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General Resources

Special Note: Hundreds of Canadian local histories have been made freely available online at the University of Calgary Digital Library. This site is not affiliated with Books We Own, but I included the link here as it should be of general interest to those researching roots in Canada.

Badlands County No. 7

"The Hills Of Home: Drumheller Valley." Drumheller Valley History Association, 1973. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Drumheller. KDGS.

Brazeau County

"The Ladder of Time: Breton Alberta & District." Breton & District Historical Society. KDGS.

Calgary Region

"Chaps and Chinooks: A History West of Calgary," Volume II 1900-1945. Foothills Historical Society, 1976. Local Histories/ Calgary West. KDGS.

Camrose County

"Footprints Along the Stoney: A History of Armena and Baldenstein Areas." Armena Local History Committee, 1982. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Armena/ Baldenstein. KDGS.

"Harvest of Memories: History of Kingman & Districts." Kingman Silver Club, 1981. Alberta/ Kingman/ Local Histories/ Miquelon Lakes/ Dinant. KDGS.

"Trails Trials and Triumphs of Edberg and Community." Edberg Historical Society Book Club, 1981. Alberta/ Edberg/ Local Histories/ Dried Meat Lake/ Viewpoint/ Silver Creek/ Little Beaver/ Big Four/ Stockholm/ Meeting Creek/ Matlock/ Little Rock/ Dorenlee/ Ferry Point/ Rosebush. KDGS.

Clear Hills County

"The End of Steel: Hines Creek, Alberta, a Pictorial History." Hines Creek Pictorial History, 1980. ISBN: 0-88925-195-9. KDGS #H-00302. KDGS.

Clearwater County

"In the Shade of the Mountains: Caroline and District." Ricinus-Caroline History Committee, 1983. Local Histories/ Chedderville/ Clear Creek/ Crammond/ Crooked Creek/ Covercourt/ Hazeldell/ Caroline/ Pineview/ Ricinus/ Shilo/ South Fork/ Wooler. KDGS.

Cypress County

"Wagon Trails & Pioneer Tales." Bowell to Bowmanton Historical Society, Friesen Printers, 1993. Local history book covering: Bowell, Bowmanton, Box Springs, Chappice Lake, Finn's Lake, Harvest Vale, Lake Valley, Pearsonville, Vale, and "Other Neighbors". CM3

Flagstaff County

"Lanterns on the Prairie: Strome Diamond Jubilee 1905-1980." Strome Senior Citizens Club, 1980. Alberta/ Strome/ Local Histories. KDGS.

"Rosyth, Alberta Memoirs." G Crone (Contributor); N Flaade (Contributor); H Chew (Contributor), 1965. KDGS #C-00534. KDGS.

"Wagon Trails in the Sod: A History of the Heisler Area." Heisler Historical Society, 1982. Local Histories/ Alberta/ Heisler. KDGS.

Foothills No. 31, Municipal District of

"A Century Of Memories." Published by Okotoks and District Historical Society, 1983. ISBN 0-88925-357-7. Printed by Friesen. Local History of Okotoks and area including Family History as submitted by local families. Includes index. HB, KDGS.

"Fencelines and Furrows: Blackie, Alberta and Area." Published by Fencelines and Furrows History Book Society, 1969. ISBN: none. Northwest Printing. History of the areas of Old Brant, Blackie, Frankburg, Herronton, Farrow and Mazeppa including Family history as submitted by local families. Includes index. HB, KDGS.

"Foothills Echoes: Millarville, Alberta." Millarville Historical Society, 1979. ISBN: 0-88925-015-4. KDGS #S-00924. KDGS.

"In the Light of the Flares: History of Turner Valley, Alberta Oil Fields." Published by Sheep River Historical Society, 1979. ISBN 0-88925-001-4. Printer: Friesen. History of the town of Turner Valley and area including Family history as submitted by local families. Includes index. HB, KDGS.

"Sodbusting to Subdivisions: DeWinton and District." Published by DeWinton and District Historical Committee, 1978. ISBN 0-912215-86-3. Includes Index. HB, KDGS.

"Sunshine Tales: History of the Area South East and North of High River AB." Sunshine Tales Book Committee. High River/Local Histories/Mazeppa. KDGS.

Forty Mile No. 8, County of

"Etzikom: Prairie & People: Post Offices Faith Endon Etzikom Gahern Avalon." Etzikom Historical Society, 1990. Alberta/ Faith/ Endon/ Etzikom/ Gahern/ Avalon/ Local Histories. KDGS.

