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"Armenian Immigrants, Boston 1891-1901 and New York 1880-1897." Linda L. Avakian, Picton Press, 1996. Includes Armenian Surname (generally ends in ...ian) or declared Armenian arrivals in New York Harbor from Jan 1880 to June 1897 and in Boston Harbor from Aug 1891 to Dec 1901. Information provided generally includes: Surname, First Name, age, sex, Nationality, Last Residence, Final Destination, Line#, Name of Ship, From and to Harbors, Arrival Date. There is an Index by Surname. Body of Book Lists all above information by Harbor/ship/date so you have a list of Armenians and information like a Manifest. I will automatically look for phonetically similar Surnames but recommend you provide them also. Given Name (Americanized or Armenian), approximate age, sex, if part of group also helps but not required. D3