New Brunswick

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Special Note: Hundreds of Canadian local histories have been made freely available online at the University of Calgary Digital Library. This site is not affiliated with Books We Own, but I included the link here as it should be of general interest to those researching roots in Canada.

"The New Brunswick Militia Commissioned Officer's List 1787-1867." Facey-Crowrher, David R.; Capital Free Press, 1984. Lists ONLY Officers. Not indexed by surname, so need at least County and if possible Regiment name. This is a list of NB MILITIA, NOT A LIST OF REVOLUTIONARY WAR LOYALISTS WHO SETTLED IN NEW BRUNSWICK, although many persons probably were Loyalists. JP5

"Planters and Pioneers, Nova Scotia, 1749 to 1775," revised edition. Dr. Esther Clark Wright. Published by Beaver Bank /Justin B. Wentzell. Pub Date 1982. "A collection of pre-loyalist and early European records for settlers in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick including more than 25000 names taken from township records, registry of deeds, probate records and county and local histories". LH9

Albert Co.

"1851 Census of Albert Co. New Brunswick." Robert F. Fellows, Editor, Provincial Archives of New Brusnwick, 1972. NP

Carleton Co.

"Northern Carleton County New Brunswick, Cemeteries Volume 1" George H. Hayward, published by George H. Hayward, 1988 Covers many cemeteries in NORTHERN Carleton County, in the Parishes of Wicklow, Wilmont, Simonds, Western Kent, Aberdeen, Peel, and Upper Brighton. Lists name, cemetery, location, and cemetery inscription. LMZ

Kings Co.

"1851 Census for Kings Co., New Brunswick, vol. II." Julia M. Walker & Margaret G. Duplisea, 1979. 1851 Census for the parishes of Norton, Studholm, Sussex and Upham. NP

Northumberland Co.

"The Bamford Saga 1764-1989." Bamford, Louise M. Approximately 5000 ancestors and relatives of the author. Families originating in the Doaktown, Ludlow Parish and Blissfield Parish area. JP5

"Loyalists of New Brunswick (United Empire Loyalists) Over the Portage - Early History of the Upper Miramichi, Revised Edition." William MacKinnon; New Ireland Press: Fredericton, New Brunswick; 2000. This study includes an overview of the region from 1790-1851 and describes the lives of the settlers and their living conditions. It focuses on the families of the settlers and the demographics of the region, including the forces that caused many to emigrate to the United States. JP5

Saint John Co.

"Together in Exile." by Peter Murphy. Published by P. D. Murphy, Saint John, N.B. , Canada, 1990. Brief biographies of 19th century emigrants from Carlingford, County Louth, Ireland to Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. Many of their descendants included. LEE

York Co.

"Crouse Family History, The Descendants of Philip and Sarah Crouse." by Roguer Crouse, Rogue Publishing, copyright 1995. RO3

"The Mourne Moores In New Brunswick, 1833-1983." by Donna Lee Moore Smith, copyright 1983. The descendants of brothers Charles and William Moore, who emigrated to Scotch Lake, York Co., New Brunswick in 1833. RO3