"Shortgrass Country: A History of Foremost and Nemiskam." Foremost Historical Society. Canada/Alberta/ Local Histories/ Foremost/ Nemiskam. KDGS.

Grande Prairie No. 1, County of

"Beaverlodge To the Rockies." E C Stacey, Beaverlodge District Historical Association, 1974. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Beaverlodge/ Bush Lake/ Albright/ Appleton/ Elmworth/ Gimle/ Halcourt/ Hayfield/ Hazelmere/ Hinton Trail/ Two Rivers. KDGS.

"La Glace: Yesterday and Today." Twilight Club History Book Committee, 1981. Alberta/ Local Histories/ La Glace/ Buffalo Lake/ Big Horn/ Canor/ Meadowville/ Many Springs/ Northfield/ Odin/ Old Post. KDGS.

"Lake Saskatoon Reflections: A Local History Of The Lake Saskatoon Alberta District." Lake Saskatoon History Book Committee. Alberta/ Lake Saskatoon/ Local Histories. KDGS.

"Wagon Trails Grown Over: Sexsmith to the Smoky." Sexsmith and District. Published by Sexsmith to the Smoky Historical Society, 1980. ISBN 0-88925-101-0. Includes Index. Sexsmith/ Smoky/ Bad Heart/ Morning View/ Mount Star/ North Kleskun/ Rivertop/ Teepee Creek/ Webster Trail/ Wellington. HB, KDGS.

Greenview No. 16, Municipal District of

"Across the Smoky." Debolt and District Pioneer Museum Society, 1978. Alberta/ Debolt/ Local Histories. KDGS.

"Along the Wapiti." Wapiti River Historical Society. Editors: Joan G. Yates, Audrey J. Lowe. Ronalds Western Printing Ltd. Edmonton, Canada. 1981. A history book of local people who homesteaded in the northwestern area of Alberta along the Wapiti River. Communities: Aspen Dale, Aspen Ridge, Dimsdale, Flying Shot, Grovedale, Klondyke Trail, Lucky Tree, Millarston, Pipestone Creek, South Wapiti and Wembley. This book includes an index of surnames. C15, KDGS

Kneehill County

"Our Huxley Heritage." Huxley and District History Book Committee, 1983. Alberta/ Huxley/ Local Histories. KDGS.

"The Spirit of Ghost Pine: Ghost Pine Creek Alberta." Ghost Pines Community Group History Book Committee, 1990. Alberta/ Ghost Pine Creek/ Local Histories. KDGS.

Lacombe County

"Homesteads And Happiness." Eckville And District Historical Society, 1979. Alberta/ Eckville/ Western Canada/ Canada/ Alhambra/ Benalto/ Boyle/ Diamond Valley/ Estonian/ Gilmet/ Leedale/ Leslieville. KDGS.

Lamont County

"Lamont Alberta and Districts: Along Victoria Trail." Lamont and District Historian, Edmonton, Ab., 1978. Alberta/ Lamont/ Local Histories/ Victoria Trail. KDGS.

Leduc County

"For Devon's Sake: History of the Town of Devon, Alberta." Devon Local History Committee, 1982. KDGS #C-00538. KDGS.

"Freeway West." The Falun Historical Society, 1974. Alberta/ Falun/ Local Histories/ Anthony Hill/ Bidinger/ Twin Creek/ Ernest Park/ Lone Ridge/ Rapid Creek/ Bonnie Glen/ Fletcher/ Pigeon Creek/ Mound Red/ Pigeon Valley/ Ma-Me-O/ Peaceful Valley/ Richmond. KDGS.

"From Frontier Days in Leduc & District 1891-1956." Leduc Historical Society. Alberta/ Leduc/ Local Histories. KDGS.

Lesser Slave River No. 124, Municipal District of

"Pioneers of the Lakeland: A Homespun History of Slave Lake and Surrounding Communities." Slave Lake Pioneers History Book Committee, 1984. Alberta/ Slave Lake/ Local Histories/ Assineau/ Canyon Creek/ Widewater/ Wagner/ Mitsue/ North Shore. KDGS.

"Where Friends and Rivers Meet: Flatbush and Surrounding Districts." Flatbush Silver Threads Fifty Plus Club History Book Committee, 1986. Alberta/ Flatbush/ Local Histories. KDGS.

Lethbridge County

"Wheat Heart Of the West: A History of Barons (Alberta) & District." Barons History Book Club, 1972. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Baron. KDGS.

Minburn No. 27, County of

"Through the Years: A History of Innisfree and District." Innisfree History Book, 1986. Local Histories/ Alberta/ Innisfree. KDGS.

