada. Biographies of some residents. It has 79 pages of genealogical data. Major names are: Adams, Brander, Burt, Cousins, Donald, Duggan, Murphy, Pickering, Stewart, Sutherland. JDF

"The History of Clinton." 1973, revised 1991. 93 pp. General history of Clinton, Lot 20, Queens County, PE, Canada. It has 54 pages of genealogical information, plus a 16 page update done in 1991. Major names: Heaney, MacKay, Paynter, Pickering, Woodside. JDF