"Vegreville in Review: Vegreville and Surrounding Area." Published by Vegreville and District Historical Society, 1980. ISBN 0-88925-109-6. Includes Index. HB

"Vegreville in Review: History of Vegreville & Surrounding Area 1880-1980," Volume 1. Vegreville & District Historical Society, 1980. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Vegreville. KDGS.

"Vegreville in Review: History of Vegreville & Surrounding Area 1880-1980," Volume 2. Vegreville & District Historical Society, 1980. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Vegreville. KDGS.

Newell, County of

"Spurs and Shovels Along the Royal Line, Patricia Alberta." Millicent and Patricia and District. Published by MIP Historical Committee, 1979. ISBN 0-88925-065-0. Includes Index. HB, KDGS.

Northern Lights, County of

"Saga Of Battle River." Published by Battle River Historical Society, 1986. No ISBN number. Includes Index. History of Manning, North Star, Deadwood, Notikewan, Hotchkiss and Hawk Hills districts. KDGS.

"Ten Dollars and a Dream: Dixonville and Area." Published by Life Historical Committee, 1978. ISBN 0-919213-49-9. Includes Index. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Dixonville/ Beaton Creek/ Brissen/ Craven Lake/ Golden Ridge/ Grayling Creek/ Hasell/ Silver Hills. HB, KDGS.

Northern Sunrise County

"Mosquitoes Muskegs and Memories: A History of Wesley Creek and Three Creeks." McKinney Hall History Book Committee, 1985. Local Histories/ Wesley Creek/ Three Creeks. KDGS.

"Turning the Pages of Time: Nampa and Surrounding Area Districts." Published by Nampa and District Historical Committee, 1981. ISBN Unknown. Includes Index. Volume Two: Little Prairie, Marie Reine, Nampa, Parrish, Springburn, Springwood, Thatchwood, Trowsdale. HB

"Turning the Pages of Time: A History of Nampa and Surrounding Districts," Vol II. Nampa District Historical Society. Nampa/ Local Histories/ Monette/ Little Prairie/ Marie Reine/ Parrish/ Springburn/ Thatchwood/ Trowsdale. KDGS.

Paintearth No. 18, County of

"Halkirk Home Fires and Area." Halkirk Historical Society, 1985. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Halkirk. KDGS.

Parkland County

"For Devon Sake." Published by Devon Local History Committee, 1982. ISBN: None. History of the town of Devon and surrounding area including Family history as submitted by local families. Does not include index. Family history articles are printed alphabetically. HB

Peace No. 135, Municipal District of

"Land of Hope and Dreams: A History of Grimsahw and Districts." Published by Grimshaw and District Historical Society, 1980. ISBN 0-88925-013-8. Includes index. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Grimshaw/ Bear Lake/ Byng/ East Shaftesbury/ Gould/ Lac Cardinal/ Peace View/ Three Lakes/ Warrensville/ Wilcox. HB, KDGS.

"Peace River Remembers: Peace River Alberta and Adjacent Districts." Sir Alexander Mackenzie Historical Society, 1984. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Peace Country/ Peace River. KDGS.

Pincher Creek No. 9, County of

"Prairie Grass to Mountain Pass: History of the Pioneers of Pincher Creek & District." Pincher Creek Historical Society, 1981. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Pincher Creek/ Ashvale/ Beauvais/ Beaver Mines/ Burmis/ Chipman Creek/ Cowley/ Crook/ Cyr/ Drywood/ Fir Grove/ Fishburn/ Gladshill/ Gladstone Valley/ Heath Creek/ Haifax/ Hillsboro/ Lee School District/ Lundbreck/ Marriage/ Maycroft/ Mountain Mill/ North Fork/ Olin Creek/ Pincher Station/ Spread Eagle/ Spring Ridge/ Summerview/ Tanner/ Tennessee/ Todd Creek/ Twin Butte/ Utopia/ Waldron/ Yarrow. KDGS.

Ponoka County

"Ponoka Panorama." Published by Ponoka and district Historical Society, 1973. No ISBN number. Includes Index. History of Ponoka and District. HB, KDGS.

Provost No. 52, Municipal District of

"Prairie Echoes: Precious Memories of the Former Hillcrest Municipality." Hillcrest Heritage Society, 1976. Alberta/ Cadogen/ Metiskow/ Cairns/ Local Histories. KDGS.

Red Deer County

"Buried Treasures - The History of Elnora, Pine-Lake and Huxley." Elnora History Committee, 1972. History of Elnora, Pine Lake and Huxley. KDGS, SF3

"Buried Treasures The History of Elnora, Pine Lake and Districts, Volume II." Elnora-Pine Lake History Book Association, 1998. 1. Elnora Region (Alta.)-History. 2. Pine Lake Region (Alta.)-History. KDGS, SF3

"The Little Village That Grew: A History of North Red Deer." Northside Community Association; Red Deer & District Museum Society North Red Deer 75th Anniversary Committee, 1987. Alberta/ Red Deer/ Local Histories. KDGS.

"Pioneer Legacy: Bowden And Districts." R F Anderson, Bowden Chamber Of Commerce, 1979. Alberta/ Bowden. KDGS.

Rocky View County

"Beiseker's Golden Heritage." Beiseker Historical Society, 1977. Alberta/ Beiseker. KDGS.

"Big Hill Country: Cochrane and Area." Cochrane and Area Historical Society, 1978. Alberta/ Cochrane/Local Histories/ Morleyville/ Mitford/ Beaupre/ Montreal Valley/ Ghost River/ Grand Valley/ Dog Pound/ Bottrel/ Horse Creek/ Weedon/ Big Hill Creek/ Lochend/ Beaver Dam/ Inglis/ Brushy Ridge/ Jumping Pound. KDGS.

"Prairie Sod and Goldenrod: History of Crossfield and District." Crossfield History Committee, 1977. Alberta/ Crossfield/ Local Histories. KDGS.

St. Paul No. 19, County of

"A Pictorial History of St Paul District 1909-1979." Oliver Noel, St Lina, Alberta, 1979. Alberta/ St Paul/ Local Histories. KDGS.

Smoky Lake County

"Voices of Yesterday: Vilna (Alberta) and District History," Volume II. Vilna & District Historical Society, 1991. Alberta/ Vilna/ Local Histories. KDGS.

Smoky River No. 130, Municipal District of

"Trails and Rails North: History of McLennan Alberta and District," Volume I. McLennan History Book Committee. McLennan/ Peace Country/ Peace River Country. KDGS.

"Trails and Rails North: History of McLennan Alberta and District," Volume II. McLennan Historical Society. McLennan/ Peace Country/ Peace River Country. KDGS.

Special Area No. 2

"Lone Butte North." 3rd Edition. Published by Lone Butte Book Club, 1974. ISBN 0-919212-55-7. Includes Index. History of: Bullpound, Earltown, Eden, Fraserton, Golden Hill, Lake Rose, Lone Butte, Normandale, Olive and Hanna Book No. 8. HB, KDGS.

"Prairie Rose Country 1906-1981 Spondin Alberta Area." Spondin and Area History Book Society, 1982. KDGS #S-00921. KDGS.

Special Area No. 3

"Youngstown Memories: Across the Years 1909-1983." Youngstown & District Historical Society, 1984. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Youngstown/ Scotfield/ Lexington/ Square Deal/ Collholme/ Healthdale/ Myrtle/ Big Stone/ Rearville/ Thackeray/ Chinook. KDGS.

Spirit River No. 133, Municipal District of

"Memories and moments of White Mountain Willowvale Bridgeview." WWB Historical Society, 1983, Alberta/ Spirit River/ White Mountain/ Willowvale/ Bridgeview/ Local Histories. KDGS.

"Wheatfield and Wildflowers: A History of Rycroft & Surrounding School Districts." Rycroft History Book Committee, 1984. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Rycroft/ Volin/ Greenway/ Silverwood/ Broncho Creek. KDGS.

Starland County

"Pioneer Days Book Two: Rumsey-Rowley." Rumsey-Rowley Historical Society, 1982. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Rumsey/ Rowley. KDGS.

"Roads to Rose Lynn Alberta: A History of the Rose Lynn Halladay Sheerness Stanmore Scotfield Richdale and Berry Creek Areas." Rose Lynn Book Club Committee. Rose Lynn/ Halladay/ Sheerness/ Stanmore/ Scotfield/ Richdale/ Berry Creek. KDGS.

Stettler No. 6, County of

"Donalda's Roots and Branches." U-Go Weavers History Book Committee, 1980. Alberta/ Donalda/ Buena Vista/ Centennial/ Ferry Point/ Glen Park/ Ibsen/ Norbo/ Poplar Grove/ Science Mound/ Seven Nations/ Skybo/ Sprucecoulee/ Willow Park/ Local Histories. KDGS.

"Pioneer Days: Scollard-Rumsey-Rowley Alberta." Rumsey-Rowley Historical Society. Rumsey/ Rowley/ Scollard. KDGS.

"Red Willow Reflections: Red Willow Alberta and District." Red Willow Pioneer Book Committee, 1981. Alberta/ Red Willow/ Local Histories/ Lyncott/ Prairie Grove/ Wild Rose/ Bignell/ Star Ridge/ Pilot Knob/ Cora Lynn/ Willow Park. KDGS.

Strathcona County

"Down Memory Lane in Colchester." Colchester Womens' Institute. Alberta/ Colchester/ Local Histories/ Sherwood Park. KDGS.

"Land Among the Lakes: A History of the Deville and North Cooking Lake Area." Deville-North Cooking Lake Historical Society, 1982. Alberta/ Deville/ North Cooking Lake/ Local Histories. KDGS.

Sturgeon County

"Memories Redwater And District." Audrey Hrynchuk; Jean Klufas, D.W. Friesen & Sons Ltd., 1972. Alberta/ History/ Local Histories/ Redwater. KDGS.

Two Hills No. 21, County of

"Our Crossing Rivers to Roads: A History of the Brosseau Duvernay and Areas." Hector Coutu (Editor). Alberta/Local Histories/ Brosseau/ Duvernay/ Saddle Lake. KDGS.

Vermilion River, County of

"Dewberry Valley Memories." Dewberry Historical Society, 1991. Alberta/ Dewberry/ Ellsworth/ Rye/ North Home/ Greenlawn/ Riverton/ Harewood/ North Dewberry/ Hazeldine/ Deer Lake/ Trimbleville/ Local Histories. KDGS.

"Trails North of The Saskatchewan." Tulliby Lake History Book Society, Friesens, 1995. History of the County of Vermilion River Lying North of the North Saskatchewan River and the Seekaskootch and Makaoo Reserves and the schools of the reserves and the following school districts, Acomb, Canyon View, Greenvale, North Park (Norway settlers) Onion Lake, St. Margaret, Tulliby Lake and Tulliby Lake Central. LW1

"West Of the 4th: Lloydminster Alberta." West of the Fourth Historians. Local Histories/ Lloydminster/ Paradise Valley/ Mclaughlin. KDGS.

Vulcan County

"Cleverville Champion 1905 to 1970: A History of Champion Alberta & Area." Champion History Committee. Champion/ Cleverville. KDGS.

"Trails to Highways: Vulcan and District." Published by Eastway Ladies Club, 1972. ISBN 0-9128212-28-X. Includes Index. HB, KDGS.

"Wheat Country: Vulcan and District." Published by Vulcan and District Historical Society, 1972. ISBN 0-919212-26-3. Includes Index. HB

Warner No. 5, County of

"Memories: New Dayton and District 1900-1978." New Dayton Book Committee. Alberta/Local Histories/ New Dayton/ Craddock/ Tyrrell Lake. KDGS.

"Under Eight Flags: Milk River & District," Volume 1. Milk River Historical Society. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Milk River. KDGS.

"Under Eight Flags: Milk River & District," Volume 2. Milk River Historical Society. Alberta/ Milk River/ Local Histories. KDGS.

"Wagons to Wings: Warner Alberta 1898-1985." Warner and District Historical Society, 1985. Alberta/ Warner/ Local Histories. KDGS.

Westlock County

"Busby's Busy Years: 75th Anniversary Edition." Busby History Book Committee, 1989. Alberta/ Busby/ Local Histories/ Vermillion Springs/ Arvilla/ Spring View/ Busby Park. KDGS.

Wetaskiwin No. 10, County of

"Treasured Memories: Gwynne Alberta and District." Gwynne Historical Society. Gwynne/ Crooked Lake/ Big Hay Lakes/ Cloverlawn/ Roseland/ Offerdale/ Harvest Home. KDGS.

Wheatland County

"The Prairie Hub." John Julius Martin, 1967. KDGS #M-00511. KDGS.

Willow Creek No. 26, Municipal District of

"Mosquito Creek Roundup." Published by Nanton and District Historical Society, 1975. ISBN 0-919212-85-9. Includes Index. History of Nanton and Parkland Districts. HB

Woodlands County

"Echo's of Fort Assiniboine and District." Published by Fort Assiniboine Friendship Club Book Committee, 1982. ISBN 0-88925-248-3. Printed by Friesen. A History of the Fort Assiniboine Area including Family history as submitted by local families. Includes index. HB, KDGS.

Yellowhead County

"Then and Now: A History of Niton and Foley Timber." Niton History Book Committee, Trail Printing & Stationery, Edson, Alberta, 1988. Alberta/ Local Histories/ Niton/ Foley Timber. KDGS.